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Jimi and the Woolen Cat
Morning Glory
by A Friend
Citation:   A Friend. "Jimi and the Woolen Cat: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp61071)". Aug 26, 2009.

320 seeds oral Morning Glory (gel tab)


This was my second actual experience with Morning Glory Seeds. I am under 16 and VERY interested in the 60’s and psychedelia. My first experience with Morning Glory Seeds was spent with a friend of mine, and the entire time I felt very happy, everything seemed great. My friend threw-up in the beginning, and I felt sick towards the end. I also felt a bit depressed the day after, but felt normal after a few days. All in all that experience was one to remember, not to mention it was my first time ever doing any kind of drug in my entire life.

With this experience I was not so fortunate. While I am very glad that I experienced this trip, it was not what I had been looking for the night I had done these seeds for the second time. For preparation I simply ground up the seeds with a mortar and pestle and put the ground up material in gel capsules to swallow. This saved me from the disgusting taste of those seeds, however I later found myself in regret for swallowing the large amount of capsules turned them into a large amount of gel in my stomach, which I was spitting up most of the next day.

The day I took these seeds was a great day. School was not as boring as usual and today was the day a most annoying character was moving, which lifted my mood a lot. This took place on a Friday night, I had the whole next week off from school as well, seemed like a great time to try these seeds again. I spent the whole trip inside of my house.

I swallowed the pills and shortly after I felt nauseous, which I had not experienced in the beginning of my last trip. I spent this time of nausea on a bed, and it eventually passed. By the time it had passed I felt very excited and began to walk around the house. I stopped in the bathroom to look in the mirror at my dilated pupils and well I was there I enjoyed looking at myself in the mirror. I did not see too much of anything, however if I stared at my face it would look as though my mouth was opening, however when I blinked my mouth would still be shut.

I sat down and began to listen to Jimi Hendrix (One of my favorites) and when “Third Stone From The Sun” came around things spun out of control. For those of you that have heard this song you will know how weird it sounds sober, but tripping made this song take on a completely different dimension. I felt like Jimi was talking to me through metaphors in his song.

I began to get tired and lay down, however I could not sleep. Time seemed to slow to a halt. At first I thought it was rather groovy looking at my clock at what seemed like every 30 or so minutes, which actually ended up being about 3 minutes. Later into the night my trip turned sour. I remember I got up and went to the bathroom to splash some water on my face, and when I came back to my bedroom I had no idea if I had just gotten up and gone to the bathroom.

Luckily I had asked my brother earlier to watch over me, and he assured me that I had actually done what I thought I did. This repeated many times, I would get up and do something and when I came back I wouldn’t know if I did what I thought I just did or not. This made me feel INSANE. I began to become scared, and I felt my heart and it was beating extremely fast. I kept thinking I was hearing birds all around, and at one point I thought that I might wake up as somebody else on some beach.
I was worried that I might never come down, for it had seemed like many, many hours had passed since I took the seeds.

I was afraid to do anything for fear that I might suddenly wake up and be doing something different. At one point I think my cat wondered into my room, and when I went to go pet it felt as though it were made out of wool, like a stuffed animal. I was afraid to do anything more that entire night, and I spent the rest of the night lying on my couch reassuring myself that eventually everything would be fine.

I was sweating bullets and everything in my room seemed wrong. I remember I would feel my face and with one had I would feel sweaty skin, and with the other I would feel dry skin, this was a bit weird I thought. I felt like I had been plundered into Wonderland, my Peace flags covering my windows looked as though they were huge and bent inwards, and my chair in front of my computer looked bent at strange angles. I was very scared and I thought that I might have even been dead.

After what seemed like 5 hours I went in the bathroom to check my pupils, and they were still dilated, and it had barely been an hour. I went back to my couch and tried to get to sleep. I finally fell asleep and when I woke up I was shaky, for I had been scared out of my mind a few hours earlier. I spent the next day sleeping, the entire day, and by that night I felt much better.

Overall this is not an experience I would go looking for again, however I am glad that I have now experienced both ends of tripping. Many things that I felt during this bad trip I cannot put into words, the only thing I can say about it was that at the time it was terrifying to say the least.

I will be trying Morning Glory seeds one last time. I have already started to prepare them by putting them in a pepper mill and grinding them up and soaking the powder in water for a little over a day. I then filtered the liquid through a coffee filter and threw away the seed matter and filter. I am currently waiting for the water to evaporate, which will leave me with a gum that I will soak in alcohol and then filter once more and finally drink. This will probably be my last experience with Morning Glory and I will soon be trying Salvia Divinorum.

I am not sure what triggered my bad trip, but I feel as a result of it that I no longer feel the dreaded “bad trip” and my experimenting with drugs could go much farther than before. I have learned that the old proverb “Time solves all problems” is very true in our world. I have also now experienced one more thing, and experience is everything for many things.

I am not one to try a drug to be “fucked up”. I try drugs in hope of expanding my mind, gaining experiences, and reaching a higher level of conciseness. Thank-you for reading this, and happy tripping to all!

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 61071
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 26, 2009Views: 7,758
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