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Speed with a Twist
Amphetamines (Adderall) & Caffeine
by WildWind
Citation:   WildWind. "Speed with a Twist: An Experience with Amphetamines (Adderall) & Caffeine (exp60336)". Sep 27, 2009.

40 mg insufflated Amphetamines (ground / crushed)
  200 mg insufflated Caffeine (ground / crushed)


I do have ADHD, but I was diagnosed at such a late age that my parents thought that getting me any kind of medication was pointless and a waste of money because I had lived with it for so many years. I take no medications at all. I have tried everything from salvia to meth, but I prefer psychedelics over anything. Two years ago, I started high school in a very demanding prep school (I no longer go there). At that time I was a very strong athlete and had no experience or knowledge of drugs (boy has that changed). After having continuing trouble with the work load a friend, who was also having trouble, brought me some blue pills and gave them to me, and hence I discovered adderall. After taking the drug in pill form for a while, I discovered that it was much more effective to insufflate the crushed beads inside the pill. Since then I have taken the drug at least 40 times.

So I was sitting around in my room with a corner bag of 40mg adderall burning a hole in my pocket so I decided to go ahead and get wired for a couple hours. I had also purchased several weeks earlier a bottle of caffeine pills because I was experimenting with diphenhydramine and kept falling asleep after about 2 hours, and with an onset of one hour that wasnít enough trip time for me. So I took one of the pills which was 200mg of caffeine and crushed and cut it evenly into the adderall. I had previously crushed and chopped the adderall but to make sure everything was nice and tiny, I mushed and crushed the pile with my Zippo several times and then began to chop everything very carefully with a new razor blade for about 10min.

Through experience I have learned that it pays to make sure that everything is cut very fine. Adderall is especially hard to crush because it is many little beads. I find that by using a small Petri dish to contain the beads, because they tend to jump when you crush them, and using a beer bottle with a top on it works very well. You can also place them in a zip lock and use anything with a rounded end to mush them. Trust me, it sucks sucking something up your nose that still has a uniform shape. But in case you do I find that by putting a very small drop of water on the end of my finger and sucking it in relieves some of the pain.

I had a small pile which I began to cut into roughly 3inch lines about a centimeter wide. There were 16 lines. I snorted about half of the yellow, orange'ish mixture (the orange being the adderall the caffeine was yellow). I only took half because I wanted more for later in the night. It was 11:30 on the dot.

T+20min - Not really being tired before taking the mixture (Iím gonna call it speed for short, BUT it is a mixture) I started noticing everything was much more intense and vivid but not in the way a psychedelic would amplify color and shape, it was more like everything became sharper and clearer. The effects started picking up about 3 min after the first line. I sometimes describe Amphetamine and speed in general as having a sneaky onset. It was not at all an 'in your face' pickup. The effects were very suttle. I couldnít sit still at all and I felt like I had to do something so I turned on my Xbox. I was drawn into the racing game I was playing to the point where I was turning my entire body with the turn of the car. My heart rate sitting is about 65(Bpm) (beats per minute) and after checking it I was at 97(Bpm).

T+1hour - I became enraged and frustrated after losing to the game and after having several cursing bouts with my T.V I decided that it was better to do something else. I turned on some chili peppers, low, and put family guy on. Then began what I call 'The popping'. Every time I take any kind of stimulate that brigs me up (meth, adderall, large volumes of caffeine) I involuntary, and usually unknowingly pop air from underneath my tongue. It makes kind of a farting sound and is very annoying because I canít stop it. Iím not sure if this happens to many other people, but it will not go away. My jaw continually locks and unlocks so I get some gum to try and help it. I canít sit still and my hands are tremoring. Heart rate 109(Bpm)

T+1 1/2hours - There is something definitely different about this experience than that I have had with just taking normal adderall. Generally when I take the adderall by its self I become very focused at one task at a time, but now I am very flighty with my every action. I canít decide what to do and as soon as I pick something up I move onto something else. I am able to type but I tend to double or even triple hit the keys. I had a conversation with a friend and after talking to me for about 3min asked me if I had taken something. She stated that I was talking very rapidly and when I wasnít, she noticed the popping of my tongue. After listing to myself talk, I concerned that my speech was very rapid. I was also jumping from one subject to another, paying no real attention to anything she had to say. Heart rate 102(Bpm)

T+3hrs 50min - I just dosed the other half of the speed. I am having slight feelings of paranoia. I have checked my window about 5 times in the last 15 min. I keep looking out into the dark and seeing shadows moving. I know that there is nothing there but I canít shake the feeling that someone is watching me. I distract myself with more music. I had to turn on the light in my room because my eyes kept trying to re-adjust themselves every time I would look away from the computer. My eyes trying to readjust may be why I keep seeing the shadows move. This feels very similar to meth but without any hint of euphoria. Heart rate 113(Bpm)

T+4hrs 20min - I had to get up and walk around because my muscles where cramping. I still feel kinda paranoid but not near as bad as I was 30 min ago. My hands are still very twitchy and kinda clammy. I am wide awake and feeling really jumpy. Every noise I hear makes me jump and immediately start looking around. My muscles in my legs and low back are kinda sore but nothing a good stretch couldnít fix. Heart rate 102(Bpm)

All in all I believe adderall is a good drug but I think its practical uses, for studying and holding a longer concentration, out way its uses as a recreational drug. It is fun to an extent but it can be a very powerful tool to help get through all night projects and shit loads of homework.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 60336
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 27, 2009Views: 23,282
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Amphetamines (6) : General (1), Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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