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This Chemical is Entirely Fantastic
Citation:   Phonerothyme. "This Chemical is Entirely Fantastic: An Experience with 2C-T-2 (exp61409)". Apr 23, 2007.

T+ 0:00
20 mg oral 2C-T-2 (powder / crystals)
  T+ 4:00 50 mg oral Diphenhydramine (pill / tablet)
  T+ 4:00 1000 mg oral Acetaminophen (pill / tablet)
A friend of mine and I had been interested in exploring some research chemicals for quite a while, and I found a rather good deal for some 2ct2 at a very nice price at a perfect time. It was in the possession of my friend before long, on a very pleasant day on which I was feeling very nice. I had been reading Terence McKenna's Food of the Gods and listening to the birds for most of the day, sipping down some coffee which isn't normally part of my diet and therefore has a rather marked effect on me. The caffeine had clearly worn off at least 90% before that night, though.

My friend was in possession of a large quantity of this chemical, which is nearly impossibly and completely irresponsible to 'eyeball.' We didn't have any gel caps, and weren't sure of how to exchange a small amount. I came up with the idea to put a square of aluminum foil onto the scale and weigh it down with a penny, then weigh out 20mg of the chemical on top of that and then proceed to fold the foil around it.

Around 11:00 PM I washed my face and such, got comfortable, made sure everything was in order, and then around 11:10 I carefully unfolded the foil. A light white powder. I tasted it directly at first. I see absolutely no reason why someone would need gel caps to consume this orally, I could have dropped multiple doses worth of this chemical into my mouth and tolerated the taste with no problem. Yes, it tastes bad, but not enough to make me gag, and I gag fairly easily. However, I didn't want to lick down the foil and penny, so I dropped said items into a large gulp's worth of water and shook it around a bit. It is indeed quite water-soluble, and the water's flavor wasn't even noticeably altered.

I was prepared for the night. I had some corn muffins in a ziplock bag just in case, due to the face that I had fasted for roughly six hours beforehand. I had 1000mg of acetaminophen on hand ready to counteract the possible headache which some users report. I had 50mg of diphenhydramine prepared to help me pass out afterwards. I had a good supply of water. I had multiple intriguing books. I had marbles, paintings, wallpaper, and a mirror ready to receive my gaze. I had an mp3 player loaded with experimental and psychedelic music. I had a coat draped over my lamp's shade to keep the room dimly lit. I had materials for writing notes or for sketching if I felt inclined to do so.

I spent the first hour or so after I dosed reading Terence McKenna's 'Food of the Gods' and relaxing my body. Gradually I began to feel more interested in reading in strange positions on the floor and such. This could easily have been placebo, but I wouldn't dismiss it as such, as there was a marked mood lift and desire to stretch which could possibly have been the first signs of onset. Approximately an hour after ingestion I was sitting at a desk still reading when my attention was suddenly arrested by the texture of the paper on which the book was printed. The texture of the pulp had never been so noticeable and bold, almost skin-like. The way I was noticing the space between everything suddenly seemed significantly altered, but wasn't distorted. It was a feeling of suddenly noticing how much space there is all around me. I felt a bit more warm than I had a moment ago, in a very comfortable way, like being outside on a summer night after some mild raining. I began to notice hints of pink and green 'auras' from most things. I grinned.

After finishing the little section of the book which I was progressing through at that time, I used a random folded piece of paper as a bookmark and set the book down. I proceeded to move from my chair. I was thinking I may need to get adjusted to movement in this headspace, but somehow my movements were far more precise than normal. I had remarkable control over each part of my body, and simply moving from my chair to the floor a few feet away was a little journey involving some degree of awe at the normally ignored beauty of the motor capabilities of my body. In the process of moving I took a quick survey of my room, noticing more of the pink and green auras which I was noticing had fractal characteristics. I sat down against the wall with my legs crossed. There was a nice painting a few feet in front of me of a hilly field with long grass and some scattered trees on a beautiful partly-cloudy day. The wall around the painting was showing some level of something in between bubbling, breathing, and melting while the painting was beginning to show signs of 'coming to life.' I could hardly believe these visual effects had come in so suddenly, they were already on par with my past experiences with mushrooms and were getting rapidly more and more incredible. My hands were doing some minor trembling while I let them, and I was smiling.

I stood and looked into the mirror. I once again had an impression of incredibly precise movement while watching myself. I became rather occupied for a moment in pointing at my reflection accusatively and got the notion (which was hilarious at the time, and which, of course, I was entirely aware of the ridiculousness of) that it was as if my reflection and I were arguing about which one of us was the one in the mirror. Visuals and mental effects were still rapidly on the rise. Any movement I would make, especially facially, would happen simultaneously extremely smoothly and clearly in the mirror. I sat back down. The walls were on the fritz again! I chuckled to myself, and they got a little more ridiculous. At one moment around this time it was a little too much for my eyes, so I reflexively blinked, at which point I jumped a bit, taken off guard by the fact that the visuals behind my eyelids were even more incredible. I laughed at my reaction. I also had a very pleasant body load, including pleasure from things as simple as touching my foot.

