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Who the Hell is Ethyl?
2C-E & Various
by Egor
Citation:   Egor. "Who the Hell is Ethyl?: An Experience with 2C-E & Various (exp60417)". Feb 5, 2007.

  oral 2C-E (powder / crystals)
    oral Various  

I guess I will start at the beginning. I had been studying the 2c-series pretty extensively. 2c-e was the chemical that stood out from the rest of the pack. After reading every bit of info on it I could find in about a 6-month period, I decided it was time to do some bioassays, and the order was placed. From the 1st dose I took, it was apparent that 2c-e and I got along very well. In all my trials with it (at least orally), I never experienced any significant idiosyncratic effects. I was able to work up to about 50mg comfortably. The amount of information and personal content contained with this phenethylamine is astonishing.


4-5 mg is enough for me to feel threshold effects from 2c-e. I used this dose commonly to add a little magic to my trail rides. There will be minor trailing, but that is about it as far as visual effects go. A slight tingly body buzz is present. There is a notable “smart drug” quality to this level. Effects taper off at about T+4 hours from the 1st alert at this dose.

8-10mg is where the character of 2c-e really begins to show itself. Significant trails and intensification of color are apparent. There will be minor cev patterning, but nothing spectacular or special. Marked enhancement of mood noted. 5-6 hour duration.

15mg seems to be the sweet spot for easy on the body and mind, yet intense experiences.
I have significant oev patterning and trails, but no real distortions, just translucent coloring over layed on the world. Cev’s begin to form basic color patterns, sort of free floating patches of mostly light greens and oranges, with a bit of blue for the background. I am in for at least 7-8 hours at this dose.

25mg is where one might begin to enter a total state of psychedelic bliss or terror, depending on how one reacts to 2c-e. I always got the bliss effect, though I had several trip partners who did not get so lucky. 8+-hour duration.

30mg is as high as I would EVER recommend anyone trying. The world is stuck in limbo between the real world and the fantasy world. OOBE’s are a common occurrence at this dose. The muscle tension gets a bit irritating at this level, but stretching is almost orgasmic. I have little to no control at this level, and ego-death is always a possibility. I am in for a full 10 hours at 30mg.

40mg is fucking nuts. I did this dose 2 years in a row for the Warped Tour, and I wouldn't recomment it. Talk about total sensory overload. Thousands of drunk and rowdy strangers, mosh pits and pist off music. It doesn’t get any better than that. I got in the pit for rancid the 1st year I did this and it was incredible. I lost all contact with my group, and ended up getting sprayed with a fire hose by the fire department as it was like 115 degrees on the ground and people were getting heat stroke. Luckily for me, I stayed hydrated and wore light, airy biking gear. While the 2 people I was with were being cheered on by a large crowd puking up blue Gatorade and hash browns. The following year I went to see the Transplants and was totally blown away. They are totally different live, they don’t have the rap style so much as good old street punk. The crash the next day from this dose is similar to ridicules doses of mdma, so I will only do it 1x per year, and only for the warped tour (or maybe a Bad Religion show). The effects can go on well past the 12-hour mark at this dose. When I dose any higher than this, or even this high, I am really taking my life into my own hands. The excess stimulation is nowhere as annoying as with 2c-I, but still a bitch. Moshing will rip that excess energy right out of me though.

The character of the trip is highly variable as the dose increases. At lower doses it is very fun and friendly, but as I pass about 15mg, the character turns less euphoric and more neutral. This is not to say it is bad, just not particularly fun, though this is very dependant on set and setting. This is not a particularly recreational psychedelic after about 15mg.

The insight I receive is based on how well I can clear my mind. If I am cluttered up mentally from what is going on around me, I will probably not get a ton from it. The insight is not “forced” as it is with many other psychedelics, I have to seek it out. Nausea can be present, but is also highly dependant on the dose. Never anything too bad for me. but some others got significant nausea. I find cannabis to be an absolute must for getting the most from 2c-e. It allows the trip to really take over without the ego trying to block it. Alcohol is also good on the tail end of the trip to ease both body and mind. I tend to still be pondering what I was told much of the day after a 2c-e trip.


