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Recorded Flutter
Zoldipem (Ambien)
by Merc
Citation:   Merc. "Recorded Flutter: An Experience with Zoldipem (Ambien) (exp61472)". Erowid.org. Oct 7, 2009. erowid.org/exp/61472

  repeated oral Pharms - Zolpidem (pill / tablet)
I recently got a hold of Ambien to aid with my sleep issues. The white tablet, 10mg variety. But of course, I also like to indulge and I am not shy with testing the potential and effects of pharmaceuticals that are new to me.

For the first 2 nights with the medication, I took 10mg. Having read the experiences online, I was pretty disappointed because not much happened. At its most potent, I had a slight body high. Moving around was pretty fun, to be honest. I felt very 'off center,' in my own body, as if I were drunk, but the difference being, I hadn't made an ass out of myself to any friends at all. So that was fun. But in the end, it was completely lackluster, there were no pattern hallucinations, closed eye visuals, or any changes in my thought processes. But there was one very interesting result which I will elaborate on in a little bit.

Having been completely underwhelmed, I decided to kick it up a notch to 15mg the third night (one 10mg pill, half of another.) About 15 minutes passed, and the drug hit me like a truck. At that point I was officially 'too weird to live.' It hit me in a type of rush, almost like snorting amphetamines or coke when you have no tolerance, but minus all the speedy stuff. The transition and blur was just similar. What followed was this bizarre feeling of feeling completely relaxed and being totally out of my mind - but in a calm way.

The body buzz was cranked to 11, compared to my previous outings. I wouldn't say it was hard to move around, but rather it was an absolute joy to do so. Typing, walking, moving my arms - it all brought a huge smile to my face. I suppose it was a mild form of euphoria. I decided to talk to my friend on AIM and the monitor 'tilted,' as if it were listening to me, and the keys on my keyboard felt like they were at different heights. But I was still completely sober in mind to type as I always do. However, at 15mg, there were still no trippy visuals when looking at the wallpaper or anything. But oddly enough, I was still completely out of my mind. I didn't feel entirely present in my own head, but it was in such a way, that it wasn't a very negative or bad thing. It didn't make me dumb, it didn't make me (feel) more intelligent, there were no negative thoughts, and there weren't really any positive thoughts. The night felt pretty scripted and I was OK with that. Being in my own body was a complete joy and I was very relaxed.

I did allude to something else though, and that's how the medication affects my breathing. And I guess that is also instrumental in how it eases one to sleep, because it doesn't make me at all groggy, or drowsy. I've been a smoker for 5 years, and I am kind of a chimney now because I am severely depressed & stressed. I have a smoker's cough and my lung capacity is pretty bad. Breathing in too heavily makes me let out a cough. But having ingested 15mg of Ambien, somehow, my breathing was completely fine. It was like I was 18 again and had never smoked a single cigarette. I could inhale my entire fill I was able to without coughing. I could take deep breaths and relax. For about 4 hours my breathing issues were 'fixed.' I've never really encountered a medication like this that works so profoundly on an issue it wasn't intended for.

My experiences with Ambien so far have not been negative, but one cannot underestimate the potential of its addictiveness. It's a very powerful drug. I don't have any experience with 'downers,' this is probably the closest, but I've never encountered a pharmaceutical quite like ambien. It'll mess me up something good. At the end of it all, it'll also help me obtain a relatively peaceful sleep. I never had any hallucinations or weird feelings of other people being present, or any transcendental mind-altering effects, but it's still very strong. It made my body completely loopy and I was slightly euphoric. It was a good time. That's about all I have to report on Ambien (Zoldipem).

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 61472
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 7, 2009Views: 45,658
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