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A Deep Thinking Experience
Amphetamine (Adderall)
by Andy, Andy & Brandon
Citation:   Andy, Andy & Brandon. "A Deep Thinking Experience: An Experience with Amphetamine (Adderall) (exp6121)". Feb 13, 2002.

2 tablets oral Amphetamines


NOTE-All of these ideas collected were of 3 people under the influence of Adderol, a drug that is used to cure people with ADD. The Pills were ingested at 5:00, and some effects started around 5:30. From this time until 11:30 the 3 people talked deeply about intence ideas. This essay describes those ideas that were thought of.

Tonight I experienced a different thought pattern that I have ever experienced. I bonded to others who were feeling the same as I was and was able to share deep thoughts with them, knowing that I could trust them not to make fun of me or tell others about these deep secrets. Also they felt the same way to me as I had felt towards them. It was a overall excellent day, not because of the physical aspects but more towards the deep psychological thinking and peace of mind. This helped me discover myself better and also understand more about the true meaning of life.

There were three main themes that kept arising in conversation: 1. Music is a part of everyone’s lives 2. Find your passion for life, and pursue it. 3. Life is like starting from one room of a Mansion to exploring all the nooks and crannies of it.

THEME #1: Music is a part of Everyone’s Lives
The human mind is very different from one individual to another, but all seem to enjoy some form of music. For some people it is as basic enjoyment of listening to pop radio from time to time. Others enjoy intricate jazz, composing, or playing instruments. But the vast majority of the population falls somewhere between those 2 extremes. All people start simple and grow to become more complex, but some choose not to. You wouldn’t see an 11 year old kid appreciating John Coltrane or Medeski Martin and Wood. They would rather listen to the radio, like kiss FM, and all the popular artists. As more music is introduced u grow as a listener and are able to appreciate different types of music. Bands like Phish, Grateful Dead, and so many others, music that goes off the main road and keeps u thinking while listening. These bands have more than just 3 different power chords being played over and over. I hit this phase when I was around 14 years old, but I did not fully appreciate this type of music for over a year. Many people reach this phase and don’t go on (which is completely alright and also understandable. Even if people stay at the first stage of pop music and its culture, that is not a problem. They are most likely stronger in another area…which will be explained more indepthly.) The third stage, which I'm exploring right now is exploring your roots and THE roots of music.
Jazz is the roots in the music tree. Its complexity is often hard for people to follow and appreciate, but in time, anyone can enjoy it. It really takes a trained ear (and a friend or teacher to help introduce it). I’m not talking about old popular jazz that grandpa and grandma listen to either, it’s the style you would hear in a serious college jazz ensemble. I was introduced to jazz about the same time I was introduced to more complex music. One of my main focus’ in life is music, so it wasn’t too difficult to start enjoying these genres. For others it will take more time or never happen, and its up to you to decide for yourself. But also just because you start to appreciate jazz more, doesn’t mean you cant listen to pop radio anymore. I am 16 now and have been exploring jazz for a little over a year. I didn’t even really start to enjoy it until the Eau Claire Jazz I played a concert at our school in the winter. This was a couple months ago. I was able to talk to the musicians and really feel the music. I was inspired… I feel that if you understand jazz you can understand almost every type of music created in the 1900’s. People who want to explore other areas of music can listen to classical music (jazz was started because of classical music, so in essence classical music is the foundation). All and all, people all like music, but different types. My advice to you, if you enjoy music, is to explore it more and take in as much as you know. If music isn’t your passion, then pursue your other goals.

THEME #2: Find your passion for life, and pursue it…
“Life is about passion; not about grades or jobs or money or college. If your passion is to learn, go to college and have a merry time. But do not frown upon those who have passions elsewhere. For passion is personal, its unique, it cant be explained... its the driving force of human existence (love being a passion) and should never be judged. Let your passion engulf your life and enjoy the ride it takes you on.”
Everyone, in a theory brought up, has some passion in life. A definition that would be accepted of a passion (this is just from the way we were talking about this topic) is the one thing you live to do. It is for the most part your favorite thing to do, and the one thing that gives you that natural good feeling. Another thing about a passion, is it is not always easy to figure out and sometimes can change from time to time or also become more complex or specialized. My passion is music, more specifically playing guitar. I know I love playing guitar, but I still have not discovered all there is to learn and also what type of music is for me. I am very open about music types and enjoy playing almost anything. I’m sure as I mature my passion will also mature.
Finding your passion can be difficult and its not likely to be the same as your best friends. One person in the discussion found his passion, or what it seemed to be. He most likely just found the starting end of an idea that will lead to his passion. Also no one can tell you what yours is, its all up to you. Being hungry for knowledge and wanting to explore indepthly is what will help your passion evolve. This can also be seen in the game of life.

THEME #3: Exploring the mansion
This was by far one of the most intense analogies we were able to come up with. We simply thought that when u are brought into the world, you start out in a crib in a simple room. At first it is extremely overwhelming and takes a long time to analyze everything and become comfortable with the surroundings. As soon as the surroundings are comfortable, the doorway is then analyzed. Then as soon as enough courage is built up (after careful research and studying) the door is opened, which exposes you with a large hallway with a vast number of doorways to choose. This then becomes more difficult because of all the options you are given, not all being good. This could be thought of as the teen years when so much is thrown at you at once, many teens cant handle this pressure, but the strong willed and mentally tough ones will succeed and explore more doorways. The ones who are “risk-takers” (I learned about being a risk taker in some lunch meetings sophomore year, HAH) will open the doorways of this hall way, and maybe peak in to see what’s happening inside. It’s a repeating slow going pattern, with the ultimate goal being able to discover the whole mansion, achieving all knowledge (wisdom).

This whole night for me has been exciting, interesting and also intense. It was an overall good experience, and I feel helped me become more informed about myself, as well as others and the relationships between others. This was a very sporadic even that really moved and changed all that participated. I doubt that this could ever be repeated again as successful. For close to 6 hours, we explored so much and talked so indepthly that it is difficult to capture it all on paper. This has probably about 5% of everything said. The other 95% will forever be enjoyed by us.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 6121
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 13, 2002Views: 32,815
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Amphetamines (6) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4)

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