10mg 2c-e and chewed calamus throughout brings about a very clean, centered, sharp mental state. I actually like to chew it prior to and during most of my experiments. This combo is not about visuals or insight, but I find it hard to beat for my favorite outdoor activities (mountain biking, fly fishing, etc) without getting in the way of me accomplishing them. It is the perfect “reality enhancer” for me. There is mild psychedelia present, though it is light and transparent. A joint or bowl on this dose will make the trip much more visual, but still very comfortable.

10mg 2c-e and 5 wood rose seeds brings on an intense NEED to get out of the house. It has more of a pull to be with nature than even psilocybin. I am unable to remain sedentary on this combo also. The need to move around is profound. Walking is awesome. I am lucky to live in Colorado, so I have an excess of outdoor places to trip.

8mg of 2c-e and 30mg of 2c-c was surprisingly easy on the mind and body. It was if all the 2c-e did was add a visual aspect to the relaxed and friendly 2c-c buzz. I had the visual effects equivalent of approx. 350mcg of lsd, but no major body or mental effects. It was like eye candy with almost no other effects present.

20mg of 2c-e and 5mg of smoked 5-meo-dmt is a very emotional and powerful experience. In this instance, the level of “pressure” on the body is the only real negative, other than the abject intensity of the 5-meo-dmt, but I enjoy that. This combo was the catalyst for a major change in my life, but I wont get into the details here.

30mg of 2c-e and 10mg of methadone was one of the best opiate experiences I have ever had. I tend to react pretty poorly to opiates, but there is a special synergy with 2c-e. There was significant nausea as the methadone took effect, but after some dry heaves, it remained gone for the night, though I was pretty hung over the next day. Eyes closed visual manifestations were very detailed utterly alien landscapes. It was nodding with MAJOR cev’s. I felt the need to just lie back and see where it would take me.

2c-e and salvia can be a very disturbing experience. Read my report “Restitution” for more info.

15mg of 2c-e and repeated smoked methamphetamines was attempted on one occasion, long before I came to loathe meth so much. It was not a really bad or good time. I was tired from the comedown of the 2c-e, but still wired from the meth. Not recommended.

25mg of 2c-e and too many (11) Jaeger-bombs will create a very “flowing” visual effect. Like watching water that is slowly flowing translucently laved over the entire visual field. There was no nausea noted, which really surprised me. I will get ill on 2c-e if I drink any alcohol other than Jaeger bombs or Sunshine Wheat Ale, which is marketed, by New Belgium breweries (located in my hometown, so it is everywhere.)

With any dose of 2c-e I found it to be amazing when combined with N2O. It at least doubles the length of the effects, and causes a 5x increase in visual effects. Problem is, when the N2O begins to ware off, I am already cracking another one before I even realize it. I go on nitrous autopilot, so to speak. I have had nights where I have gone through literally 100 whippets in a night, I feel about 50% less intelligent the next day, but that only lasts a day.

There is also an amazing synergy with 2c-e and any psilocin analogs I have tried.
The effects are very similar combining it with 4-ho-dmt, 4-ho-dipt, or 4-ho-mipt.
There is an insane level of visual distortion. It has literally been hard to find my way around my own apartment due to the levels of visual activity. I will post more info if and when I get to combine it with 4-ho-met or 4-ho-mpt.

Dxm can also be an excellent adjunct for getting the most from a 2c-e experience.
With low doses of each (8mg of 2c-e and 250mg of dxm, for example) brings on a very light, fun, party type of trip, but the character changes significantly as the dose increases. I use 8-12 mg of 2c-e for every 240 mg of dxm. With this dosing strategy, the effects of neither drug will override the other, and the most useful and pleasurable effects can be had. I have used this strategy up to 620mg of dxm and 30mg of 2c-e. I do not recommend taking the doses this high though.

