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Don't Look Till I'm Gone
by serpent
Citation:   serpent. "Don't Look Till I'm Gone: An Experience with 5-MeO-DiPT (exp6140)". Feb 8, 2002.

22 mg oral 5-MeO-DiPT (capsule)


Friday night, my girlfreind and I decide to go to a movie. The plan was to get something to eat (bad idea) and see 'Blow.' Then we would proceed to get back to my apartment and indulge in some 5-MeO-DIPT. The movie wasnt all that great, and we arrived home around midnight. I usually don't like dosing anything at midnight, but I just received the foxy and was eager to taste it after so long. I put our doses in gelcaps, and poked a hole in each. She had 6-10 mg or so, and I was 20-25 mg or so. After measuring the dose, we each took 50 mg tenormin(atenolol), to hopefully ward off any hypertension. 30 minutes later we dosed.

After approximatly 25 minutes I started feeling tremors throughout my body. I then changed the CD to Dead Voices of Air. I had already gotten comfortable in my sleeping clothes, but found it was still too cold, so I threw on some more clothing. My girlfreind was just laying in bed listening to music, I started getting paraniod. Now I've almost never had this reaction on psychedelics, because I can usually rationalize fear with ease. However, I started getting tinges of fear that were slowly creeping up in my head as the effects started to peak. About this time I went to the bathroom and took a shit. Needless to say that was the most awkward feeling shit i've taken in my life. When I returned to my room my girlfreind reported to me that she felt sick. She then proceeded to the bathroom to empty her stomach.

I was worried. I was shaking uncontrolably at that point, too confused to tell if I was feeling good or bad. I changed CD's to ELpH vs coil 'worship the glitch.' Music was wonderful, and the images in my head were nothing short of breathtaking. I lost track of time at this point, but soon realized my girlfreind had not come back from the bathroom in what seemed like a long while, I went to check on her and she was curled on the floor in the bathroom.

She looked up to me with a big smile on her face and told me how peaceful it was in there. I was still having violent tremors, but they now were feeling wonderful. I started getting waves of euphoria, followed by short waves of discomfort. It was a cycle of feeling wonder, then uncomfortable, and wonderful again, repeating a few times every minute or so. I really couldnt concentrate on anything to tell if I was getting visual distortions or not. We basically spent the entire time chatting and listening to music.

I decided to get something to eat when I felt the effects fading. Food is great when foxy's on the brain. Around 8 am we both agreed it was possible to sleep. I tried to persuade my girlfreind into sex, but she was too tired. We slept, woke up 3 hours later, feeling great, and energized and generally happy for the rest of the day.

All in all, during our chatting, I felt it was easier to express myself to her, even though I wasnt talking in comprehensive sentences, but we both seemed to understand what we were trying to say. I feel that this drug is gentle to me in the emotional respect, and it doesnt cause any irrational delusions in me like some other psychedelics tend to. Both of us had a positive time, although we didn't 'learn' much(I attribute that to the fact that the drug isnt very delusional).

We will repeat, at a lower dose.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 6140
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 8, 2002Views: 12,691
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5-MeO-DiPT (57) : Health Problems (27), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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