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Strings 'N' Things
by Psilo707
Citation:   Psilo707. "Strings 'N' Things: An Experience with Ketamine (exp58931)". Jan 21, 2007.

500 mg insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)


Setting: Bedroom, 6:00 A.M.


I have only been using Ketamine on an occasional (sometimes ‘often’) basis for a little over a year now as of this writing. I have always enjoyed it, but did not get a true taste of a strong K-Hole experience until recently. Its dark and foreboding side is alluring to me and I view it as the rebel drug of the psychedelic world – the outcast, too strange even for the other chemicals to hang around it. My favorite time to slip into a k-hole is after a long night of activity on MDMA, preferably while still coming down, though not necessary, I feel it brings a deeper side to the drug and enhances my trip quite a bit. This report is about one of those times, my most recent one, and it was so powerful that I think it would be interesting to write it in a form which might emulate the way I was thinking while under the influence, and also in present tense. I’ve been waiting a couple weeks, collecting my thoughts on what exactly happened during this 2-3 hour K-Hole, but I think I have it figured out as much as possible, which is not very much at all. (Note: No tolerance at this time.)

Blast Off

A warm sun is rising over the eastern horizon through my translucent blinds and I’m receiving the perfect temperature and light within the room. I’m physically tired from the night before, but my brain is ready for more action. I dig 300mg worth of Ketamine out of my bag (weighed up) onto a tiny metal spoon and take it in consecutive bumps in a swift manner.

ZooooooOOOOP! Ahhh! There’s that taste, I’m so used to the slight sting of the drug that it doesn’t bother me much at all anymore. If you have never tasted Ketamine before – it tastes exactly how I’d think it should. A slight chemical ‘wave’ runs through my nose and down my mouth, sending signals to the rest of my body in a fashion that is clearly communicating, “Here we go again.” I lay back on my bed in a perfect symmetrical position as I always do, and begin to ascend. The feelings seem to be coming on strong and I await the peak with open arms.

Part One: Escape From the Motherland

Green walls and a tilted ceiling fan are visible. My physical body must still be too aware of my bedroom, I need to concentrate on my departure. Cosmic particles are running up through my spine, bypassing my neck, and colliding with my brain at a quickened rate. Each successive particle is pushing me slowly and slowly upward in an erratic fashion. I am in an elevator riding to the summit of the universe, yet it’s stopping at every floor on the way up. Not surprisingly, only my mind and my sense of breath are being elevated, and I have left the rest of my body from the chest down back at the home base. Oh well, I don’t need any of that stuff anyway. If we were all simply flying brains in a 4-Dimensional universe, as I seem to have just become, there would be much less problems in the world anyway.

I am now free.

My first clue is the fact that I feel my eyes halfway open, yet I am no longer in that small cubed room within another small cube. I see a landscape of pure white. Checkered patterns slowly make their way across the mental world in my head (my ‘imagery’) and I am attempting to chase them down to find out where they are going. I am successful in chasing these flying entities, but a problem arises when I realize with every one I ‘catch’, another infinite-number of them spawn. Involuntarily I seem to be analyzing how long it will take to catch an infinite number of these, and before I come up with an answer, I am hit with a split second of thoughts that have been blasted to me in a capsule from the “reality” I had come from.

* Flash of Thought *: You are on a drug. You need to make sure to breathe, because the physical body that is allowing you to retain this mind state has sent an alert to this dimension, demanding more attention to its processes.
For that brief moment I was back in my body, I calmed my breathing down and reminded myself that Ketamine is one of the safest substances there is. Assured, I was immediately blown back into the cosmos, to a level never having been reached in this way.

Part Two: Through the Spiraling Wormhole

I have just flown past our dimension of time and space. I am flying forward in an erratic yet peaceful spiral direction, not only in my mind but my body as well. The speed is picking up, and I feel my mind communicating with my hands (who have remained in the first dimension with the rest of humanity), telling them to clench the bed and hold on for life.

