Observations on Dosage
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Hello. Let me tell you about one drug that took a city by storm. A while ago this substance popped up. No one knew what it was, it was never offered as LSD, but simply Dr.Eye. Now, it went from being completely unheard of to one of the most popular party substances, and myself, the casual observer, should note some effects on dosage, as Iíve witnessed massive overdoses that turned out fine and normal doses that went whack.

All of these are with 99.9% Lab Grade DOI


Weight 132lbs, Male, Martial Artist

8.4mg. Time to effect was 4 hours administered in solution. Reported excellent time yada yada. Light, upbeat body load, high visual and traces of audio hallucinations were found. Trip length 30 hours. Clear Headed trip.

Negative effect on body: Stomach pain, gas.


Weight 150lbs, Male, Professional.

Consumed 14 DOI sugar cubes (weight 12mg). Reported a very speedy feeling, looked jittery. Time to effect 3 hours. Visual distortion, audio distortion and visual hallucinations. Trip length almost 40 hours. Clear Headed trip.

Negative effect: Stomach discomfort, Vomiting, Gas.


Weight 114lbs, Male, Deadbeat

Consumed 3.4mg in liquid. Time to effect 4 hours. Intense visual, audio and mental distortions. Pleasant body load. Became confused, but never irritable. Trip length >48 hours.

Negative effect: Cannot remember parts of time. Was very pale the following days.


Weight 123lbs, Female, Stripper.

Consumed 2.4mg in liquid. Time to effect 6 hours. Very pleasant, went into deep introspective thought and commented minor visual disturbance and no audio. She was able to correct and come to terms with several parts of her life. Trip Length 30 Hours.

Negative effect: Reported none.


Weight 162lbs, Male, Martial Artist

Consumed ~8mg insufflated. Time to effect 2 hours (slightly faster) Very weird sensation in nostrils, not a burning or anything, but plastic sensation. Intense visual [Geometric figures], no audio, increased heart rate. No vomiting, no stomach problems.

Consumed 5mg Smoked [Vaporizer, DOI HCl]. This was just a test to see if it would work and I do not believe anyone has reported on this method before. It was added to the vaporizer, it produced a grey, chemical cleaner tasting smoke. Possibly did damage to throat as during the exhale it began to hurt a severe amount. No speedy effect but rather a slight stoned feeling with the visual disturbances of maybe .5mg of it during the peak. I do not believe this substance is meant to be smoked.

Sixthly (The strange one)
Weight 134lbs, Male, Telemarketer

Consumed 6mg that was stored identical to all material mentioned previously.
No Effect. No pupil dilation, no nothing. It was tested and confirmed that it had not degraded or been damaged and he had ingested.

A possible explanation would be that this gentleman is a frequent 2c-i smoker and no longer receives effects from even up to 30mg of that substance as well.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 60176
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 14, 2007Views: 21,529
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