Deconstructionist Experimentation
Huasca Combo (Syrian Rue & M. tenuiflora)
Citation:   Holden Caufield. "Deconstructionist Experimentation: An Experience with Huasca Combo (Syrian Rue & M. tenuiflora) (exp62081)". May 10, 2007.

T+ 0:00
1.8 g oral Syrian Rue (ground / crushed)
  T+ 0:20 12 g oral Mimosa tenuiflora (extract)
Cooking Process:
Began with 35 grams Mimosa Hostilis dried inner bark. It has a purple hue to it and exudes a purple dust cloud when broken apart. The bark was pulled apart into ½ inch strips less than the width of a quarter. The Bark was then placed into a jar with 350ml of purified water and 150 ml lemon juice plus 500mg vitamin c. The jar was shaken regularly at 5-minute intervals for 2 hours before opening. It smells like lemons everywhere. The liquid and pulp was then boiled for 6 minutes on low heat before straining. The bark was then put back into the pot with 400ml of water and the juice of two lemons. The straining process was repeated before discarding the bark and pulp. The final mixture of liquids was then boiled down from about 700ml to just below 600ml. This means that the dosage is just below 200ml per person, what appeared a reasonable amount to swallow.

For all intents and purposes, A, B, and C will represent the three participants in the study. Though floating in and out of tenses, all perspective-based writing remains in the head of participant A. Participant C presents a cursory description of effects, along with tips to facilitating the most rewarding at-home experience.

+0:00- Weight and chemically appropriated doses of powdered Syrian rue are measured out, along with three 200ml doses of brew.

+0:01- A ingests 1.8 grams powdered Syrian rue. B ingests 2.3 grams of the powdered rue. C ingests exactly 2 grams with little complication. The powder is dry and coats the throat like a spoonful of cinnamon. There is no amount of water to quench a powdered throat, only time and saliva will do. The powder is bitter beyond reckoning, which makes the process of working it down the throat even less desirable. The taste subsides slightly however, with a small swig from the Listerine bottle.

+0:10- My jaw is tingling. My face is full of pressure and my stomach has two butterflies (only two) duking it out at the early gates of heaven.

+0:15- First bitter gulps. The brew had an olfactory appearance of little to no threat. It smelled much like tea with lemon and with an intriguing purple hue and oddly mystical low-swirling fog seemed far from the claims of retch, or that the taste alone could be the cause for sickness. During the cooling process however, it attained a slight odor of armpit. Upon drinking, it became obvious that the pleasant odor was quite deceptive. The slightly textured slop burns with acidity that sticks to and rapidly dehydrates the inner mouth.

+0:20- 100+ml now down the hatch(es)

+0:25- The body is quickly overtaken by an overwhelming repulsion towards any use of energy. The ability to move, speak, and interact are all present but carry an innate sense of discomfort.

+0:30- A vomits. After ingesting second gulp, B experiences mild but constant nausea that remains unrelieved throughout the experience.

+0:40- B has first visual hallucinations, mostly involving minor light and color refraction and shifting. The brew has had substantial effects on subject B, leading to a discontinuation of the drinking process at slightly less than 100ml.
-The face is very full now and pulsating slowly while my stomach writhes quietly in what feels like a small vortex in my intestines beginning to twist them up.

+0:50- After a second violent expulsion that led to extreme perspiration, the shower seemed for both A and C to be a viable source of comfort. This proves to be a good choice, leveling the head, centering the body, and most importantly facilitating the peak of visual hallucinations.

As the plane of vision is normally shortened vertically as it is elongated into the distance it may seem possible theoretically for the distance to be so great that the height is barely noticeable, even absent. This process occurs in full force within all three great dimensions as the water runs down my face. All of existence (time, social constructs, physical manifestations…etc.) is compressed into the paper thin plane of purple and yellow that floats not far away, but what seems like it must be universes of difference. What exists outside the plane cannot fit be processed in any language other than that of the mind and the absence of everything in the plane. Imagine, if you will, a child growing in the womb. The womb is all that existence entails for the growing child. It contains all known notions of time and being and all the applicable social constructs and structures.

Imagine now, that the womb is gone, though not in the sense that it disappeared, but that it was never there to begin with. The mind is reduced to its internal structure and base form. This is what remains outside of the plane - nothing but the mind. In the great void of being, a small red dot appears as far as the eye can see. Upon a focusing of the eyes, the dot grows to become a rose and it is not the dot that is growing at all(!) but the distance that is shrinking. Before one could say ‘disambiguation’ the rose is all that the eyes can see. For a brief passage of time, as the rose remains at precisely the correct distance, every detail, every perfectly systematic thread of every petal is visible. Soon however, the field of vision is overcome with the brilliant red and orange hues of the rose. There is nothing but color. Blink, back in the shower.

+1:15- Though the “true-hallucinations” (i.e. hallucinations not derived from or manipulations of what already exists, but complete fabrications of the mind) have ceased their brief but powerful overwhelming of the senses, there are still potent lingering hallucinatory effects. The ceiling for instance, is not normal.

