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Sometimes It Still Surprises Me
by Rincewind
Citation:   Rincewind. "Sometimes It Still Surprises Me: An Experience with 2C-I (exp60358)". Mar 2, 2007.

20 mg oral 2C-I (capsule)


I've tripped on 2C-I maybe 15 times in total. It was the first psychedelic I truly tripped off of. I had taken a small amount of mushrooms previously, but only gotten a body high. And it has remained my favorite, mostly because of its amiability to almost any situation. However, sometimes I can still be surprised by its power and intensity. This is a report of one such situation. If you're interested in a real pseudo-scientific account with all effects and times noted, this isn't it. There is lots of info on the effects of 2C-I in a quantitative sense. This is a qualitative report.

I had acquired 1 gram of 2C-I from an online retailer, and bottled most of it into 20mg capsules. Unfortunately, I only had a scale with accuracy to .01 gram, with a +/- .01, so they could potentially have been as high as 30mg. I have however gotten very good at eyeballing approximate dosages, so I don't think any were off by more than a few milligrams.

Anyways, I was over at my friend M's apartment, where she and her coworker J were hanging out drinking. M started telling J about my 2C-I, since she had done it previously and had loved it. J expressed an interest, but only wanted to do it if we would trip with him. Well, I was down.

I pulled out my pill bottle and poured out the capsules, selecting the capsule that looked the fullest, and one from out of the middle of the pack. M wanted to snort a little bit rather than full-out trip, so I used a flathead screwdriver to pull about 5-7mg from the larger capsule, and held it up to her nose. After it disappeared into her nasal passage, I recapped the pill, gave it to J, and we each swallowed our capsule. (Me ~20mg, J ~16mg, M ~6mg)

We hung out for a little bit, smoked a bowl (not J, he gets tested so he doesn't smoke anymore), then M decided she wanted to go across the courtyard to her neighbors apartment. We grabbed a bubbler and some weed and left. Her neighbor's apartment, though exactly the same style, seemed small and dirty by comparison. I did not enjoy hanging out there, though the fact that only one other person joined us in a large 'party bowl' meant I at least got high.

I also started getting my first serious effects, the classic plate tectonics on the walls, groups of bumps or whatever sliding past each other as if floating on something, and a definite awareness of social situations and how ingrained peoples responses can be. After being there for maybe half an hour, I suddenly realized that B had called M a while ago and said he was coming over. I reminded M, and she bounded out the door. Turns out he was just walking up to her door, so the timing was perfect. :-)

After M came back in with B, we smoked a little bit more weed and chilled. M sat down beside me and said she wasn't really feeling it, and she'd kinda like some more. I interpreted this as a request, and after mulling it over in my brain for a while, I handed her a full capsule to take. I assumed that was the end of it. Shortly afterward we went back to M's house.

I crashed onto the couch, assuming this was where the trip was really gonna pick up. M grabbed beers for herself, B, and J, who had been drinking this entire time. After downing those, M jumped up, grabbed J, announced they were going for a walk, and left. This confused the fuck out of me. I could not understand her reasoning, and it pissed me off that she would exclude me. Weren't we tripping together? Wasn't the sole reason I had tripped tonight because J wanted me to trip too? WHAT THE FUCK?!?!

Added to this was the fact that B, although a cool guy most of the time, is also sketchy, weird looking, weird acting, suspicious, and generally not a good trip companion. He kept asking me what I was tripping on. Not the substance, but the elements in the world, which did not to me seem like a valid question. How do I explain it? He had acquired a sketch pad and pencil from somewhere, and was drawing. I watched him for a while, but it seemed to really bug him that I was watching. Art in action, something I love even sober. So I stopped.

At this point, things really got intense. I remember looking at the walls, sighing internally, and thinking '2C-I....the eternal +2' which is a dammed lie. All of a sudden, the walls started melting away, and the floor started growing up in vines along the wall.

