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Life & Death and Other Thoughts
Morning Glory ( Heavenly Blue)
by Prost!
Citation:   Prost!. "Life & Death and Other Thoughts: An Experience with Morning Glory ( Heavenly Blue) (exp60242)". Apr 11, 2007.

250 seeds oral Morning Glory (ground / crushed)


I had researched morning glory seeds extensively, and became very interested in taking them. After finding a legitimate shop to order from, i.e., a cultivator who did not treat their seeds with chemicals, I ordered about 500 seeds. I had decided to take them by myself, although someone I trusted was there to look out for me in case of a bad trip, etc.

I counted out 250 seeds and ground them up with a coffee grinder. I did not know the best way to ingest them, so I placed the powder in a glass of water and tried to chug it down. Bad idea: the seed powder clumped at the bottom of the glass, despite mixing it around with a spoon. Well, I had to spoon out the watery mess and eat it like that. To be honest, it wasn't that bad, although my last two attempts have resulted in me vomiting from the taste.

Having successfully gotten the seed powder down, I anxiously waited the onset of my trip. I tried not to move much, so I sat down in a chair for a while. The nausea was coming on, but I was fighting it. I decided to take a shower to take my mind off of getting sick. The nausea got stronger, but never to the point of vomiting. I ended up on the couch watching some television, and feeling quite disappointed. I had waited nearly two hours and nothing had happened. However, about 20 minutes later I started to notice it was hard to concentrate on the television. I couldn't follow what was happening very well, was it starting to work? I got up to go to the bathroom, and BAM, a shooting pain went through my right knee. It wore off by the time I got back from the toilet, and then it hit me, I was starting to get a very pleasant body high. My skin felt numb and warm, and I went outside to enjoy the sunset.

The next two hours were spent listening to music, walking around, generally just contemplating and exploring my high. At 4 hours after ingestion, I started to get closed-eyes visuals: colorful, swirling geometric patters that seemed to play out the vibrations of my mind. This lasted for a solid 2 hours.

I should mention here that my body temperature was very high. My sense of hot and cold were completely distorted, but my girlfriend could not stand to be hugged up against me for any longer than a minute, I have a theory about this I will explain later. In addition to this temperature distortion, I also felt like I had super-strength, like I could flip over a car by myself. There was something very primal about this part of the experience, like some hidden strength was unlocked and I felt completely connected with all life.

After peaking, I still retained the body high for another 3 to 4 hours, with less intense closed-eye visuals. My attention span was definitely still hampered, as I tried to sit down and watch a movie and could not pay attention at all. Worth noting was that the film I was watching relied heavily on visual effects, and I felt like I could see right through the artificial aspects of the movie. It was like because of my sensitivity to light and the rapid pace of my thoughts, the effects were too slow to fool my brain.

The night was wearing down, and I had not eaten anything at all since taking the seeds, probably 7-8 hours. I decided to eat a pear, and it was absolutely wonderful. I did not feel very hungry, even when I ate the pear, so I did not eat anything else. I decided to go to bed, which now I realize is not possible when taking psychedelics. I lay in bed for a while, and then the sickness returned with a vengeance. I got to the bathroom and hung out by the toilet for a while, but I did not vomit. The sickness was very intense, but I was able to get to sleep after about 2 hours of it.

The next morning I had a sort of 'hangover,' my body ferociously hungry and having cold sweats. It seems my body was trying to relearn how to correctly feel the temperature, because I was wearing a sweatshirt and simultaneously sticking my head in the freezer, all in the heat of summer. I felt cold and hot all at once. Also, when I closed my eyes, I could still see traces of those lovely geometric patterns from the night before. After I ate some food, I felt much better, and spent the most of the day regaining soberness.

Now on to the good stuff! Throughout the trip, I felt like every molecule in my body was brimming with life. Everything my body is made up of was a conscious being and positively alive. This made me feel extremely peaceful, and understand the cycle of life and death completely. I knew that when my body dies, all of these molecules, still containing energy and life, would simply transfer to a new place. One could compare it to a sense of reincarnation. In my own words at the time, 'I feel like the boundary between life and death has been eradicated.' I felt like I had died but came to realized it was the same as life. No words will ever be exact enough to replicate the feeling, but this is the best way to describe it.

As to the feeling of super-strength, I will now explain my theory. I am not a subscriber to any religion, although I find truth and wisdom in all of them. In short, I believe in energy, specifically the internal energy we all possess known as chi, or qi. Having practiced martial arts for some time, I have developed--that is, learned how to focus--my chi over the years. Taking the morning glory seeds seemed to unleash my chi energy so that it was intensely focused for the whole trip, without having to do it consciously. It was at a level I have never experienced before. The increased body heat, the increased strength and numbness, were all comparable of what the focus of chi does. While some would explain it differently, this was my truth that I gained out of the whole experience. I believe the morning glory seeds show you the potential of yourself, and show you a higher consciousness and awareness of the universe. Actually living this potential is something, I believe, one can only reach when sober. I believe the seeds are a useful tool in showing you the path to get to that potential.

This experience with morning glory was overwhelmingly positive, and I have since tried to take them 2 more times. I was not successful in keeping them down, however, and did not have nearly the experience I had the first time. In the future, I will try to perform an LSA extraction rather than ingest the seed powder. I have read this cuts down on the nausea, and also reduces the time it takes to feel the trip.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 60242
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 11, 2007Views: 12,833
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