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Abriendo Los Ojos
Citation:   DGOMEZ. "Abriendo Los Ojos: An Experience with LSD (exp59616)". Aug 22, 2009.

4 drops oral LSD (liquid)
To say that I have tasted the purity of reason is an understatement. The human mind is certainly a beautiful product of evolution. The world is full of amazing processes and cycles, and to even begin to understand some of these is an incredible experience, one which will surely change my life forever. Like many people before me, I have always been intrigued by the subconscious, that which is the very fabric of our dreams, that which explains our actions to an extreme amount of detail, and of course that which frees us from the everyday worries that we are faced with in this society. And whatever actions I chose to take in the past, it all culminated to a single day, which will forever be imprinted in my head as 'the best goddamn day of my life'.

It all started one day, when a friend tells me that he is able to obtain a vial containing liquid d-lysergic acid diethylamide or 'LSD'. This was joyous to me, simply because LSD had provided me with amazing and fun experiences in the past, and this time it could be repeated with LSD in a form that was both pure and potent. Needless to say a few friends and I purchased a bottle, and we each took a total of four drops of this mystical substance.

I was not new to psychedelics at this stage of my life, having dabbled in Mushrooms, LSD, Salvia Divinorum and Morning Glory seeds. So it was surprising for me that I had difficulty at the beginning of this voyage in that I did not have any hold over the experience. This was by far the highest dose of LSD (considering how diluted earlier doses were, in comparison) I have ever taken, and that was quite evident in the initial body load. We made the decision to go somewhere out in nature, after having noticed the amazing visual changes that come with an acid trip in the home we had dropped it in. Seeing nature has proven to be very successful at 'saving' the experience in the past. Sure enough, we were still uncomfortably vulnerable to everything around us, but somehow we found solace in our own thoughts. We began debating about various topics, such as what it meant to be human, what it meant to think, and what everything else meant to us. We were surely an odd looking group of people walking in strange ways around a church playground, but this did not bother us all that much. Near dusk, we sat on a curb, as we talked about life. At this point, everything I knew about the 'self' began to dissolve. Slowly but surely, our egos melded into the immense cosmic energy that enveloped us.

The sunset came right as the dissolution of our egos was completed. A spectacle of color blending into air, and air blending into color. Never before had I seen something so moving, so inspiring, so true. I could nearly taste the colors in the sky, needless to say I truly understood The Beatles when they sang about 'marmalade skies'. It felt as if we had been under the influence of the substance for days, however it was only six in the afternoon, and had only been four hours since we noticed the initial effects of the drug. All of these overwhelming emotions of abiding joy and happiness indicated that we were getting into a lot more than we bargained for, and we were about to find why.

The confusing reactions of the people around us eventually became nothing more than a cue for us to leave said playground. The walk back to the house was surely a fast one, since I have little recollection of it, surely it was unimportant compared to other events that happened that day. We arrived and we put on some music and relaxed, still talking about the miracle we had witnessed. At this point it was as if all of our egos were combined into a cloud of consciousness that rested directly on top of us. A person in the group could say something, and that thought would be completely understood by everybody in the group. One could say just one word and everyone would be able to follow a slew of topics and intents behind it.

We had been thinking and talking the whole time, debating some of life's greatest mysteries. The house had been painted an intense orange color and the majority of the objects in the bathroom had the same intense color to them. This covered everything and everybody in ever-flowing hues of orange. The air in the room seemed liquid, I could move my hand and it would ripple out the image behind it, leaving trails of my hand in the air. There was about three or four moths inside the room, and their flight patterns were quite evident with the semi-viscous liquid properties the room had taken. They seemed to fly in predictable patterns, that of sine and cosine waves super-imposed on each other, it was quite mind-boggling to see this manifest visually before us. Music had taken amazing properties as well, every note resonated with freedom, with idealistic rebellion. One could put a song into geometric shapes in our head, or taste a certain instrument.

The liberation of our senses was at its peak, and we quickly concluded we were children, seeking the best of tastes, the most intense colors, the most comfortable sensations. My friend had developed an affinity to a penny, he then misplaced this penny, and I gave him a different penny to be the place-holder for his new-found friend. This attempt was of course deemed unacceptable, not even a quarter would be suffice. This was by far one of the most abstract interactions I have had with this person, I truly could not figure out what made that certain penny so valuable, and neither could he. We were truly immersed in a playground for perception. The walls would breathe, the lights would pulsate and our minds were free of judgment, we were in pure bliss.

