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Four Long Years
Citation:   Tryphen. "Four Long Years: An Experience with 2C-T-2 (exp60587)". Erowid.org. Feb 22, 2007. erowid.org/exp/60587

    2C-T-2 (powder / crystals)
I have written trip reports using another name, but this will be my first report that makes use of the Tryphen name. This trip report is more of a summary of my experiences with 2c-t-2 than a trip report per se. Anyways, I like to start trip reports by mentioning a little bit about myself. I am a male and weigh approximately one hundred and sixty pounds. I have extensive experience with drugs, especially psychedelics. I have used over ten active research chemicals and also several stimulants, narcotics, and ethnobotanicals. The total amount of active substances I have used for the purpose of getting high is somewhere around twenty-two. Not much compared to some people, but enough to allow me to make comparisons with 2c-t-2 in an objective fashion (at least in as objective a fashion as can be done when comparing psychedelics).

The first time I used 2c-t-2 I was fourteen years old. Since this time I have used 2c-t-2 countless times, using batches from several different sources. I would estimate I have gone through approximately 5 grams of 2c-t-2 in the past four years, but this is just an estimate as it may have be off in either direction by a gram or so. I have taken 2c-t-2 orally, nasally, by smoking it and by injecting it. I will write briefly about the effects of 2c-t-2 in general, and then I will write about how the various methods of administration and various dosages affect the experience.

The effects of 2c-t-2 seem to be fairly heavily influenced by dosage, I notice a sort of plateau system as with DXM but not as well defined. Effects at lower dosage include a general feeling of peace similar to euphoria but not really the same. Euphoria is a word I use to describe extreme pleasure, the peace I get from 2c-t-2 is more relaxed than extreme. I also notice a mild increase in color brightness and definition, mild tracers and the impression that patterns are shifting or changing the direction they “point”. At lower doses I don’t notice many negative effects, but sometimes will get slight nausea, muscle tension (including jaw clenching) or an uncomfortable body load.
At medium doses it is pretty much the same effects as at lower dosages but more defined and with a bit of a twist. Feeling of peace bordering on what I can only describe as a light Euphoria (although saying you can have light euphoria is sort of contradictory to my above definition of Euphoria as being extreme pleasure, I can not think of a better way to describe it). Colors are much brighter and more defined, tracers are stronger and patterns morph and shift much more. Sparkles and sometimes a shooting star type phenomenon sometimes occur in thin air (similar to the fractals of 4-aco-dmt but very different at the same time). I notice some time dilation at this point, but nothing near the amount it is on 2c-e. I also notice a change in depth perception that is very pleasant to me. I normally don’t notice space between myself and an object as “existing” as something on its own, I usually just notice the items in the line of sight in front of me and how far away they are. On 2c-t-2 I am more aware that the empty space separating me from the objects in front of me is an object on its own. Objects farther away seem to have more detail than they usually will, and my vision seems to focus on a larger area. Really hard to describe in detail but 2c-t-2 creates a very unique visual atmosphere that I have never experienced off any other drug.

2c-t-2 tends to increase aesthetic appreciation in all doses. At lower doses this is mostly due to the color enhancement, but in medium doses it is an effect of its own, enhanced by color intensification but not dependent on it. I see all things as very beautiful, especially nature related objects. Trees in particular seem breath taking. At higher doses the effect is about the same as it is in medium doses, but I will talk about 2c-t-2 in higher doses later on.

Medium doses of 2c-t-2 also tend to create a feeling of trust. I have on occasion said things to people while under the influence of 2c-t-2 that I would have never told them otherwise. It opens me up emotionally and simultaneously lowers my social inhibitions, similar to alcohol but with out the dissociative / clouded head effects alcohol seems to have. This can be utilized as a benefit when working through things with people, but it can also be bad if you end up saying something to someone that you don’t want to. It is an effect that is not really present in lower dosages but becomes most realized in medium doses.

Music appreciation also starts to become more apparent in medium doses. It is not a very strong effect as compared to some drugs, but it is most definitely real. In lower doses 2c-t-2 tends to not have a huge deal of effect on music (although maybe it has some slight change in the way music is perceived), but at medium doses the effects become much more apparent. 2c-t-2 seems to be more focused on making visual stimuli seem beautiful than it is on making music more beautiful. It is more of a bonus effect than something to concentrate on, at least in my opinion.

