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Euphoria With Muscle Pain
Heimia salicifolia
by Baddicted
Citation:   Baddicted. "Euphoria With Muscle Pain: An Experience with Heimia salicifolia (exp61735)". Oct 21, 2016.

10 g oral Heimia salicifolia (tea)
      Pharms - Escitalopram (daily)


I drank the tea, made from approx. 10 grams of Heimia Salicifolia: Sinicuichi. 12oz at 5:30 and was feeling it by the time I drank the second 12oz brewed from the same 10grams. Noticable nausea. Slight euphoria is apparent. A slight body buzz is present. Slight musical euphoria noticed. Makes me VERY talkative. All situations seem more meaningful. Definitely stimulating. It makes my head tingle. I have massive HPPD so very slight visuals are always present. When on 2C-I, 5-MeO-AMT and variety of other psychedelics I get a huge rush of feelings and emotions mixed with visuals and then this scene breaks into full blown hallucination and bliss.

I had a few similar but much less profound effect off the first half of that experience, obviously without the burst into hallucination. No visuals were noticed just better appreciation of my constant slight visuals from HPPD. Note that these effects are not even 1/20th as intense as even a low dose of 2C-I or 5-MeO-AMT. It's difficult to compare this to any real psychoactives because the effects are very subtle
the effects are very subtle
. Major pain in my jaw, although no teeth grinding or teeth movement. It also makes ALL my muscles sore, like they've been in a certain position too long and then you move
and their real tight, painful and uncomfortable. Makes all my major muscles feel this way for approx. 12 hours after using.

I am on Lexapro (SSRI) which interferes with the effects of many psychoactives (i.e. Instead of DXM causing intense bliss, I feel hardly anything). I use Lexapro to nullify or turn bad the effects of trips from DXM, 2c's, Tryptamines and others because I am addicted to psychedelics, and within 2 weeks of taking Lexapro my trips are bad with horrible side effects (which gives me time to reflect and stop using the drugs). However many drugs like alcohol and diphenhydramine still have their full effects. This may be the reason for my muscle pain.

Sinicuichi is much better if mixed with something else, like Kratom or anything else. Is it worth it? Overall yes. I swore I wouldn't order it again because of the muscle pain, yet within a week of writing the above I ordered another ounce. I dosed 14 grams at a time with this ounce and had little muscle pain (I'm not sure why). I plan to order 1/4 pound next week and I won't be on Lexapro.

I get ounces of Sinicuichi from an online vender for $4.99 (USD) per ounce, $18.99 (USD) per 1/4 pound or $74.99 (USD) per pound.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 61735
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 21, 2016Views: 3,825
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Heimia salicifolia (150) : Unknown Context (20), Retrospective / Summary (11), General (1)

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