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First Good Story
by Tom
Citation:   Tom. "First Good Story: An Experience with GBL (exp61374)". Erowid.org. Nov 3, 2007. erowid.org/exp/61374

1.4 ml oral GBL (capsule)



Last night I had 1.5 gelcaps (1.1ml) of GBL at approx 18:30, with a full stomach (felt full, couldn't eat any more food). I felt it, after about 30 mins, but it was very mild and not what I would consider fun as such, although it was by no means bad.


I shall do my best to disregard placebo, but this may be difficult

T + 0 - 09:44 - 2 gelcaps swallowed, no food eaten since 18:00 yesterday.

T + 3 - 09:47 - feel slight more relaxed, canít be sure its nothing more than placebo though.

T + 9 - 09:56 - not feeling it as expected, slightly disappointed.

T + 12 - 09:58 - feel mentally a bit slowed, and a *tiny* bit dizzy, nothing amazing though, not like I was last time I done 2 caps (bouncing around like a mad man), got some tunes on which hopefully will help.

T + 13 - 09:59 - here it comes, I think, really feeling this music now and feeling nice and dancey. I'd like to say at this point I mentally feel like Iíve had about 5 pints as far as general happiness and loss of inhibitions go, but thereís none of the usual alcohol fuzziness, I feel as if I could sit and do some work fine. Vision is a little bit retarted, I can focus fine but it seems to take my brain a *tiny* bit longer to register what things are and my eyes feel a bit heavy.

T + 16 - 10:01 - feeling it a bit more intensely now, feels more like 6-7 pints, but still with the mental clarity. Basically, think of it as being drunk but with the bad things (blurred vision/difficulty focusing/mental fuzziness/arrogance) greatly reduced. Of course I can feel the bad effects that alcohol would give you, but VERY mildly, it seems GBL gives me 100% of the good things of alcohol at any set dosage and 20% of the bad ones. This is not to say GBL is all fun and games though, the dose-response curve is very steep and if I had taken 4 gelcaps chances are I'd be out cold right now.

T + 19 - 10:04 - Feeling more dancey and happier now, nice euphoria and general 'life is really good' attitude, I love GBL, gonna let it do its thing now. Oh, one thing I'd like to add - GBL can make some people vomit, the taste of the chemical or the irritation it causes to your stomach can make you dry heave or full on vomit, I am lucky though and I have never even felt nauseous (slight stomach discomfort maybe) on GBL with a full stomach, but I have a friend who projectile vomits on it sometimes. I think of GBL as a mix of the good things of alcohol + the good things of caffeine, but better.

T + 23 - 10:09 - Eddie Halliwell is r0x0ring my panties at the moment, got the tunes up loud and headbanging to the tuneage, loving it :), a plus 1.8 on the schulgin scale, not quite as intense as a 2, cos thereís no adventure as such, but I can feel it right now, but I could continue with a normal day's plans if I wanted to (expect drive of course). I feel as if I could drive, but I know I couldnít, not quite like alcohol in that respect where I imagine enough to feel this :) would make me pretty certain driving would be a very stupid thing to do.

T + 31 10:17 - Nothing new to report, feel the effects in waves, currently not feeling it too much, just worried GBL will be banned soon, I hate this government :(, planning on buying a litre or 2 with a friend in September, just hope its still available.

T + 50 10:35 - Feel pretty much back to normal now, vision is still a *tiny* bit drunk like, but I think itís worn off pretty much

12:19 - meh all gone now, it was good, but Iíve had better GBL experiences.

As you can probably tell by all my waffling, the GBL was making me very talkative

Would like to add this:

Today I had 2 gelcaps (1.7ml) with a nearly empty stomach and had a wonderful time, focusing was hard, I was wobbly and speech was slurred, but I felt fully in control and mentally fine, with a nice dose of euphoria. I have had enough to be knocked out cold before and when I woke up I felt fine. It seems that if GBL/GHB is used responsibly it can be a fantastic social drug, I have ordered larger size 000 caps and hope to try 1.5 when they arrive.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 61374
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 3, 2007Views: 20,567
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GBL (89) : Alone (16), General (1)

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