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Blown into a Foreign World
by Gnomexplorer
Citation:   Gnomexplorer. "Blown into a Foreign World: An Experience with LSD (exp62094)". May 22, 2007.

250 ug oral LSD (blotter / tab)


I started by taking two tabs in my room at +0.00. The guy I got them from said that each tab was 100-150 micrograms. The tabs tasted slightly bitter/metallic as soon as they touched my tongue, but after they were wet they had no taste. I left them under my tongue for 30 minutes, then chewed up and swallowed. Apart from the utter excitement, around the +0.30, I started to get my first effects. Uncontrollable laughter and a general feeling of something happening, something changing. After about +1.00 I saw the first signs of visual distortion, the face on my digital clock is flat, but it looked like it was bubbling up and the numbers were morphing. I could look at my clock, then look at the wall, and still see the time on the wall. At this point I realised I’d finally got good tabs, and was pleased. (last holidays I bought bunk tabs)

I decided I go out to the kitchen and get a drink of water, and have a look at what was going on out there. As soon as I walked out of my room I realised how much of a bad idea that was. I felt extremey uncomfortale walking around, with everything feeling so foreign and knowing I might run into my parents at any minute didn't help either. I made it out to the kitchen and filled up a cup with water. I headed back and had to walk past my mums room who had her door open, she called out to me and and I jumped about 20 feet in the air and spilt my cup on the ground. My mum didn’t notice that I'd spil my cup or jumped, so I walked back over to her. She said 'you can have your pens there in my cupboard'. ‘Pens, what are pens’ I thought, not being able to think clerly caused me not to really understanding the concept of this word, I sort of looked at her confused and asked ‘Can I have them?’ she looked at me very strangely and said yes. I realised how dumb I was and immediately thought my mum knew that something was wrong with me. I walked into the cupboard, grabbed the pens, and as I picked them up I completely forgot how to act around my parents. The person who I really was just became so foreign, I had completely forgot who they were, let alone trying to act like them. I walked out and my mum was staring at me real weird, or so I thought, I quickly muttered, ‘I can’t sleep, im very tired, I’m gunna make tea’ then ran out. I got back to my room and thought for sure my mum knew I was on some sort of drug. I kept seeing her face in my mind, it looked as though she was analysing me, she knew something was up. Being around people who aren't tripping and even worse who you don't want to know that you are tripping is extremely weird. I felt so de-tatched and so far away from her, like on a completely different plain or level.

Now I had to go back out to the kitchen and make tea! Not cool, I was coming up really fast and getting more confused by the minute. I walked back out to the kitchen, boiled the kettle and as it came to a boil the sound slowed right down. I could hear every pop of each bubble, the sound of the bubbling and click when the kettle had finished was slowed down so much. The usual ‘click’ of the kettle button which takes around half a second to click, took what seemed like 2 or 3 seconds to finally stop. All while this was happening, everything was moving, sort of stretching and shifting, everything around me, which continued all night, the strange thing was, although I always thought hallucinations were going to be cool on acid, visal or audio, at this point all they did was confuse me more, I didn‘t find them cool. I didn’t experience any anxiety or fright, I just was confused, I was trying to piece together what was happening, while the acid was completely ripping away these pieces and any sense of logic. After the kettle boiled, I ran back to my room with a cup of water, completely forgetting I was supposed to make tea, luckily my mum didn’t see me on the way back. I got back to my room, and this is where things started getting really intense.

I think it was around +2.00 now and I got back to my room and jumped in bed. There were many times throughout this trip I had to coax myself out of a bad trip. It was a very mental trip, I had to face any fears or worries I had ever had with acid or anything else which arose. Luckily, instead of becoming impulsive and letting the paranoia feed, I had researched these worries and knew it would be OK. I was able to think bad thoughts through before indulging in them and bringing on a bad trip. The first fear which arose was when I realised if my parents came in I could not act sober. I would probably not understand a word they were saying, let alone be able to talk with them. It scared me, and I started to feel nauseous, then I realised, they have never came into my room during the night, why would they start now. I felt much better and started listening to music. I saw the album art on the screen changing colours, and becoming extremely 3D the longer I stared at it, it did this all night. It was a psytrance band, so the album was ‘trippy’, I understand why psychedelic art was invented in the 60s . I remember at one point myiPod and my hand actually shrunk, the bottom half was the size of a matchbox and the top half growing out bigger than normal. The clicker wheel turned cheese yellow. Another time my iPod actually started to melt away in my hand and I could feel it melt. Now as I was lying in bed, I had no idea what was going on. I was losing touch with reality at light speed, yet the clock was moving so damn slow. I thought two tabs might have been too much, because at the rate I was watching myself go up compared to time was scary. After about 10 minutes of deep thought (it's very hard to focus on anything whilst on acid), I realised the come up on acid was about 2-3 hours long, so realised I probably had another hour of going up. At this point I completely lost all familiarity with myself and my surroundings. Everything became amazingly foreign. This was the most frightening and confusing part of my experience. It would have been around +2.30, and I kept forgetting where I was, who I was, falling into these deep mind traps then jumping out of them for a split second just to touch with reality one last time.

