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by Lex
Citation:   Lex. "HydroMetamorphosis: An Experience with Hydromorphone (exp60928)". Jan 26, 2018.

1 mg oral Hydromorphone (pill / tablet)


As I had experimented with Codeine and liked the effects, if it wasn't for the caffeine, taking the common Codeine/Aspirin with caffeine pills, I was in search of something not containing any so I could experience the full effects of an opiate high. By chance, after asking around, I managed to get my hands on 80 X 1mg Dilaudid pills. This was the opportunity I was awaiting. :)

Preparations prior to consumption: I always do a thorough research before taking any drug/medication and so I did the same with Paxil taking into account it's possible positive and negative side effects. I became aware that Dilaudid is one of the most sought after opiates since it comes close to heroin if administered by IV, if not surpasses the high, as some would suggest.

Mindset, setting, dosage and timing: I was in that experimental mindset and, having previously tried codeine at a dose of 180mg, I felt ready to take the next step. I went to a river nearby which I thought would be conducive to a peaceful mental state and took one pill (1mg) orally of Dilaudid around noon and waited in anticipation.

Physical and Mental effects: After about a half-hour I began to feel something. I felt the opiate 'buzz' but it was much stronger than codeine. My body felt loose and numb at the same time and I got that warm feeling in my body. My breathing slowed and so did the world
My breathing slowed and so did the world
, to me. Things were kind of fuzzy in my mind for about an hour as I just sat there trying to adjust to the feeling. There was no doubt that the Dilaudid was having it's effects. After feeling more at ease with the experience I decided to ride my bike around and tried to go about my business and interact with people, which was difficult being wrapped up in this feeling. I found it quite difficult to concentrate and not focus on the high.

Overall impression: Dilaudid is a powerful opiate and is used to treat moderately to severe pain. Many use the drug for recreational purposes also. It certainly does something and provides you with a 'buzz' but I find it to be a clean one devoid of the deep dreamlike state you may find in using other opiates.

A word of caution: I've also taken the much sought after 4mg pills and my maximum dose in one single setting of Dilaudid was 16mg, which could prove to be potentially hazardous to those without an opiate tolerance. I also tried to IV 2mg once, which wasn't so succesful since IV administration and the preparation required is a whole other thing and then one may find oneself led to the last and fatal step of becoming a heroin addict. Fortunately for me, the whole IV thing didn't appeal to me. I must admit that I have snorted Dilaudid many times but that it doesn't remain my opiate of choice, unlike many. Thank you for reading my experience and I hope that it may serve you in some way. :)

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 60928
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 26, 2018Views: 5,346
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