10mg of 2c-e and 15mg of 4-aco-dipt was the only attempt I got to make with ipracetyl and 2c-e, and I have to say it was a disappointment. There was none of the MAJOR visual distortion I had gotten from 4-ho-dipt and 2c-e. They really are 2 different drugs, despite all the similarities in 1st hand reports. I am not saying it was a bad combo, the body buzz was very nice, similar to mdma, but I just did not get what I was looking for from it.

15mg of 2c-e and 175mg Phenobarbital was very lazy and not at all worth the combo. I was too lazy to really enjoy it. I fell asleep after about 2 hours from dosing the chems (cap was swallowed and the Phenobarbital was immediately administered). I won't waste my time with this combo. Same goes for benzodiazepines. I don’t see any real use for downers with phens, I mainly use them with too high doses of tryptamines.

If I am using diphenhydramine (benadryl, Tylenol pm, etc) to sleep after the trip subsides for the most part, 150-175mg will be able to let me sleep, but I give it an hour or so before trying to retire. I DON'T dose any higher than this. It will result in full-retrograde amnesia. With no tolerance, as few as 2-3 may be effective for sedation. Ambien is also effective, but for 2c-e, klonapin is the best sedative for me.

I have had to use ephedrine during a 2c-e trip due to issues with my asthma (I use a tea of Ma Huang or Bala root since it works faster than a pill), but it did not really effect the trip, though the level of physical stimulation did increase, but go figure. Pulse and bp did not reach any alarming levels. Sleep was attained at about 9 hours after the ma huang tea, about T+ 12hrs from the dose of 2c-e.

Other modes of Administration


I realize I will probably get some “do as I say, not as I do” type of BS from some of you, but please learn from my mistakes. Why do something that you KNOW is stupid? First off, 2c-chems burn so bad only a masochist could enjoy it. The side effects increase far more than do the psychedelic effects. The pain that accompanies the trip is too detrimental to really get anything from it, a la yopo/cohoba snuffs. I was never able to get the same “clean” high from it that I did from oral dosing. It has also given me nosebleeds within 30 mins of snorting on 2 occasions. With 2c-t-7 having killed people in recent history (though I will give you that they were mainly poly drug deaths, but not all) why risk it with a chem that is so nicely active orally. It is not the same feel snorted either. It becomes too speedy and causes much more muscle tension with this m.o.a.

IV: This ranks among the dumbest things I have ever done. If you have ½ a brain you will heed my warnings and not IV 2c-e. The pain at the injection site was unbearable. It was like what I imagine a heart attack to be. It was done on a large vein on my left bicep. The pain shooting throughout my arm and chest made me contemplate calling 911. My pulse was not beating an alarming or arrhythmic pace, so I took some klonapin and rode it out.

Please be responsible (unlike me) in your trials with 2c-e. It is a very special substance. I far prefer it to even LSD. If you fuck up and die of an OD, Ethyl will be schedule 1 and rarely seen again, though it will be shortly anyway. We have a chance here, like was present in the 90’s with 2c-b. The more the DEA comes across it and learns of it being represented as other drugs, the sooner all phenethylamines and tryptamines will become schedule 1. One should do their research, there is a wealth of information available, but one has to be willing to find it. If one does not have the time to learn about these chemicals and how they affect the body and mind, they have no right to be fucking with them.

Addiction Potential

When I came into possession of my 1st 500mg vial, I went through it in about 3 weeks. I was dosing all day, at home, at work, whatever else I was doing. It is very malleable and fun in small doses. Nothing really bad came about from the binge, it was like every day was good, the whole time. Still, long term consistent dosing of an unknown chemical is probably not the best idea.

The Title?

I was out fishing with my crazy, straight edge friend G and he overheard me and my brother talking about how well ”Ethyl” had treated us over the weekend. We were on a small amount that day too, so when he asked “Who the hell is Ethyl”, with a very odd, perplexed look on his face, it was about the funniest fucking thing I have ever heard.
We told him she was a friend’s aunt in the next town over where we can stay if we are too drunk to drive home. He has not mentioned her again.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 60417
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 5, 2007Views: 23,246
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