I stood up and didn’t know what to do. I felt like I was enjoying myself, but so confused as to what was going on I couldn’t make sense of anything. I realised how fucked up I was and being so unfamiliar with my real self, thought there was no way I could come back to myself or being sober. Reality and soberness just seemed so distant and far off, it scared me. Although the acid was telling me I was never going to be normal again, I knew deep down I would be back to myself again by normal, and just stopped thinking about it and enjoyed the experience, knowing that one simple thing was probably the most important aspect in warding off a bad trip this whole experience. Things kept happening in which the trip was so close to turning bad it wasn’t funny.

My dog started barking and yelping outside, I didn’t know what my dog was at first, I thought it was some alien creature come to get me, then slowly I realised I had a dog, and immediately thought it was a puppy theif (recently heard about them on the news), I thought someone was trying to steal her. As soon as I thought this the sounds morphed into grunts of a human and yelping of my dog. This was very hard to deal with as I love my dog very much, but I tried to convince myself it couldn't be real. I thought to myself if I was asleep, there is nothing I could do, with a head full of acid, there’s even less I can do. I wasn’t sure if the sound of my dog was real or fake, but I warded it off to deal with in the morning. The next thing I know I feel this incredibly uncomfortable urge, creep up on me. It hits me like a pile of bricks. I have no idea what this is. After analyzing the feeling for a while, my best guess is that the water I drank now has to be pissed out, so I stumble to the toilet.

I get outside my door and hear my sister talking. The words are all jumbled and fragmented, and IMPOSSIBLE to understand. They echo over each other and sound like complete gibberish. I had no idea whether she was talking in her sleep or talking to my mum. I think it’s OK to go the bathroom, but I don’t want my mum to think I’m still awake, as I already thought she suspected something, so I leave the bathroom light off. Bad idea. I get in there, close the door and the whole room is close to pitch black, I can only mae out outlines. The walls start to rise up around me and start dancing around in circles. I get very frightened and have no idea how I am supposed to get out of the bathroom. I put my hands out and walk and hit the shower. I know I am close to the door, and used the shower to guide me there and turn the light on. I walk over and try to piss, it takes about 5 seconds for anything to happen, but when it does happen, it feels like everything in my body just lurched out through my piss. Very strange feeling. I wash my hands and look in the mirror to see my face. I used to have mild acne, but it’s cleared up, so there’s still a few red scars/spots left, my face becomes covered in the red spots which turn into big red pimples and I grow hair all over my face. Normally I would think that was awesome, but I just thought it was confusing, not scary or fun, just weird. Another time, a little while after that I had to do another piss. The feeling was still very confusing to identify. The same thing again except this time when looking in the mirror I saw my skin not melt away but sort of become really tight on may face, so my head took the shape of a skull.

I really didn't understand what was going on. I manage to get back into my room and lay down. It is silent. I begin to hear this audio hallucination, it sounds like mechanic bubbles popping, the silence sort of bending back and forth. Any time in which there was silence throughout the rest of the night, I would hear this strange noise. I watched a movie on my iPod, and turned on an episode of ’heroes’. It's like there are frames missing as the film sort of skips a beat. The characters have a soft glow, sort of aura around them, which occasionly becomes stronger for a few seconds when they move. Watching it some parts completely scared the crap out of me, I saw a guy jump off a building, then guns and shooting and some guy all alone in the middle of the desert get stalked. Concentrating on the movie was impossible, so I sort of just stared at the screen while my mind jumped from one thought to the next. At one point, I became convinced I was going to lose control of my actions and kill myself. It was quite scary but I tried to stop think about it, and reasoned with myself to make sure I knew I would never kill myself, and felt a little better.

I tried to get up and draw, but as soon as I stood up I forgot what I was doing. It took me around 10 minutes to walk half a metre across my room as I' realise what I was trying to do for a split second, take a small step then forget again. I ended up getting to my desk, but was too fascinated with the construction of a chair, that I forgot about drawing. I finally ended up realizing I wanted to try and draw, and sat down, but I didn’t know what to draw. Any decision I had to make like choosing a song, episode, what to draw etc. took almost 10 minutes to decide. My mind was racing so fast, if I didn't pick straight away I'd forget about it for another 5 minutes. I picked up the pencil and drew a face, whenever I pressed the pencil on the paper I saw squiggles in the paper come all across the paper and I could see right in the texture of the paper. When there were a few things on the page, I sat back and looked at the paper and could see all the drawings move around the page. Took me about half an hour to try and draw anything as I’d get halfway through and forget what I was doing.

