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A Warm Fuzzy Bandaid for the Mind and Body
by Uncle BenBen
Citation:   Uncle BenBen. "A Warm Fuzzy Bandaid for the Mind and Body: An Experience with 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine (exp62085)". May 1, 2007.

  repeated oral 7-Hydroxy-Mytragynine (liquid)

The Substance and its Source: While talking to a highly reputable entheogen supplier and acquaintance of mine about recent extractions of kava kava and future hopes of performing extractions on kratom leaf, he produced a bottle of an isolated kratom alkaloid, 20mg 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine, dissolved in 10ml of ethanol. From what I understand, very little is known about the effects of the isolated alkaloids of kratom, and the extraction of 7OHM from kratom requires some fairly advanced lab procedures such as column chromatography. I purchased the bottle for $25CND and proceeded home.

As there is so little information to be found about 7OHM and no previous experiences on Erowid, I’ll include my limited knowledge of the substance.

7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine is a potent partial opioid agonist (could be a full agonist but I believe I read something about it acting on the mu-opioid receptors specifically). Though content by weight in kratom is quite low compared to other alkaloids, it is currently believed to be one of the most active. Lab tests on rats resulted in strong opiate agonistic effects, and seem to have a stronger analgesic effect, in terms of dosage weight, than morphine (This fact causes some confusion for prospective users, and just because it is more active by weight does not mean it feels better or will get you higher). Unlike morphine, 7OHM is very orally active. 7OHM cannot be made into a hydrochloride salt, anything sold as 7OHM in solid form is likely something else. The source of this substance seems to play a major role in its quality, as suggested doses seem quite high (possibly even dangerous) in retrospect and the few reports I’ve read about 7OHM attained from online vendors, appear exceedingly mild.

3 college students all experienced in a wide variety of psychoactive substances
Myself- male, 125lbs, 5’11” substances of choice – opiates
L- female, 150lbs, 5’4” substances of choice – amphetamines, psychedelics
M- male, 135lbs, 5’5” substances of choice – cocaine, alcohol

Took the 7OHM two different times.
The first time, we began by looking up as much possible information on dosage as possible. We found almost none, except one suggesting a dosage range of 5-15mg, which in retrospect sounds excessive. We had no real accurate way of measuring the dosage except for the dropper on the lid of the bottle, so we decided to start at about ¾ of what the dropper was able to pull into it. The first dose, even though considerably smaller than 5mg, produced immediate effects. Over the course about 5 hours we took approximately 4mg (or 2ml each) of 7OHM each by squirting the dropper into our mouth and attempting to hold the rather hot (from the alcohol) and pharmaceutical tasting liquid for as long as possible before swallowing. We all felt quite relaxed and spent most of the time indoors, except for a short walk M and I took.

Taken in this manner the substance produced definite and noticeable effects. Almost a minute after taking the 7OHM I began to feel as if I were coming up on Hydrocodone, but it was a much cleaner, more lucid kind of high. At less than a dropper-full, there was a warming rushing calming kind of sensation, which peaked after about 30 minutes or so. Smoking a bowl seemed to prolong the effects. As we continued to take small doses like these over the course of the night however, a longer term of sedation occurred, and at about 2 ½ dropper-fulls, M felt sick but the feeling subsided after a few minutes. Also, I noticed 7OHM is by far the best aphrodisiac I’ve ever had. When I came on this drug it felt like I was taking nitrous oxide almost. I had the feeling afterward that I had experienced something much closer to a female climax than is usually possible for myself, and have wondered for some time since what men are really missing out on when it comes to pleasure.

The second time, after a day off, just L and I took the 7OHM. Feeling comfortable with the effects of the drug, we decided to experiment with what more concentrated dosing could yield. Knowing that the come up on 7OHM can be somewhat intense, we thought it best not to dose up to the desired level all at once, but to space it out over the course of 1 ½ to 2 hours, taking 1 dropper full every half hour at first, and then with slightly less time in between as we became sure we could handle the dose. With this method we ingested the last 2/5 of the bottle.

While I think it may not be for everyone, for L and I this seemed like the best way to go. This method of ingestion produced a long pleasurable (euphoric, but not to the level of full opiate agonists) come up, followed by strong physical sedation and analgesia, but with a much more lucid mental state. With this method of dosage, during the sedated period of the high L and I were still euphoric and talking was enjoyable.

Effects Summary:
All 3 subjects reported that ingestion of small doses of 7OHM, even a dose of less than a half a milliliter of the solution, results in an enjoyable “rush”, similar to coming up on a stronger opiate, which lasts about half an hour and subsides in a relatively short period of time to a subtle but definitely noticeable calming effect. Though the majority of noticeable effects fade rapidly, further dosing, even after euphoric effects have dissipated, results in another less noticeable rush followed by longer lasting analgesia and mood elevation.

L and I noticed administration of consecutive small doses of 7OHM, far enough apart to avoid nausea, with a cumulative dose of approximately 4mg over 1 ½ hours, results in a much more pronounced euphoric rush, which continues through the dosing phase and doesn’t begin to dissipate until an hour or two after the last dose. This higher dose produced definite euphoria, as well as extreme analgesic effects. Movement became difficult and L could barely balance herself, yet our minds seemed to remain clear and lucid. Mild respiratory depression was present, as well as cardiac stimulation (to a degree uncharacteristic of other opiates). While I can’t say that there was a definite hallucinogenic effect, L and I both seemed to experience some unusual visual distortions and enhancements in color, however this could be exaggerated due to a resurgence of previous hallucinogenic experiences triggered by more mild-moderate visual effects of 7OHM, as L and I both experience some level of persisting hallucination. Despite all these effects L and I had surprising mental clarity and cognitive ability for such a high level of physical sedation/analgesia.

The first time taking 7OHM, there were no noticeable effects the next day except for maybe some apathy and a strong desire to stretch.

The second time there were slight effects the next day, the worst of which being lethargy and some general agitation.

From the effects I experienced, my hypothesis would be that 7OHM acts strongly on mu (respiratory depression, euphoria, possible but not unavoidable nausea, analgesia) and sigma (cardiac stimulation, hallucination) opioid receptors.

7OHM is a very pleasant, relaxing alkaloid I wouldn’t mind using in the future. It does not seem to be as physically draining or addictive as opiates can be, and though my experiences with 7OHM were quite good I feel no real need or strong desire to take it again in the near future. Of our 3 subjects, M was the only one who got sick, and the feeling subsided after a short period of time. I believe though that there is a danger of overdose similar to that of any opiate, and as sensitivity to 7OHM seems to vary drastically, people just starting out with it should treat carefully.

Far beyond the recreational uses of this drug I believe are its pharmaceutical applications. For the past few weeks I’ve been coping with nerve pain in my left elbow. On the first night I took 7OHM, the pain was rather severe. After taking just the first dose, the pain was notably reduced. After another dose the pain was gone completely, even after the euphoric come up subsided. When taking the doses more rapidly the analgesic effects were some of the strongest I have ever experienced, I felt completely disconnected from my sense of touch. On this dose, the never-ending funny-bone sensation in my elbow and entire left arm, for the first time since the injury, almost was funny. The sensation turned from pain into sort of a warm tingling. While on opiates I’ve always felt pain was still present but I was more placid about it, on 7OHM pain was simply nonexistent. I really feel the medical industry should look into this alkaloid more, as well as individuals with severe pain looking for a less addictive more effective alternative to pharms like oxycodone and morphine.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 62085
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 1, 2007Views: 49,109
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