There is a skin on the ceiling made of thin and pliable wax. It is pliable by the forces of gravity and of the movement of the eyes. Darting eye movements require a moment for space and vision to catch up. Upon closing the eyes, the mind and body are for the first time simultaneously overwhelmed by a mutation of the body. Various points of the body, both as an image-like manifestation in the closed eye plane of view and as a physical awareness. The body elongates and contracts, bulging with energy at the points of return. The hallucinations of the mutating body seem to run away from the comprehension of the mind, constantly a single step away from synchronicity. This multi-faceted experience immediately triggers an overwhelming sense of deja-vu, dating back rather than recently, to early childhood visualizations in the moments before sleep. The visualizations are not unique in this however, as the entire body is overcome with a feeling of familiarity and comfort.

- At this point, participant C experiences a radical perceptual objectivity, rendering all five senses mere distractions. Following lines of logic was more pleasurable than the here and now.

+1:30- The motivation to talk or move begins to show its first minimal signs of presence, as they have been entirely absent as of the MAOI ingestion. Though still physically lethargic and “heavy”, the mental instinct of repulsion towards movement or labor is no longer present.

+2:00- The senses retain a general provocative psychedelia of auras, both auditory and visual, sometimes expanding into potent hallucinatory manifestations.

+2:15- In the majority, the effects have ceased. The minor physical lethargy still lingers with a general feeling of warmth and well-being. Though still not entirely absent, the hallucinogenic properties of the drug seem to be potent but short-lived.

+2:45- After thorough musing, appropriate reflection, and the occasional outburst of laughter, A and B rejoin the ranks of structured society and begin a walk with the generous sitters, reveling in the potent journey of the afternoon.

Though initially the effects of the psychotropic substances seemed absent after a short duration of time, retrospectively, the effects lingered almost unnoticeably in the background. The general field of vision retained minor distortion, and the cognitive processes affected by the ingestion do not return entirely to their original states for almost a full 24 hours.

Details, and hallucinations

The following is a written record of experience by participant B.

“The ceiling is not a ceiling at all, it is a force, a moving flowing being. Its outside is a skin of spidery cobwebs brown in color, and inside it is a writhing mass of energy in a wondrously eclectic and heterogeneous mixture. My body does not feel the bed, my body only feels the most sentient and tangible of things. Then there is no body only mind, a mind harmoniously connected to every other atom in the universe through time and space and an overwhelming desire to be. It’s so clear. But the present calls, the body needs food and water and rest and time passes even while one is away. To be one must fulfill the petty desires of bodily chemical reactions, so it must for clearly this is what the universe desires.”

Good Time Advice

1. Keep the rue powdered. Adding the powdered seeds to a beverage will merely prolong the acidic taste of the rue. Take a deep breath and hold it. Throw the powder to the back of your throat, making sure not to breathe while the powder is inside of your mouth because it truly tastes vile. Immediately follow up with a strong-tasting, pleasant chaser. Hawaiian Punch for instance, provides enough sugar and flavor to overpower the acidity without the need for mass ingestion, possibly leading to additional intestinal complication. On this note, ensure that your chaser isn’t too high in Tyramine.

2. In regards to the Mimosa based beverage, also have a strong chaser very nearby. Plugging the nose for a good 15 seconds before drinking, and keeping it plugged, was relatively effective in preventing the taste from becoming overwhelming. Also, since the bitter flavor lingers, rinsing the mouth between gulps with strong mouthwash made the imbibing process far less painful.

3. Directly following the ingestion, sitting or lying still greatly reduced the body’s initial repulsion towards the liquid. Anticipate, however, an intense vomiting period to come. It happened happen, and it seemed to focus on the face, don’t be afraid if your cheeks and eyes swell up a bit more than normally, it’ll go away shortly. This clearly initiated the beginning of the DMT experience for A and C, the two of the three that threw up.

4. Even after anticipating the process of vomiting, it was more overwhelming than we thought! A shower is an easy way for to clean off without having to focus on the process of cleaning, and leaving one to begin the journey unfettered. It also brings the body temperature back to normal in a quick, relaxing manner, after throwing up so much, the body tends to get very warm and unpleasantly sweaty. Coming out of the shower can be a good way to “clense” the body of the remnants of the “purge”

5. A very rewarding part of the experience was when thoughts were directed inward, rather than focused on the setting. Unlike many other psychoactive chemicals that encourage the individual to marvel at the beauty of the external world, DMT seems to encourage introversion and personal discovery. Don’t be afraid of just sitting down for the entirety of your experience – it can be just as powerful, and can take you just as far.


The experience as a whole was unlike any other, both of substance and of mind. In comparison with other psychotropics, specifically those commonly referred to as psychedelics, it was remarkably unique, though contained hints of familiarity from several substances. The experience is not all inclusive as many psychedelics tend to be, stirring the vast sensory input into a cosmic goop through which one experiences the world as whole, with sight, sound, smell, taste, and the countless senses of the remaining body and mind as a single experience. The body can experience an unparalleled sensory overload while the mind remains placid, or drifts into wanderless meandering, while the eyes, still a separate entity, can experience vast sensory input and manipulate and augment the field of vision in an entirely unrelated manner. The diversity of the non-integral experience leaves a lingering desire to explore that may be assisted in the future by the use of a more powerful MAO-A inhibitor or perhaps a higher dose of DMT. The journey however was far from unsatisfying, but not for the light of heart.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 62081
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 10, 2007Views: 25,385
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Syrian Rue (45), Mimosa tenuiflora (74), Huasca Combo (269) : Small Group (2-9) (17), General (1)

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