Although the positive effects of 2c-t-2 become more defined at medium doses, so do the negative effects. The first time I took 2c-t-2 my only prior drug experiences had been dextromethorphan and marijuana, and the first part of the trip was very nauseating on the border of painful in my subjective opinion of the time (Of course I was comparing it to DXM and weed so had I taken it later in my chemical using career it would probably have been a different conclusion). For some reason the come up was only like this for me the first time I used it, but I still feel the need to include this. Many people have reported that 2c-t-2 has a very heavy body load but in my experiences (minus the first time) it is not really that bad, especially compared to other drugs (higher doses of 2c-e make me just as sick feeling, 5-meo-dipt’s come down is just as bad as 2c-t-2’s for me, 5-meo-amt is by far the more unpleasant experience as far as body load goes).

The negative effects I do notice consist of nausea and intestinal disturbances (gas usually) and muscle tension for the most part. I get tremors in my legs often that are fairly annoying but not painful. The body load is not always pleasant and can get to be pretty annoying, but it isn’t as horrible for me as it is for some people. The negative effects at a medium dose are much less than they are at higher doses, but I will get to that in a bit.

At higher doses (for me I consider ~40 + to be a high dose orally) 2c-t-2 seems to take on a very different personality. It is without a doubt disassociating (for me anyways) at higher doses reminding me vaguely of a psychedelic version of DXM. I become fairly cold and this often frightens me adding an edge of fear to the trip. I also become very sloth like and don’t feel like moving much, I often will just lie in my bed with a blanket covering me and my eyes closed, usually questioning why the fuck I would choose to do this to myself. The come up is very disturbing, I often get nausea (fairly bad nausea actually), intestinal disturbances (gas mostly) tremors, muscle tension, an uncomfortable body load, feeling of being very cold, paranoia and confusion. One time when I took a higher dose of 2c-t-2 I kept coughing up very thick phlegm and was having what seemed to be difficulty breathing (possibly psychosomatic?), but it is worth noting I had just gotten over bronchitis (although the 2c-t-2 seemed to revive it and also make it worse for the duration that I was under the influence of it.) I have since done some research on 2c-t-2 and found a reference to a study done on 2c-t-2 in rats that shows it may perturb the immune system. This was found on a government website however and they are known to be liars. If anyone is interested in reading this report do a Google search for “2c-t-2 perturb immune” and it should not be hard to find the website it is hosted on, I would give the link but am unreasonably paranoid. Needless to say, the negative effects of higher doses of 2c-t-2 are much worse than the negative effects are at low and medium doses.

I have had very dissociative effects at higher doses. I have had the impression that I was on a space ship inside of my body, for example. A friend of mine has had a very similar experience off a high dose of 2c-t-2, he was in a car (not driving) and kept thinking he was on a spaceship. Knowing this may have had a large impact on my similar “spacecraft” experience. The dissociative effects are not exactly comparable to DXM but the best way I can describe them to someone that has never used 2c-t-2 is “Sort of like DXM with a psychedelic twist, but at the same time not”. Very shitty definition but it is hard to describe some of the effects of psychedelic drugs, especially when they go beyond color intensification and tracers.

The dissociative stage of high dose 2c-t-2 seems to last for a while and then fall down over a period of time into effects more similar to what one would imagine a high dose of 2c-t-2 to be like. Good color intensification, more attention paid to details, modified depth perception, complex patterns rising out of no where, patterns morphing and twisting, very strong tracers, more noticeable increase in music appreciation but not significantly more than a medium dose, time dilation is increased as far as positive effects go. Negatives are, Nausea (although not as bad as during the come up of a high dose trip), muscle tension and slight exhaustion, tremors, uncomfortable body feelings, intestinal disturbances (gas usually), possibly still a bit of a cold feeling. I also notice memory loss from what happened at the dissociative stage, for example I once came back to my bathroom to find I had sprayed shaving cream all over the place while in the dissociative stage and taking a hot shower. I only had a vague recollection of actually doing this, I imagine I may have forgotten other things also.

Ok now that we have the general effects out of the way I will briefly mention how the various methods of administration change the trip. These won’t be in as much detail as the above descriptions are, but will still give a general feeling.

