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Procrastination and Time Management
Modafinil & Methylphenidate
by Side Effect
Citation:   Side Effect. "Procrastination and Time Management: An Experience with Modafinil & Methylphenidate (exp60691)". Feb 14, 2007.

T+ 0:00
200 mg oral Modafinil (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:00 10 mg oral Pharms - Methylphenidate (pill / tablet)
  T+ 1:00 800 mg oral Pharms - Ibuprofen (pill / tablet)
  T+ 1:43 10 mg oral Pharms - Methylphenidate (pill / tablet)
  T+ 1:49 162 mg oral Pharms - Ibuprofen (pill / tablet)
  T+ 5:27 200 mg oral Modafinil (pill / tablet)
  T+ 5:27 20 mg oral Pharms - Methylphenidate (pill / tablet)
  T+ 6:21 81 mg oral Pharms - Ibuprofen (pill / tablet)


Weeks of procrastination and poor time management.

23:30, I decide to do some physics. I take 200mg of Modafinil and 10mg Ritalin.
00:30 Noticed a slight tingle in my lips 10 minutes ago and decided that the recent auditory change warranted a report. I just noticed a sort of pressure change in my ears.
I was very focused in on my work, much more than with Modafinil or Ritalin alone. I don't even want to write this report, I want to go back to my work. But since I plan on staying up all day on both substances, I'd figure posterity would want something from it.

My eyes are a bit light sensitive, they've been open all day so I'm guessing just tired. I've dimmed the lights in my room to just a desk lamp pointed away from me into a closet.

My heart rate is about 90bpm. Iíve also taken 2x220mg Naproxen sodium, 800mg Ibuprofen. (bad back)

01:00 heart rate is about 98bpm. Iím able to focus deeply on.

01:13 (Crap I just realized I was distracted by my internet mid sentence.) I took another 10mg Ritalin, chewed it up. Back to work.

01:19 2x81mg Aspirin

02:00 Focused as all hell. Equally as sore from sitting.

03:00 I feel pretty good, aside from my pain. Iím awake. Focusing is good, Iím thinking clearly and am able to multitask yet accomplish. Heart rate 100bpm.

04:42 Slowing down, heart at 84bpm. Drive to read is gone, I feel like just sitting and breathing slowly, perhaps laying down.

04:57 I ate PB&J sandwich, 2x10mg Ritalin, 1x200mg Modafinil.

06:00 100bpm. Back to work.

06:51 some chest pain, heart burn maybe, right side of chest. A fullness to my head like an almost drunken warmth. Iíll bet my blood pressure is really high right now. Taking 1x81mg aspirin

I continued to take the Modafinil about every 4-5 hours, and the Ritalin every 3-4. I noticed that when I was losing the effects of the Ritalin I was zoning out and becoming sadder. When the Modafinil was wearing off, but the Ritalin wasnít, I was awake but feeling sleep deprived, my vision was taxed and I would start to mildly hallucinate with an unpleasant headache feeling. Very jittery and stimulated feeling. When both of them were working I felt awake and good, slightly euphoric, but less euphoria each time I redosed. Focused, and the jitters went away. The Modafinil seemed to keep my mind awake, and the Ritalin my body. I took 5 Modafinil throughout the day, and about twice that many Ritalin.

21:30 Going to bed now with a bit of a headache.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 60691
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 14, 2007Views: 38,182
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Pharms - Methylphenidate (114), Modafinil (217) : Alone (16), Combinations (3)

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