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Memories, Music and Much More
HB Woodrose & Morning Glory
by Tripia
Citation:   Tripia. "Memories, Music and Much More: An Experience with HB Woodrose & Morning Glory (exp61003)". Jul 4, 2007.

20 seeds oral Morning Glory (liquid)
  6 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (liquid)


Husband (L) and I had a pleasant experience with 5 HBWR seeds each a few weeks ago and decided to up the dose a little. I am more experienced with psychoactives than my husband. We were both well rested and had no other plans this weekend other than this trip. I misjudged how many seeds we had in the pack and realized we only had 6 HBWR left each so we decided to add 20 Ololiuqui (Rivea Corymbosa) seeds to up the LSA dosage. All seeds were obtained from vendors online and were organic.


We scraped the coating off of the HBWR seeds with our fingernails the best that we could - which took a little bit of time. I added the 6 HBWR seeds and then the 20 Ololiuqui seeds into a coffee grinder and ground it as fine as possible. I did one dose and then the other so we had the same amount of material. We then put the material into a large shot glass each and added a shot of Absolut (vodka) Peach to each glass. We have had very positive results (no nausea, no cramps, no ill effects) doing the HBWR the same way both times we've tried it. We let the shots chill in the fridge for 1 hour before we injested the concoction.

T 0:00

Each of us took the shots with all of the seed grit and chased it with crystal light peach tea. Not horrible tasting at all. We decided to make some pasta to have on hand in case our stomachs did get messed up with the mixture.

T 0:20

Both of us comment that we are beginning to feel a bit buzzy.

T: 0:45

Watched old episodes of the Flintstones on cable. Sparks huge conversation on the nature of time in a very Kurt Vonnegut sense (watching the same episode of the Flintstones while you're a child while watching it as an adult and both episodes are touching each other). Both of us agree we are tripping after this conversation. Feeling the time dialation very strongly.

T 1:15

Playing with our cats - we're both commenting on the fact that we are both more sensitive to touch. Our cats gather around us and want to interact and we're both having a great time petting them and also cuddling each other. Very comfortable.

T: 2:00 - 5:00

Decide to eat a bowl of pasta and are now watching Scooby Doo and both in agreement that it's one of the best children's cartoons in terms of content ever made. Some patterning happening. Time has slowed down and seems like we've been watching the TV forever. Decide that we want to change the mood and light candles, turn off all other lights in the house, and turn on TV. I know this is weird but we turned on a music channel called 'Soundscapes' which is new age music channel, muted the sound so that we could only see the slide show of pictures which were basically mountain, lake and nature scenes.

L takes out his guitar and I pull out a strumstick (another stringed instrument) and we spent the time while we were peaking jamming on the instruments. We also had fun while L played music to match each of the silent pictures that were coming up on the muted TV screen. Much singing and laughing. Both of us notice that the candles are leaving an after image and I experience some trails. Both of us see patterns and we're definitely in a very creative space. Lots of laughing.

T 5:30

Decide to watch Saturday Night Live on television. We were laughing a lot and felt very mellow. Both of us comment that we're feeling very comfortable.

T 7:00

L decides to go to bed - I stay up and play video games for 2 more hours. I take an ambien and feel very mellow and very good before going to bed.

Summation/looking back:

This is our second trip with HBWR and the effects were really pleasant. I do not know how much the Rivea Corymbosa added to the trip as we have not had big results using those in the past. We did not have any ill effects at all with the HBWR and both of us commented on the fact that if this preperation works we shouldn't deviate from it. We both had light headaches the day after trip. Creative ideas that we had during the trip have become projects we will be working on. L has commented on the fact that he feels that he had a creativity breakthrough in terms of the guitar and this has helped his approach his recording a little bit differently.

We will defintely be doing this again with possible higher dosage next time.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 61003
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 4, 2007Views: 12,126
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Morning Glory (38), H.B. Woodrose (26) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Relationships (44), General (1)

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