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Asunder, the End of Cities, the Rise of Drago
by Eternal Now
Citation:   Eternal Now. "Asunder, the End of Cities, the Rise of Drago: An Experience with LSD (exp60279)". Erowid.org. Aug 13, 2009. erowid.org/exp/60279

4 hits oral LSD


The Year 1999 was the year of my very first 'astro-plane' LSD experience. I became what many call an 'adventurer of the unknown', a 'cliff-rider', 'ledge-walker'. I had experienced perception-shifted inducers before, in small doses, but not to this extent with LSD. Mushrooms, sure, but not with LSD.

I knew this girl, who was already graduated, had a kid, but also had a nasty habit with needles. This nasty habit was so strong that it consumed her life. One night she informed me that she had received some interested LSD with pyramids on it. I, as I had been fascinated with perception shifting 'alterations' for a few years now, was enthralled to aquire these from her. When I asked what it would cost, she said 'Just come out with me tonight on this run, and you can have it for free'. Well, how was I to turn that down? A visceral, mystical experience that would be 'given' to me for a little bit of my time?

Well, needless to say, where she took me was a stomach-turning affair. Lets just say that needle-fiends, or even worse, needle-fiends that peddle their wares don't make for a fun companion, even if it was for only a few hours. It was at about midnight when she finally dropped me off at home. I was very disgusted with her, but kept it to myself, after all I could relate with her (her being a human being and me understanding the lure that freedom, ease of pain and thirst for ultimate knowledge). In my pocket, four hits of LSD wrapped in tin foil. I eagerly raced to my basement bedroom and unwrapped the foil. Four, cleanly cut squares lay before me, each revealing either a full or partial dark blue/black pyramid that bore an eye in the center. Intrigued, I prepared myself for a long journey. Closing my door, getting comfortable and dimming the lights, I put on some ambient music and dosed.

Amazing LSD, that is not in droplet form, takes a while to begin. At least in me it does. Of course, the initial muscle weirdness and odd taste begins almost instantly, mostly from the anticipation I believe. I laid in bed and stared up at my popcorn-like ceiling. I had four candles lit, two on the left side of my room, and two on the right side. I had Aphex Twin's 'Ambient' playing softly in the background. At this point, I would like to mention that I still lived with my parents. I was in high school after all. One of the odd things about living at home and having a deep interest in perception-altering things, is that I never knew when my parents might come to check up on me, which is what my father did.

It had been about one hour since I dosed, I was starting to feel the initial effects, when my father opened my door. He wanted to see how I was, he wanted to talk. So we talked. He had no idea what was about to transpire in my bedroom. During our friendly little chat, I could feel a welling deep inside me, pulsating and dancing to the music I had playing in the background. I was staring at the ceiling as I was talking to my father, and I started to notice the odd fractal and flower petal patterns that I always see on LSD. It was beginning. My stomach got the usual 'empty' feeling I get when the experience kicks off. Its like there is a hole in me, a huge one. But not in a bad way. Maybe it was the feeling of becoming very light, of becoming light itself. This is where I faked being tired so that I could be alone. I knew that in a few minutes, I would not even be able to look into my fathers eyes, I would be in another world.

My room was only lit by candlelight, and my body felt like it was racing faster than sound. The fractal patterns and flower petal shapes spilled onto my breathing walls and my swirling carpet, swaying and slithering around like snakes. I loved this part of the experience. I giggled with glee. The candles flames danced and created the most wonderful, yet frightful shapes all over my room. I grew antsy and could not lie down any longer, I had to pace around. As I got out of my bed, I felt like I immersed myself in water, in a huge ocean. It was very thick, yet smooth. I could feel pressure on my chest, like waves crashing onto me, and my arms and legs had much difficulty moving around. My whole body tingled and pulsated. I started swaying and sort of dancing in a trance to the ambient music, which turned into shapes inside me. I must have danced like that for a long time, yet only a half an hour had passed.

I then decided that I wanted the dark. I blew out the candles, which spilt wax all over the place, and basked in the oddly smelling candle smoke that seemed to fill the darkness. The stereo lights were the only source of illumination, and with it I could see the smoke, as if it was plastic, heavily moving through the air. Once I was immersed in the darkness, I was thrust into another world. A world almost like my bedroom, but vastly different. I got the urge to speak, and I spoke. But every time I said something, it echoed repeatedly, over and over again, like a cycle. I remember feeling that this was very interesting. I must have spoken every word I could muster, just so I could hear it cycle around my room. It was in this precise moment, that I realized that words have power. They are tangible and really heavy things. I watched as my words bounced off of my breathing walls. My words were never harsh, so they bounced lightly and floated through the air.

