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The Ups and Downs
Amphetamines (Adderall)
by Kratosaurion
Citation:   Kratosaurion. "The Ups and Downs: An Experience with Amphetamines (Adderall) (exp60224)". Sep 27, 2009.

120 mg   Amphetamines


The set-up: Keep in mind that I am a fairly large person, and I have done Adderall quite a few times. This is the largest dose I have ever taken. I decided to go to a friendís house to trip on 120mg of Adderall. He was to load up on caffeine to stay awake, and observe my trip. I took them around 5:00pm.

The first effects are just beginning to kick in. I feel the happiness that comes along with it. My mouth feels a little dry, but I donít notice it much.

The happiness increased, but still isnít anywhere near in full force. My typing speed and accuracy have both increased. My sense of time is just beginning to become slightly inaccurate.

I am feeling slightly tingly. Laughter doesnít come natural anymore, and I am able to suppress it now. I can feel vibrations and movements ripple through my body. I feel slightly light-headed, and I feel as if my skin is shrinking, and I am aware of my skin against my skull.

Iím feeling wonderful. I feel like everyone loves me. Iím so happy that I want to cry. I canít help but feel kindness and compassion towards everyone, even people I donít like. I have a slight pain in my back, but I think itís because of the fact that Iíve been moving around a lot. The pain is going away quickly. Even when it was there, it wasnít bad. It was hardly noticeable in fact. I feel more in tune with my body. My hands are slightly cold. They feel like machines. My typing accuracy is way up. I havenít used the backspace key at all while typing this. I am developing a slight pressure in my head and left ear. Iím not sure, but I think this may be the beginning of a small sinus headache. I donít think its drug related though. Off and on, a region of my head, at the top, in the middle, and slightly to the left, I feel a tingling alternating with a slight pain. My arms feel like one or two small needles are poking them. Oddly, the feeling is not unpleasant.

The general high is starting to subside. I can still feel it though. My face is tingling slightly. My right ear is starting to throb a little too. It feels about equivalent to an ear infection, only without the discharge and not NEAR as painful. In fact, pain really isnít so bad, and itís easy to ignore. I still feel the occasional pressure near the sinus area. My stomach is slightly upset, but I barely notice it. I am still typing like mad, and accurately. The rippling is getting slightly more intense.

The intensity has subsided slightly, but the tingling is spreading. It keeps wavering as to its intensity. My hands are still cold, and while Iím still typing faster and more accurately, Iím not typing quite as fast.

My hearing is a bit muffled, and there is a slight echo effect, as I have had in the past. Itís not at all unpleasant. Iím also feeling a little hot. Iím still feeling ďactiveĒ, but I donít feel the urge to move my legs. Typing seems to calm me, because it releases my built up energy. My arms are starting to feel a little tired from all the typing. My cottonmouth is getting bad, but itís not all that unpleasant. The tingling is coming back, this time in full force. The cycle continues: tingle, pressure, and then nothing.

My sight is starting to fade, and gets slightly blurry when I look at lights for a few seconds. Normally, it would only affect a part of my vision. Now, when I look at bright lights, it affects the whole of my vision. Itís very odd. I donít notice it phase in and out, but somehow I know it does. Iím getting the light-headedness again. Someone is playing music that, under normal circumstances, I would hate with a bloody passion. I donít mind it so much. Iíd like it, if I didnít know any better. Itís five minutes later, and my vision is much better, but itís still tinted orange-ish yellow. Iím not sure if itís the lighting, or just me. Iím starting to lose my ability to discern normalcy from the extraordinary. It seems so natural. Normally, when Iím active during the nighttime, I get a little warm. I feel that way now, only it seems natural, and almost preferable. Iím beginning to feel a general good-naturedness towards everything. People who, under normal circumstances, I would fear, are now warm and friendly.

Iím regaining my sense of humor slightly. I laughed (unforcefully) for the first time in quite a while. I havenít laughed much all day, actually. Iím feeling a little less hot than I was a half an hour ago. Iím still feeling pretty restless, and now my typing has slowed. Due to my restlessness, I tend to have more errors. Every once in awhile, I still feel a wave of wonderful emotion flow over me. I still experience the same good-naturedness that Iíve been experiencing for some time. This music is getting better and better, even though I know in my mind that itís horrible. I feel as if I need to get up and jump up and down or something. My movements are starting to feel more fluid than usual. I feel ďgroovy.Ē Sometimes, I feel the urge to move my head from side to side, slowly, and Iím moving it along with the rhythm of my typing. Iíve been experiencing a few other unexplainable synchronicities as well. If I donít get up, I think Iíll burst into flame!

