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Time Lapse and Confusion
Salvia divinorum
by Che
Citation:   Che. "Time Lapse and Confusion: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp61720)". Feb 24, 2021.

  smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


And so I wake up. BaM! And there’s shapes and colours like an incredibly detailed art work and its about now that I realise that I’m most likely Human and should probably already know all this. It strikes me as strange that I don’t know who or where I am, or, what I took. This is strange.

And suddenly the hallucinations, the purple and the triangles stop, and I can walk, sort of, but I’m still incredibly fucked. Now I know I’m in someone’s body and have access to their memories, which puts me at a definite advantage to find out who and where I am. I hope to God I’m not a complete arsehole, I wouldn’t like that at all.

And so I look at the 3 others in the room and ask “Eh, could you’s explain the chain of events that got me here?”
The Jewish looking fella, bein’ the cynical bastard that he is, says “We walked up a stairs, we came through a door?” Full of fucking information. Even trippin’ balls as I was, I coulda bleedin’ guessed that, due to the fact that I was in a room. Most rooms have doors.

“No man. Like… the events of the day”
“We were at college, the Classics lecture? We met Phil and-”
I know when this is. Today must be that day, the Phil-and-classics-lecture-day. Jesus, my sense of realities bollixed, but I know what’s happened, where, and who I am. And its like this:

I was in “D”s house. We had Salvia extract, which I’d tried chewing before. Chewing hadn’t worked. This time we’d gotten a five euro hash-pipe-thingy which we’d attached to a plastic bottle to make a bong. I’d put fire to the salvia for a couple of seconds until it started burning on its own. Normal lighter, none of that fancy wind-proof shit for me. I’m 18, in perfect health, don’t take medication, was sober, and generally feeling well at the time (a little tired maybe). I inhaled deeply twice and turned around to make a joke about the bad taste and lack of any effects, when it struck as weird that the room was crowded. There was only 3 of us: ‘D‘, D’s girlfriend ‘A‘, and ‘P’ (the Jewish looking fella - although he’s actually non-denominational Christian - just so ya know.) I made some quick calculations in my head and realised I was in a right head-fuck. So I lay back, and, BaM!

And then I woke up. That’d be back where I began writing.

The reason that I wrote about this non-linear is because, evidently, it wasn’t a linear experience. The events of the day, previous to smoking the Salvia, seemed very removed from the rest of the day, post-salvia. I think this gives a slightly more accurate idea of the experience.

So, feeling very weird from being just bein’ killed, created and resurrected in the space of 2 minutes, I ask to watch the telly: football or some shit. Just to ground myself. And ‘D‘, bein’ the gracious host that he is leads me there and makes sure I’m okay, which I’m not, as I think that this is a life changing experience, which it isn’t. As soon as its there its gone, and I feel a little silly, and pure sober. A bit tired too.

Not necessarily enjoyable, but a deadly experience - In retrospect.
Lovely afterglow too.

Oh, also, it turns out that P isn’t that much of a cynical bastard and I’m not a complete arsehole.
I am, however, a bit of a prick.

I did a shit-load of research on Salvia before I tried it, but it wasn’t that useful when I’d forgotten it 5 seconds after inhalation. And It woulda been reassuring if someone had told me it would only last 3 minutes as I was tripping.
But I dunno, maybe not.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 61720
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 24, 2021Views: 144
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