I sorta collapsed onto the floor, not all at once, but in a slow slide off the chair onto my knees, in a prayer or meditation position. I was facing the doorway to the kitchen, and one of M's cats was laying down right in the middle of the floor, perfectly framed by the doorway. All of a sudden I was filled with this great love and acceptance. I was ready for anything at that point. I could have died on the spot, and half expected to, and it would not have bugged me in the least. Anything could happen, and it would be OK. It was almost a disappointment when nothing did happen.

The cat moved, and with it so did the feeling of peace. I sat there, waiting for the cat to return so I could feel peaceful again, but when the cat came back and lay down in almost the exact same position, I didn't feel anything. I concentrated, and still nothing. All of a sudden I realized that the cat had nothing to do with the way I was feeling. It was just a coincidence.

I pulled myself back into my chair, and the cat came over to me. I stroked it's head, mentally telling it 'Thank you, you've reminded me that everyone is on their own trip, and that trip has very little to do with me and even less to do with mine.' I meant life trip, not drug-induced trip, although it still applies. I felt sad, but that was OK. That's just the way things are. I stood up and grabbed a glass of water, which felt wonderful to drink.

About this time, M and J burst back in, full of excitement and talk about how wonderful trees are. I encouraged both of them to grab a glass of water, which prompted J to emit some sort of half gurgled rant about how everyone was too cautious, ending in some sort of comment about bloody noses that I didn't catch. I tried to calmly explain that it was just smart, especially since he'd been drinking and was probably dehydrated anyways. M backed me up, telling J that if I said he needed water, he needed water. He grumbled but complied.

I started to settle back, once again anticipating the usual tripping gab session. But it was not to be. After about 15 minutes, B got up to leave, which was fine by me. But right after he left, M grabbed J and left again, this time with no explanation, while I was in the bathroom. So here I was, all alone in someone else's house, and I'm tripping balls. Not a happy situation. I can understand needing to be alone, I can understand needing to be alone with someone else, but I cannot understand leaving a third person, especially with no explanation or warning, and especially alone in a relatively unknown environment. Utterly ridiculous. I almost left right there. Luckily, they were only gone for about 10 minutes this time. Then M announced she was driving both of us home. Confused, I pointed out she was still tripping.

'No I'm not.'

'But you took more 2C-I. Even if you're not right now, you will be soon, and I don't want you driving drunk and tripping.'

'I've only had 3 beers over the night, and I sold the capsule.'


“Yeah, for $10.'

'Well....can I get some of that?'


And so she drove us home. Well, she drove me home. I actually think she took J back to her house to screw him, and the point of them leaving together in the first place was to make out. As I was getting out of the car, I once again make J promise to drink water. I went to my dorm and looked at the clock. Oh crap. Only about 3.5 hours had passed. I still had a full night ahead of me.

I decided to best thing to do would be to just crawl into bed, hopefully fall asleep early. But all I did for the next three hours was get more and more worked up about how M had treated me. I'd had a crush on her since I met her, and I knew she liked me too, so I could just not fathom her acting the way she did. I could have used the $10, or even $5. She has a job. And I had given it to her. GIVEN it to HER. So that SHE could trip with US. Being forced to deal with situations and people I didn't want to on what was supposed to be an easy fun night really pissed me off. I could not believe her. I started coming up with all sorts of different scenarios in my head of me going to ask her for the money and her refusing, giving me license to fucking rage at her for a while, really tell the bitch off.

At about T+6 or so I finally fell asleep.

The next day I asked M for my money, and she gave it to me without comment. But I learned several valuable things about her that night that made me stop liking her. And I also learned that if I trip with other people, I better be damned sure about them and their commitment to me and the trip and the vibe. Also, the trip helped me come to the conclusion that you cannot really depend on anything, as much as you'd like to, and as much as maybe you'd like other people or things to depend on you. Shit happens.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 60358
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 2, 2007Views: 5,800
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2C-I (172) : Relationships (44), General (1), Various (28)

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