I gave up trying to draw and just sat on my bed, amazed at how unfamiliar my own self was and my surroundings. I remember at one point every time I looked at the clock, the time would be further back than last time I looked. I think knowing the time on acid is pointless as I never would understand what it meant. Then another time I was holding my iPod and the song sped up in fast forward, I heard it speed up then go back to normal and saw the blue bar speed across the screen. I hadn’t touched the iPod, so it wasn‘t me fast forwarding the song. There was a tarp outside, anytime the wind blew it, it would echo very strangely, it scared me at first, as I had no idea what it was, but I remembered the tarp and calmed down. The audio hallucination were amazing in retrospect. The way they echo and slow down is really cool. When I was tripping, I'd hear something echo or slow down, but my perceptions being so altered, I had no idea what it was.

Somehow I stumbled across almost controlling my audio hallucinations. I could think up words, say them in my head and hear them out loud as they would echo in my ears. I could think up any song I had recently listened to, and play it in my ears, without speakers or earphones or anything. Again though, being so confused it wasn’t special to me, just confusing as to why it was happening but still slightly interesting. By +4.00 or +5.00, my head started to clear up, and I began to surface back to reality. The first 4 hours of my trip were the most intense and confusing of my life, I had no idea about anything, almost like being reverted back to a baby or child and experiencing everything again.

Everything was so unbeleivably foreign, I had no idea whether a chair was as normal or a hallucination, and thought both were just as interesting. It’s very hard to explain. The best I can put it, is as being a baby, in a sense. As human beings, we think it awesome that a baby gets to have so many new experiences. Even the simplest of things like a chair or flashing toy can be of great interest to a baby. Yet take the baby to a theme park, although to us, a theme park is much more interesting than a chair, to the baby it is no different, just another new experience. The baby takes all the new experiences, and doesn’t question if they are normal or not. That is how I felt. The hallucinations were the same level of interest as a chair to me. Both new experiences, both very confusing, both equal in their intrigue. I always imagined the hallucinations would be fun to look at, because they’d be awesome sober, but when tripping they were just another added bit of confusion to my jumbled world.

Well after that intense 4 or 5 hours of my trip, my mind started to clear up, and I started to float back to reality again. It got to the point, where I felt, in my mind I was normal, I became familiar with my surroundings and somewhat more familiar with myself. I ended up spending the rest of the night watching the hallucinations at my computer screen, while trying to make sense of what had happened. After a while I got bored, and went to look in the mirror again. I felt very clear minded at this point, the only part of the acid trip left was the hallucinations, or so it felt. While I was sitting at the computer, the mechanic bubble sounds still played, when it rained heavily it sounded like a machine. The sound wasn’t all in one long sound, but it would rain, then stop and echo, then rain, then stop at echo, sounded like a washing machine in a massive cellar. I felt quite exhausted, mentally and physically, so headed back to my room. On the way I stared into the mirror and saw myself grow hair all over my face, and then morph into some giant ape like being. I fumbled around a bit more, till the hallucinations and almost completely ceased. It was around +7.00 or +8.00 when I went to bed. I drank some chamomile tea, and fell asleep, I remember I was still getting slight visuals as I fell asleep.

I Woke up feeling basically normal no hallucinations, no hangover no nothing, except a slight feeling of dis-attatchment with reality. It’s just confusing merging back into this life which was so foreign only a few hours ago. I’m still in utter confusement/astonishment over how powerful and intense this whole experience was. I am still slightly confused as to what happened, it‘s like I‘ve been hit by a ton of bricks. In my naivety, when the trip was at it’s most intense, I only had my room to explore as my parents didn’t fall asleep till late. Although I was really only exploring my mind, I would of liked a larger environment to experience other objects in such a perplexed state. Once my parents went to sleep, the intense phase had passed and I just sort of mellowed out. I was super confused and could of easily done something stupid, a trip sitter would have been preferred to help me out. But the powerfulness of LSD still amazes me, I was completely shocked and would have never expected what happened, to happen. Although I was prepared to accept anything, the intensity still overwhelmed me. I think if I am to do it again, I will make sure I have a much better environment and a sitter, but overall, the experience was not frightening, it was not bad either, it was not fun or exciting, but simply astonishing now and confusing at the time. All in all, it was quite rewarding in experiencing new perceptions.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 62094
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 22, 2007Views: 24,783
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LSD (2) : Alone (16), Music Discussion (22), General (1)

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