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I Was Expecting More From the Trip
by norman
Citation:   norman. "I Was Expecting More From the Trip: An Experience with LSD (exp61910)". Feb 12, 2018.

1 hit sublingual LSD (blotter / tab)


1rst Time's the Charm

For a while I had been changing my mind about whether I should do LSD or not do it. Around the time I did it, I think I was succumbing to seasonal affective disorder, but at the time, I thought it was because I was using drugs too much, and I should stop. I decided that I'd smoke the rest of the weed I had, then do one hit of acid, and then take a break from all drugs, and slowly get back into them. The day I did the tab I kept a happy mind, looking forward to it all day. I stayed in my basement for the duration of the trip, and my friend was there, sleeping over.

At around 11:30 I put the tab under my tongue, and it stayed in my mouth for about 1 1/2 hours before I subconsciously swallowed it with my saliva. During the onset, I watched 2 of my favourite movies to keep me in a good mood. After about 2 hours, I started to feel kind of strange. It felt like an ecstasy high, not extremely strong, but it was there. At the movies, I laughed at almost every joke, even though I had seen each of the movies 5-6 times before. My laugh was nervous, it was a mix of a laugh and a shiver, I was a little cold. After 3 hours, I was a little anxious and angry. I was not hallucinating, and I didn't buy a hit of acid to get an E high. Around that time, my friend wanted to go to sleep (about 3 in the morning), so I turned out the lights and lay down. I was looking into space, hoping I'd see something, hoping I'd soon be in a magical colourful world, but I didn't feel much more than the ecstasy high, but it had evolved into a new feeling.

Soon enough, I began to hallucinate, if you can call it that. No, it wasn't a complete different place like I was expecting, and I didn't see anything with my eyes. But there was a world going on inside my brain. It was a revolving series of fencing construed with people I knew. An actress from the TV show 'The O.C' was the god of this world. She was gorgeous. I was so attracted to her....and I'll just say I did something about it. As I orgasmed, it was the most intense moment of my life. I felt the energy of a stadium or people pushing my senses to extreme intensity. I most likely saw everyone from my school, but I only remember a select few, 2 girls were gatekeepers, guarding the iron fence to this LSD world. Another girl wore a pouffy dress, she was the queen of this world. I saw a short boy in my grade, but he was an adult, and he was very tall. Ever since the trip, I have looked at my Science student teacher differently, he looks like a wizard, and I imagine him with a pointy hat, which leads me to believe I saw him too.

Anyways, my world kept spinning around my head, and I felt amazing for the rest of the night. I was constantly feeling my torso to confirm where I was in the world. After a while, I lost track of what was happening, and possibly passed out, though it didn't feel like waking up when I regained full consciousness. The next day felt like a pleasant hangover, like a buzzing that felt nice, tired, but comfortable.

Ever since the experience, the intense moments of my life have been much more intense. Whenever I see a thrilling movie, I feel the strong humming of the sound system and see the fast pace moving screen in a different way. That was my only time but I certainly intend to do LSD again, but I know well to do it in moderation.

I'm not sure if LSD caused it, but recently I had some sort of seizure, where I got dizzy, and heard voices clearly speaking to me. I was expecting more from the trip for overall I saw it as purely fun, and not the spiritual change I've heard of it causing. The next times I do it, I'll experiment with writing music, listening to music, leaving the house, going somewhere with light, anything to make it more interesting.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 61910
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 12, 2018Views: 839
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LSD (2) : Hangover / Days After (46), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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