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Trials with a Novel Psilocin Analog
4-HO-DiPT & Various
by Egor
Citation:   Egor. "Trials with a Novel Psilocin Analog: An Experience with 4-HO-DiPT & Various (exp60407)". Mar 6, 2007.

      Pharms - Alprazolam
To start with, it should be mentioned that I find 4-ho-dipt to be far more similar to lsd than to psilocybin. The body feel and visual effects are similar. I found that there was a point at which the dose-effects curve changed and intensity was not effected, just duration. The mark is at about 40mg, higher than that and it just lasts longer. It seems, (at least for me) that the true promise of this substance is bringing out the magic in other substances. I had far more pleasurable effects from combinations than from iprocin alone.


5mg- This is the level at which effects begin to manifest. I am not able to define the true character of the substance, but stimulation is felt, and laughter is more common than normal. About 3 hours to baseline

8-10mg- Now I am getting into the trip a bit. Mild visuals (mainly trails) are present
and pupils are about 40% dilated. The same physical effects are present, but overshadowed by the mental effects. 3-4 hours of primary effects.

15mg- At this level, the full character of the material is present. Trails, and patterning with eyes open are present. Cevís are still minimal. Pupils about 75% dilated. 4-5 hours of effects

20mg- The Oevís are starting to really manifest. Objects twist and morph in peripheral vision, and Cevís are mostly just dull pastel blue and green geometries. Nothing to detailed yet. Approx. 6 hour duration

30mg- I am in for one hell of a ride at this point. The visual aspect becomes marked, and cevís continue to become more detailed. Oevís are similar to 500-650mcg of lsd.
I will be able to actually have some control over the cev development by just thinking about something I want to see. The physical effects begin to become less pleasant at this dose. There is significant peripheral stimulation.

40mg+ There is no real point in going any father than this with iprocin. It does not alter the trip, just lengthens the duration. The CNS stimulation begins to get very worrisome, and an ominous, dull headache centered near the sinus cavity and frontal lobe is present. If I dose higher than this, I am just asking for trouble.

The trip itself

Iprocin has a very pleasurable, rolly body buzz. Tactile sensitivity is significantly enhanced, but this gets distracting and unpleasant at higher doses. Mentally, I found myself far more open to emotional content in things around me. TV is very unsatisfactory. I find good music to be essential for a good trip. Bad Religion and Swinging Utterís are usually my 1st choices. I find myself quite horny at lower doses. Iprocin is very capable of providing good insight, but this is dose and set/setting dependant. I have to be able to sit back and focus on the trip to make the most of it. Outdoors night trips are superb. Great material for camping.


15mg 4-ho-dipt + 5 mg 5-meo-dmt,

The iprocin is not overwhelmed by this dose of 5-meo-dmt. The two mix into some magical, perfect lsd like buzz. After the initial 5-meo-dmt flash, the visuals remain more prominent than before it. This is one of iprocins special synergies.

30mg 2c-c + 10mg 4-ho-dipt,

I found 2c-c and iprocin to go together like yin/yang. The 2c-c provides a nice, calm, mellow trippy buzz, while iprocin provides the visuals and speedy edge. The visuals are marked, but less prominent than with iprocin and 2c-e or 2c-i. Mentally, it is very euphoric, thought tangents are hard to avoid. Watching tv is a waste as I don't understand what I'm trying to watch. Going for a hike in the local canyon is the most rewarding thing I can do on this combo.

20mg 4-ho-dipt and 1.5g psilocybin mushrooms,

This combo was taken in preparation for a 4th of july hike into the hills to go watch the fireworks. The substances were ingested in a chocolate concoction prior to leaving the apartment. It was about a 15 minute drive to where we hike in from, and already I was noticing effects. I felt very light on my feet, happy to be outside and far away from sober people. By the time the sun was setting, I was laying on a tarp in the grass, watching the stars shift around in an oval orbit around me. I decided to light some of my own fireworks (bad idea since I live in Colorado and there is a fireworks ban) and was having fun doing it. Roman candles do some interesting things to my vision. Next thing I know, I have a park ranger in a boat pointing his light at me and telling me not to move. Luckily, someone across the lake light off a mortar and the ranger took off, only to find me gone upon returning. That will kill your buzz quick.

400mg dxm and 15mg 4-ho-dipt

I am very fond of using dxm as a preload for psychedelic voyages. The problem with this combo is the significant side effects. Hyperthermia was marked. Temp peaked at 102.9 degrees. There was a vague ďhotĒ feeling in the back of my skull, I recognized the feeling from a previous encounter with seritonon syndrome. That is not a good sign. The visual and mental aspects were totally overshadowed by the alarming physical effects.

20mg 4-ho-dipt and 2mg alprazolam

I took the cap and a Xanax xr before going fishing on an isolated local lake. The iprocin kept me awake and alert, while the xanax kept me calm and happy. The only bad part was when the Department of Wildlife ranger came to check if I had a valid fishing liscence, as the lake is popular with people lacking them due to its distance from any roads. There were no problems conversing with him and telling him what he needed to know (he was also doing a creel survey to see how many of what species of fish are being taken from the lake). The whole conversation lasted about 15 anxious minutes.


I have many fun memories of iprocin. The only truly bad one I have is from taking 10 mg for a Snoop Dog show, and having my ride arrested for smoking a joint in the venue, leaving me stranded 25 miles from home with no ride. I ended up running into a neighbor and got a lift home from him, but that is a whole other story. If you are interested in something that is very adaptable and having a short duration, it may be worth investigating.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 60407
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 6, 2007Views: 16,117
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4-HO-DiPT (281) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Nature / Outdoors (23), Music Discussion (22), Sex Discussion (14), Combinations (3), Not Applicable (38)

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