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Comments On Several Varieties
Morning Glory Seeds
by Raidium
Citation:   Raidium. "Comments On Several Varieties: An Experience with Morning Glory Seeds (exp5986)". Feb 8, 2002.

500 seeds oral Morning Glory


This is more of a report of my recent experience with the seeds then a focus on one trip. I've been using them for a little over half a year now, maybe once a month. I always find myself dosing way more then I intend to by thinking, 'This is my special treat for this month, may as well eat em' all'. Here is what I have to say about the varieties that I've tried:

Heavenly Blue: Very harsh, more earthy then LSD. Very physically impairing. Seeds appear in the shape of orange segments, larger then most varieties, and have a very nutty, almost oily taste.

Pearly Gates: Whiterose got wise and started to only sell this variety recently. I was reluctent to try them, because I've not heard much about them. But after trying them I found they were much more enjoyable then Heavenly Blue! I could actually move around without feeling 'sick' to my stomach. They did cause some hangover in higher doses. They appear the same way Heavenly Blues do, but smaller, and a little wrinkly.

Choice Mix: This does NOT contain any seeds worth eating. They are small, often speckled with white seeds. They are worthless.

Most recent experience involving the Pearly Gates:

It was my day off for the week, and I excitedly got the bus to the other side of town to get my pearly gates. I got my usual 7 packages, and added one more on, so make 8. [I never ate that last package] I got home and immidiatly started to gobble the seeds down, chewing them with crackers. I find this method very effective, however the textures are very nausiating after some time. I eventually started to eat the seeds with ice cream, which totally masked their flavour [not that I mind it, but after a while it's gross] I ate 7 packages, and soon began to feel floaty, so I set the last pack aside and sat back in my desk chair, putting on some internet radio. After about an hour of chilling out in my chair, with a humidifyer in my lap, gently blowing moist air all over my face [sensation is good on seeds] I got up and went to the bathroom to smoke a cigarette. I first started to hallucinate as soon as I got into the bathroom. After glancing in the mirror and seeing the familiar distorted, ugly 'acid-face' which generally always occurs while I'm on seeds, I observed my eyes, which looked like that of a dolls and started smoking.

As I looked down floorward, their blocky patern began to slither between my feet, the drone of the fan which sucked the smoke outside tranced me out, and a wide grin spread across my face. Later I would seriously consider laying in bed and smoking. I felt as if I were constructing ideas very coheriently in my head, things such as 'I smoke once and a while as a special treat for myself, yes', and so on. By the time I butted out and went back into the dark hallway towards my bedroom, the lightshow had begun. Millions of patterns spun within my vision, now longer merged with the my vision of the realworld. I felt they were a part of myself, which were being projected. I stumbled over to my room, losing my sense of gravity, and reusmed my seat. I recently learned how to throat sing [Tuva monks sing going 'woooahhh.'] Every time I would do this, my entire body would tingle all over, and the vision would totally be emerced in these patterns which were alot like my sense of infinity.

Unfortunatly, the LSA trip started to get a little boring when the familiar visions started. Motion would occur in my hallucinations of patterns, like a wheel spinning, and then suddenly stop, then start again. Much like a clock, I felt them connected to my sense of beat, and music. I forced myself not to observe them and they went away, but whenever I relaxed, they would return. Not that they weren't beautiful, just routine and irritating. Having to work the next day wasn't something I looked forward to, but after laying in bed, and feeling totally, utterly relaxed [I feel the same way unstoned from seeds at times] I eventually spaced out and pseudo-sleeped for 12 hours. AT times I would become 'awake' and check my watch, until finally I got up, groggy and totally burnt out. And worked for 6 hours like that. Next time, I would dose lower, and I would also be sure I had time to recover completely.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 5986
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 8, 2002Views: 4,345
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