I have just flown through the second dimension, into the third, into the fourth. My speed has maxed out, far beyond the standards of terminal velocity, and I continue in the form of a particle through each successive dimension. While I am still aware of the amount of planes of time/space I am passing through, the travel becomes smooth and I am passing through each dimension at a constant rate – everything is flowing and allowing my specific particle to pass as I reach levels deeper into the cosmos. I am in Dimension Ten, and I feel my speed slowing at a rapid pace. The swirls have become stagnant and are inspecting me as I pass peacefully through the only territory they have ever known. I pass through the last gate – the end of the line. I am in Dimension 11 and this seems to have been my destination all along. I come to realization that only a few entities are ever allowed this deep, and I must not take my presence here for granted. I am floating in void, many shapes and scenes unfolding in front of me – all of them alien, none realistic in regards to the physics and chemical make-up of the known universe. I float around for what seems to be quite some time, I am soaking everything in and am not forcing my own control within this void at all. Then, something happens.

The 11th Dimension has imploded onto itself. I watch every other entity within this realm begin to connect to one another, to become one. They are acting in this manner at a very fast rate, and I know my time to connect with them draws near. I wait until an appropriate time to join them arises, and then I open my arms and succumb to the growing web of matter. With no delay or transition, I become one. I am the singularity. All of us entities have finished connecting with each other and begin to contract into a single point in reality [or, non-reality]. We surpass the form of a point and become… a presence.

(Note: This is absolutely the most intense and unreal mind state I have ever achieved, with the exception of 5-MeO-DMT, which is only slightly ahead.)
As this Singularity, I am in the center of everything that is known.

Part Three: The Other Super String Theory
I am connected to every part of every universe and dimension that I have just traversed. Through a set of invisible ‘strings’, which connect every piece of matter ever conceived to one another, I can focus on any area of the cosmos that I wish. I can see the place that I originated – the beautiful and ‘naturally’ flawless body in space that I came from (Earth). I see its inhabitants living their lives, I see the powerful energy that is attempting to sustain these inhabitants, and I see the people who are truly important to me as alive and happy. I connect my thoughts through these various strings whose endpoints are residing in the alternate multiple dimensions I had briefly visited, and I am struck with a sense of awe at how unique and different each one is from the next. Each has their own physical properties and types of beings that live their existence within them.

The strings have now hidden themselves from me, and I am thankful for them having been revealed, as it has given me more awareness of the fact that everything in the universe ‘might’ truly be connected to one another. I have descended in my mind state, but only slightly.

Part Four: Anti-Ascension

I am slowly gaining awareness of my self being placed back into my physical body. It’s a strange feeling, and my eyes are half-open, yet I still do not fully understand my location. My mind is spiraling back from the alternate realities I had faced, and slowly, memory of what the “real world” is slowly comes back to me. A blast of introspection hits me like a train, and I see myself and everything that I believe in, compressed into one small space that is my mind. My entire memory and persona is re-assembling itself, and the love for what I have in this world feels stronger and more vibrant within me. As I slowly open my eyes, I look at the corners of my ceiling, which seems to stretch for miles away.

There also seems to be a thin layer of ‘darkened’ matter spread throughout the room, which seemed to make my surroundings darker than I believed them to be in reality. I noted this was nothing new, and Ketamine usually did, in fact, make my vision seem darker in an indoor environment. I dismiss my surroundings once again and, closing my eyes, hope to squeeze every last feeling out of the mind state that I had achieved. My internal vision is one of a vast expanse of empty space, with a few thoughts that I can access if I choose to (who were visibly floating within). I decide to focus on reaching a clear, meditative mind state, and do not think in detail about any sort of idea. My mind feels open and relaxed, and I concentrate on disregarding my ego as much as possible, attempting to study my situation from an overall perspective. Without relating any of my own experiences to them, I begin thinking about the aspects of life that are most important to one’s existence. I think of family, of friends, of choosing a career with which I can use my skills and traits successfully, and I think of attempting to remain as morally good of a person as I can be during this lifetime.

I feel the effects of the Ketamine gradually fade into the recesses of my mind. I’m in a very positive mood, having felt cleansed of all the stress I had accumulated during the last few weeks, and I do not feel tired or lazy at all. I’m ready to get up and go do something productive, while contemplating the perspectives of myself that the substance had just allowed me to see. I smile in contentment, and without hesitation, pull myself off of my bed, put on some warmer clothes, and head out of the house.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 58931
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 21, 2007Views: 49,619
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Ketamine (31) : Glowing Experiences (4), Alone (16)

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