As much fun as we were having playing with our little lava lamp of a house, it was time to go outside again. During a trip, even if one place seems entirely comfortable, I like to go out and explore my surroundings if I can. Stretch myself. The purpose was to see the lights of the city from the top of the south hills in our city, and we made our way there. The world was drowned in obscurity, and the lights of passing cars felt like immense beams of photons to our eyes. We had noticed that most of the people in the neighborhood still had Christmas lights set up, which made our walk very aesthetically pleasing. The hill seemed to continue into infinity, much like the staircase at the top of the castle in Super Mario 64.

We walked and debated philosophical questions, and the more we reasoned, the more we realized the horrors of our own society. We even referred to the unenlightened people as 'the others', not in a condescending way, but in the fact that they wouldn't understand us just as we didn't understand the society they had created for us. Trees with spirals of soft light around them were our companions in our journey to the top of the hill. As time passed, the air was invaded with the densest fog I have ever witnessed, I could truly see the direction of certain sources of light, much like a laser would in a room that has a smoke machine in place. After an eternity of walking and debating, we realized the top of the hill was in private property, this presented us with another problem. Was man really so vain as to claim 'property' (let alone 'privatize' it!) of a piece of the earth? Have we really become to attached to possessions as to say that it is okay to keep part of the planet all for oneself? Of course, after asking these questions to ourselves, we trespassed.

We could not see the city lights in any way we managed, the fog was too dense. We were kind of tired, we surely walked over a mile up this hill, and that was on an empty stomach. We could not rest there, however, the ground was wet and the air was cold. All we could simply do, was look up. Just like some sort of divine intervention, the fog cleared, the clouds dissipated, and the moon was revealed. My mind began racing with thoughts, with feelings, with truth. Eternal energy was a concept hard to dismiss at this point, were were truly touched by something else. It was our monolith, our apex of human evolution, we could understand the way the universe worked, the reason for seasons, the direction of air, the ever-fractal nature of the cosmos. We were one, not just with ourselves, but with every object in the universe. With every fabric of our being, was the way of the heavens manifested upon us. We were not simply humans anymore, we concluded, we were enlightened.

The walk back must have been twice as long as the walk there, somehow, we ended up far away from our host house. We managed to walk back, safely, and with extreme peace in our hearts. Once we were away from major streets, and were in a familiar neighborhood, we decided to run. Running was so liberating, we could choose any pattern of movement, and we feel the air in our faces, and it felt fantastic. We ran all the way to the house like children, in complete amazement, in everlasting joy. Time dilation was extremely present. It was as if our new existence was conceived at the consumption of the four drops from heaven, and nine months later, at the top of that hill, we were born. We were born because for the first time in our lives, we were simply us. We had overridden the set of standards society had implanted in us as children, we had set flight after breaking open the cage of consciousness, we had broken free of our chains and gotten out of the cave that Plato describes in his famous allegory. We were free, and there was nothing the world could do about it.

We spent the remaining part of the experience coming up with ways to change society, and we concluded that the only possible way was to inspire people to break their head open, to destroy this horrible machine from the inside out. As we concluded, war was insecurity, it was fear, it was ignorance, the very aspects that governed everybody in our society, and we decided to fight back. As the night passed on, we went out for one last taste of the outside world, and headed on to a different playground. We arrived, as the dawn turned the clouds in the sky into chocolate. And we absorbed it all, we breathe in, we live, we transcend. We walked back, and a black cat started to follow us. It was as if it knew that we weren't going to harm it, I got on my knees to pet the cat. The sound of a purring cat was as beautiful as the sound of a baby's laughter, or the wind flowing through the leaves, I cried on the inside. The cat seemed to want to join us inside the house, we decided not to let it become part of our world, we learned to let go, and we closed the door on its innocent eyes, it did not seem to mind.

As we fell in and out of consciousness, it had been roughly twenty hours since the beginning of it all, we smoked a little cannabis to help us go to sleep, as we had to go back to our normal lives in the morning. The learning we did that day, was pure wisdom. The morning came, the room was not liquid, the walls had stop breathing, the lights were back to normal, but we were still simply ourselves.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 59616
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 22, 2009Views: 14,588
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LSD (2) : Glowing Experiences (4), Mystical Experiences (9), Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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