I turned on some Boards of Canada softly and closed my eyes, immersing myself in an infinite canopy of fractal imagery. It was sharp and crisp, it was beautiful and full. Primarily pink, magenta, and green colors, but everything was there somewhere, integrated perfectly. I was zooming further and further into these visuals and seeing incredible things, generally geometric landscapes and fractals made of pixels which were made of fractals. These visuals resonated with the music astonishingly. I was also hearing a cornucopia of glitchy electronic noises which massaged my brain in all the right ways, especially when going on my little closed-eye journeys. These seemed to be a combination of my conscious mental navigation in this matter (as I was enjoying it) in combination with heavily altered animal sounds and drizzling rain sounds outside my window. Even with the music off these sounds persisted as heavily as ever. I put on some headphones a few times for some of the music, which generally blasted me into a very strong visual musical experience. I saw the wall in front of me in many, many different ways, all of which had me in many different brands of awe simultaneously. I saw a couple of frightening things in the aforementioned painting a couple of times (such as needles from an evergreen tree forming a sinister demonic visage of sorts), but generally when something of that nature happens it's only a matter of smiling at it, which was done, and which was, of course, completely effective. At some points during absolute engrossment in the fantastic visions, I felt as if I was dissolving or breaking into tiny particles, and the rest of the world was doing the same. I became very enthralled by the dimensions of the room around me. I can't stress enough that the visuals were encompassing every corner of my vision and were crystal clear and mindblowingly artistically tasteful.

I stayed in this area for a good while, perhaps an hour. This period of time seemed far, far longer and my few-and-far-between checks of the clock generally revealed themselves to be within ten minutes of each other. During this time I spent a lot of time looking at that painting, in which the grass was swaying in the wind and the clouds were shifting in a remarkably appealing fashion. There were also patterns of mythological eyes peeking out from the clouds and hills in the painting, but in a very benign and simultaneously mystical and playful way which made me smile warmly. I was also very intrigued by the marbles I had and by an abstract wooden sculpture nearby during this time. I had some hunger, and a couple of bites from one of the corn muffins was both sufficient and delicious. The texture was appreciated on a whole new level, and I now have quite an appreciation for that food item in particular. There were several more examples of precision in motion, such as in position changes and in moving briefly to get a glass of water from the desk. The experience was becoming increasingly more enthralling and I had a symbolic and spiritual appreciation for every movement I made down to my breathing and my rapid heartbeat. This in particular would be a little difficult to really get into textually, and this report is about the effects of the chemical. I can say, though, that despite what I've read from some people's reports, this substance certainly wasn't lacking in 'substance' for me in any way.

I eventually had that nondescript urgent feeling and momentarily wasn't sure what to do about it. Then I realized, of course, I had to urinate. After that ludicrously spiritual experience was completed, I felt quite relieved. I sat at the desk and tried to read some. The words were bubbling, but legible. However, I was being caught up in every sentence which my eyes scanned. Perhaps coincidentally, this part of the book involved symbols and language, which was very appropriate for trying to read while under the influence of a powerful psychedelic and also, of course, even more intriguing than usual. I put the book back down and grabbed my mp3 player immediately after simultaneously deciding I should worry about reading later and noticing that a wonderful track was beginning to play. I put the headphones on to get the full experience of this Boards of Canada track curiously titled 'The Devil is in the Details.' This song has heavily altered speech in the background through the entire thing, saying very interesting things. I was watching my wallpaper do terribly unimaginable things, which were right on track with the speaking in the music. The line 'These things are happening day by day, just as I tell you they are happening, wherever you are' came coupled with a particularly incredible burst of beautiful pattern-warping glory. This experience definitely involved the greatest music-euphoria I've ever had.

I was feeling mild nausea, which I had no real way of alleviating at the time, but I was fine with this. I wanted to go to sleep within a few hours in order to get sufficient rest for a rather eventful day ahead of me, so around 3 AM I took the diphenhydramine (along with the acetaminophen just to preemptively treat any possible headache to come). I spent the next few hours laying in bed enjoying the experience, which was still going strong. I eventually drifted off and woke up 6 hours later energized and completely sober, though with a pain in my neck from passing out in an awkward position.

All in all this was an absolutely fantastic chemical and I will be trying it again for sure. It absolutely blew my other psychedelic experiences away, particularly visually. This is one which I suggest without a doubt, though taking care is obviously necessary with any psychoactive one does. It also had a very nice afterglow sort of thing for the day after, though I am aware that some people report headaches. Overall it seemed like it had all the spirituality of a mushroom experience perfectly and stylishly mingled with an 'electronic' undertone which was incredibly interesting.

Good luck exploring your mind, be safe and not moronic, etc.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 61409
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 23, 2007Views: 21,088
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2C-T-2 (53) : First Times (2), Music Discussion (22), Personal Preparation (45), Glowing Experiences (4), Alone (16)

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