Orally 2c-t-2 takes longer to set in than any of the other methods, I have heard reports that it sometimes takes up to two hours but for me it is more like one hour give or take a few units of time (I never really timed it but this seems more close to correct than two hours does for me anyways). The come up is smoother than the other methods, but it produces much more nausea. Effects last longest this way, and the trip really seems to have less of a speedy push and more focused on smooth visuals.

Insufflated 2c-t-2 comes on almost instantly for me, and I have never seen it take longer than about a minute for someone to start coming up. It Peaks fully in about ten minutes give or take a bit. Snorted 2c-t-2 *fucking* hurts (pardon the language =P). It burns very bad and the drip is horrible, similar taste to the smell of fertilizer in my opinion. The trip lasts for a shorter duration and has a much more speedy push to it in general, much more stimulating effects. Seems to me as if it is a good deal less visual for some reason (perhaps the smaller doses don’t fully allow for as much of a visual disturbance) but much more of a stimulating trip. Seems as if muscle tremors and tension may increase slightly as compared to the oral method, but the nausea is a good deal less (especially at first). At least in general.

I.V. Injection of 2c-t-2 is very similar to snorting it. I have only done this a few times and each time I did it was on the same day. I was very disappointed actually, I had read a wonderful trip report regarding injected 2c-t-2 and was hoping my trip would be similar. It was not at all similar even though I injected it a few times with in the same day. It was a lot like snorting it but with out the burn and drip. It was a bit different than a regular snorting trip, but only in small ways. It seemed to be even less visual than snorted 2c-t-2 (again leading me to think this is because of the smaller doses) but was more stimulating than oral (pretty close to snorting). I think that shooting 2c-t-2 is pretty pointless the only real benefit I had was that it didn’t burn my nose, besides that it was pretty much the same as snorting with a bit less visuals. I don’t remember my doses, but it should have been enough. And if you ever shoot up 2c-t-2, I suggest that you start VERY low just in case, as I have read trip reports where people had very incredible experiences. Maybe I we (my friend is the one that actually injected me) did something wrong, I have never been shot up with anything else before. Worth noting is that the next day I had a large bruise on my arm, but this may be due to a physical altercation I had gotten in and not the 2c-t-2 itself.

Smoking 2c-t-2 I used as more of a booster where I would smoke it after snorting it. I have smoked it with out snorting it before however, and it gives minimal effects, although noticeable. When smoked alone 2c-t-2 gave me some color intensification, some tracers a bit of a relaxed stimulation (hard to explain and could have been a placebo effect?) and that was about it. When I smoked after snorting it seemed to help make the trip a bit more visual. I have heard reports that smoking 2c-t-2 could cause cancer and have read one chemists reasoning behind this, but I think his logic was flawed. I am not a chemist though, nor a doctor, nor do I have any experience with cancer causing substances (other than consuming them when I smoke). Although I think his reasoning was not entirely solid it was enough to make me decide that I will not be smoking 2c-t-2 anymore. The possibility of greatly increasing my chances of cancer more than I already do by smoking organic material is not worth the weak effects that 2c-t-2 gives me when smoked.

Well I hope this little report helps someone out. Remember that everyone has a different body and that some of the effects I get you may not and you may get some effects I do not get. One of my friends gets aural hallucinations from 2c-t-2, something that I have gotten to a degree but with no where near the frequency and intensity that he does. Different people are affected differently, some people get very bad body loads others get not hardly any. 2c-t-2 really seems to have different effects for different users more so than most other phenethylamines do.

This is by no means a full account of 2c-t-2. If I was to write every detail I know about the effects of 2c-t-2 or I was to document my entire knowledge of this drug and my experiences with it and people that use it, I would be able to write a book. This is all just a general analyses of 2c-t-2, worth reading but not the sole authority. Always read as many reports as you can before you trip, negative positive and summary alike.

I have been involved in the research chemical scene for four years and it has done wonderful things for me and my life. I honestly believe that these chemicals can help just about anyone, (or at least offer entertainment to just about anyone, if that is what they seek), but if not respected they can have dire consequences. Please respect all chemicals you consume and be safe!

One last note: Try taking it on an empty stomach and after having used the bathroom, it really seems to help for me.

Best wishes to all and thanks to everyone that has helped me and supported me and been my friends.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 60587
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 22, 2007Views: 20,144
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