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Of Godzilla And Beehives
MDMA (Ecstasy) & Ketamine
Citation:   Indelibleface. "Of Godzilla And Beehives: An Experience with MDMA (Ecstasy) & Ketamine (exp60877)". Jul 28, 2018.

1 tablet oral MDMA
  1 tablet oral MDMA
    repeated insufflated Ketamine
  1 tablet oral MDMA
We came home to C's pad from an aborted rave experience around midnight. The party was a bit less than acceptable, what with the irritating amounts of lost, young newbie ravers flopping about the backyard of this anonymous artist's tiny house, the unorthodox setting for an overcrowded rave party. It was all a tad trashy, and normally there's something mildly appealing in the rebellious nature of the dirty rave atmosphere, but it just didn't click with me that night. Five of our party of six got into the venue that night, but C was stuck outside because there were too many people squished against the dripping walls of the disgustingly hot rooms inside. The rest of us had bought pre-sales online, but they were sold out at the door. Apparently another party that night was busted and shut down, forcing all the stragglers to drift to this party unexpectedly. It was a disaster, and we were happy to leave within a couple of hours of our arrival.

So we drifted home on the 101 Freeway with a few more drugs in our pockets and an aching desire to ingest them back at C's place, the new location of our party that night. I mean, we didn't expect it to equal a rave experience, but we figured we'd call a few more people over to have a bit of a kickback. We ended up having around ten people at C's extraordinarily big house that evening for a night of mayhem.

Upon our arrival, we unsheathed our chemical weapons of brain destruction for the evening:

-- A large bag of ecstasy pills (blue dollar signs).
-- A vial of ketamine.

I had already taken one of these fabulous pills at the beginning of the night, and was already starting to come down. Most of us, including me, took another at that point and sat around, conversing and chatting. J went into the ritzy, high-class kitchen to cook up the vial on the stove, Martha Stewart style. He said it felt like a goddamn cooking show, brewing a pet tranquilizer in a place that looked like the final results of a room make-over on Trading Spaces. When it came time to scrape the contents of the plate together, C went to get some sort of utensil for the job. Confused and having never done ketamine (or anything up the nose, for that matter), C brought us a couple dental picks. You know, the kind that the nurse at the dental office uses to make your teeth bleed everywhere so she can blame your swollen gums on you, even if you brush three times a day (her parents are dentists, hence her gigantic pad and beautiful kitchen).

Once it was all prepared with a proper scraping tool, each of us had a healthy line to ourselves. We decided to go all out and avoid yer standard wimpy bumps. This was my last time partying for a long time, so why not go out with a bang? Apparently, I didn't just go out with a bang, I went out like a fucking two-hundred foot tall fire-breathing lizard (cue intimidating Japanese orchestral movie music).

Now, I hadn't used ketamine in a long time before this. I always forget how powerful of a drug ketamine can be. It's really easy to think of ketamine as just a side order. A condiment, even.
I always forget how powerful of a drug ketamine can be. It's really easy to think of ketamine as just a side order. A condiment, even.
Just the ketchup and mustard on top of the polish hot dog that is your rave party experience. I think this really stems from the fact that most of us just have little bumps here and there during a party, while already on ecstasy, to mildly boost an already great roll. It had been a while since I actually had done such a relatively large dose of ketamine, especially coupled with a large dose of MDMA. After about ten minutes, the ketamine fully flooded the receptors of my brain, and I fell out of coherent space and time. My memory became a bit chaotic at this point -- I can remember specific instances, but not the actual chronological sequence of them. A few notable ones are as follows, in no particular order:

-- I remember running into the living room, somehow avoiding falling on my ass, and proclaiming to everyone that I was stuck in a beehive. This was probably particularly funny to everyone because C's raver name is Queen Bee,. I didn't consciously make that connection in my head! C calmed me down with the notion that I was perfectly safe in her beehive.

-- I left the main area of the house for a bit to do some exploring. I must have gone on some wacky mystical, almost delusional journey (which I don't even remember very well), but I came back after about twenty minutes stomping around, growling furiously, and proclaiming that I was Godzilla. I think I ended up biting my friend Z in the arm, too.

-- I remember also taking a third pill at some point (along with even more ketamine), but I don't remember when. It couldn't have been too long after taking the second.

-- We once retired to the 'internet room' (yeah, it's a huge house with all sorts of gratuitous places most average people don't need) and blasted demos from my new band. The guitar solos sent U onto the ground, his back arched in the air, his mouth in some insane grin. I've never seen music, let alone mine, do that to anyone. It made me feel like such a fucking rock star.

Throughout the experience, I had one of the most amazing euphorias I've ever experienced in my entire life. I mean, it wasn't a natural, gentle euphoria that ecstasy alone would grant me. It felt like a three-thousand ton God hand grabbed my puny, mortal body and forcefully chucked it into Heaven, shouting to me 'Son, this is fucking euphoria!'
It felt like a three-thousand ton God hand grabbed my puny, mortal body and forcefully chucked it into Heaven, shouting to me 'Son, this is fucking euphoria!'
It didn't feel natural at all, and not in a bad way. It felt like I was injected with God's blood -- like I was enhanced by some unnatural, immortal energy. It was truly spectacular, almost like my first ecstasy experience, but far greater in magnitude, no joke!

After coming down the next day, I had a pretty bad crash. Obviously, that can be attributed to the sheer amount of drugs I took and the combination (in addition to the small amount of meth that the pills were likely adulterated with). But, really, in spite of that, it was one of the most amazing nights of my life. That in of itself can be attributed to the good friends that I was with, and the comfy, large house we were at. Perfect example of set and setting being the major cause of an incredible, life changing trip. At times, on the Shulgin scale, this was undoubtably a +4, a near-religious experience, and I ain't even the least bit spiritual. I felt the love that night, and I always considered myself a burnt, jaded raver type. There's still hope for humanity!

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 60877
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 28, 2018Views: 1,133
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MDMA (3) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Hangover / Days After (46), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3)

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