When I put any significant weight on my legs, they almost act as if they are falling asleep. My typing speed is up a little, but my accuracy isnít up by much. Iím having trouble typing this, because my leg is bouncing uncontrollably. This is the fist time that Iíve been uncomfortable with any of the side-effects. I think that if I concentrate hard enough, I can make it stop. I may have to stop talking for a while. Apparently, it worked. I can control the shaking, but I have to concentrate very hard. Once it starts, itís hard to stop. Iím very sure that I can stop it from coming on in the first place. Iím going to go crazy if I donít move soon. Itís hard to type when Iím so restless. My brain is going a mile a minute. My eyesight, which had gotten better, is now looking the way it did.

Iíve figured out that the orange and yellow tint is actually the natural colors of the light. It appears that I just seem to notice it more. My vision is still about the same as looking into a large area-encompassing light. For some reason, it seems to clear up when I look at things that appear to be at a distance, and oddly enough the same thing happens when I look at something thatís moving. Moving things seem to pop out of the scenery ever so slightly. I seem to be doing all sorts of strange things with my hands when Iím thinking about what to type. Iíve developed some odd habits, such as running my fingers down the keyboard, and lightly tapping the keyboard with no intention of actually typing something. Itís getting increasingly harder to refrain from bouncing my leg. I have to stop now, and stand up for awhile before this gets too out of hand.

A very annoying person has been pestering me for the past 2 hours. Thanks to this substance, Iíve been able to tolerate it. I havenít been able to type anything. Thankfully, nothing much has happened in the last two hours. Itís been pretty much just more of the same.

The effects are really starting to take hold. I have slowed down significantly, and Iím no longer shaking. In spite of this, I seem to be extremely cautious. Every time I see my shadow out of the corner of my eye, I jump, thinking that itís a person. I looked at a window, and I saw a man peering in at me. I soon discovered that the voyeur was, in fact, my own reflection. Iím not feeling nearly as much of the goodwill towards mankind kind of feelings, but Iím not going to say that itís entirely gone. Now I have shifted to paranoia. Iím being extremely cautious in everything I do. Iím even aware of the sound of my keyboard as I type. It seems loud, as if it could be heard throughout the whole house.

The tingling has stopped for now. I have that headache that I felt coming on hours ago. Itís not very bad, but itís different from my normal sinus headaches. My eyes are just beginning to get sore from staring at the computer screen off and on for these past hours. My sense of time is more distorted than itís ever been. Fifteen minutes have passed in what seemed like only one. At the same time, it feels like time is going by very slowly. I have no real comprehension of time. All that I know is numbers. I know that itís 2:30 in the morning, but I donít feel that itís 2:30 in the morning. My breathing seems to be rather choppy. Iím not sure if it is, or if itís an illusion. I have absolutely now way of telling now.

Iím having many minor auditory hallucinations. I keep thinking that I see something out of the corner of my eye. I have to think really hard to remind myself that itís just the drugs. Iím going up and down constantly. Iím beginning to become a little disassociated. Iím having some major troubles thinking. My mind is thinking so fast, but never about what I want it to. Iím having troubles finishing sentences. I have to use every ounce of strength that I possess to finish this. The paranoia is beginning to fade slightly. I feel a strong urge to move my head in a fluid, circular manner. I just made a remark about a triangle, so I am told. Iím not sure itís true. Iím feeling the urge to move random body parts, but always in a circular manner. Iím not even sure if itís circular, but I can sense that there is some pattern to it. I have become happier than ever before. This is definitely the peak.

I was completely wrong about the peak. If this isnít it, I canít wait to see what happens next. I have lost all since of time. Iím so happy that I want to cry. Iíve just had a few visual hallucinations, along with the auditory. So far, Iíve heard a dog howling in the night, Iíve seen a pig walk through the door after snorting loudly from upstairs, and Iíve heard sheep in the distance. I looked at myself in the mirror, and I saw my fatherís face staring back at me. My muscular coordination is waxing and waning. I can direct my general movements, but it seems that I canít refine my movements. The fluidity is gone. I stop, and stare into space while my entire body tingles.

I can no longer fully control it. I have given over to the power of suggestion. There is a slight burning in my throat. For some reason, I like it. I associate the basic outline of various objects and figures with numbers and letters. I am constantly trying to decipher these messages. They are trying to tell me something, but I just canít put my finger on it. The doorway just spelled ďhello.Ē I canít help but think about everything. Memories are rushing back in waves. I recall the dayís events. How long has it been since I started this entry. I cannot tell. It could have been a year.

By now, all of the effects have subsided. I am completely exhausted, and I got to bed.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 60224
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 27, 2009Views: 39,288
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Amphetamines (6) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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