At this time, the epiphanies and out-of-this-world Deja-vus began. Those realizations of the world, everything in it and my life. My choices, what I needed to do, what I needed to accomplish. Feelings, my feelings, alien feelings surged through me. Visions rattled in front of me. I lost my body and became no-thing, maybe a source of dark light. I floated around my room, which became a grid-like cube. I watched as everything in our known rational world, and everything outside of our rational world was placed somewhere on this grid. I could see it all. I danced around the planets and stars, played with every animal I had ever seen, and bathed in an endless ocean of energy that envigorated me.

The next thing I remember was that I was in/on my bed. I couldn't tell because my body was gone still. Something caught my attention, the grid-like world dissolved and I saw a mirror. My bedroom mirror. In its reflection, I could see this teddy bear that a girl had given me, it danced around and spoke to itself. It even made angry, almost menacing faces/gestures at me. I got scared, which made me laugh to myself, and I stuck my tongue out at it and made raspberry sounds. Then, I got this sudden urge to push my face up against my mirror. I wanted to touch this mirror, smell it, pass through it. In its reflection I could see what looked like my bedroom, but it was somehow different. I wanted so badly to stick my arm inside the mirror, but I was taken aback by an image that began to materialize. I saw towering sky scrapers, those found in big cities, toppling, crumbling and being destroyed. I could literally see this right before me, in the mirror. I remember feeling that the world was ending. That humanity was to pay for our disgressions and our harm to all living things that we feel are 'inferior'. 'This was it' I felt. It turned around and behind me more building were crumbling, as if massive giants brought to their knees.

I saw flying beings swooping down from the blackened sky, doing things I could not see, or things that were so far beyond that I had never seen them before. These were not angels, but dragon-lizard like beings. They looked at me and told me, without words, that they were ancient and far older than anything humans had ever known of. They were not dinosaurs or anything like that. I asked them where they were from, not in words, yet they would not tell me. I sensed that they were deeply linked to Earth somehow. They were not like the dragons from story books, more ancient, and more 'real'. Terrifying. I thought they wanted to hurt me and I felt massive fear. It was then that my body came back. I felt it weigh me down and slump me onto my bed. The fear welled up so great that I cowered on my bed.

I noticed then that the music had changed, I could hear clanging industrial music playing, that of a Nine Inch Nails remix song. I saw the world ending to the beat of this song. Buildings turned to rubble, massive holes punched into the cities, people dying everywhere. Massive pits of dead bodies and skeletons.

I could not remember what had happened after that, but my bedroom was back, and I did not feel the fear anymore. I way laying on my stomach, staring at the darkness. The images were still in my head, and I really wanted to know who those lizard-dragon type beings were and what relation they had to earth. Yet, everything dissolved and I was on a new train of feelings. I had discovered my physical body again and began exploring the sensation of my body. I rolled and squirmed around on the carpet, and played with my hands, my hair. I watched the wonderful fractal patterns dance around my room, and in my eyelids.

I could tell that the LSD was taking its course. The peaks were done, all that was left was the coming down.

And this is the part that I dread the most, especially with LSD that is 'dirty'. Don't get me wrong, this was great LSD, but in terms of purity, it felt like the 'bottom barrel' left-overs. Strycnine heaven! My body ached, like it had been turned inside out and back in again. My head reeled from twisting visions and flower petal designs that over took my room. This is when I glanced at my alarm clock, which I had forgotten existed (I forgot about time itself), and noticed that I would have to go to school in about 4 hours! I panicked, but then realized that I would come down before then.

The last hours of my experience were of a calm and resting nature. Pretty soon I was tired, worn out, like I had experienced too much in one night. Its a usual feeling after an intense trip. Like I have traversed many worlds in the span of a moment. When the sun was shining and it was about 7am, I got ready for school and tried to eat some cereal. I stared into my bowl, watching the milk and thinking about what I had seen on my journey. I felt like I knew a forbidden secret (a feeling that is most prevalent during my perception-shifting experiences), some hidden knowledge or wisdom that the rest of the world did not. Thats when I realized that those who take perception shifters are walking the path of the shaman. It is the shamans task to explore the unknown, learn the vast secrets of the universe and bring them back to our dimension.

This turned out to be my very first 'intense' LSD experience, but it would not be the most intense, or my last.

Exp Year: 1999ExpID: 60279
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 13, 2009Views: 16,191
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LSD (2) : Music Discussion (22), Glowing Experiences (4), Alone (16)

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