2C-E's Retarded Half Brother
by Egor
Citation:   Egor. "2C-E's Retarded Half Brother: An Experience with 2C-T-4 (exp58886)". Erowid.org. Jan 26, 2007. erowid.org/exp/58886

  oral 2C-T-4
To begin, 2c-t-4 was the only chemical I had sampled at the time that I really had no basis for what to expect what I was going to get from it. I had read all the 1st person reports I could find online and in Pihkal. The only common thread between all the reports was that the experience was not what was expected. I was a bit apprehensive to start due to the fact I had just learned that its close cousin, 2c-t-7 may have MAO inhibiting properties. After several experiences with the substance at many dose levels and with many other psychoactives, I feel there is nothing particularly worthwhile to this drug. It truly is 2c-e's retarded half brother.

Here is a summary of my and my friend’s experiences with this rare eclectic chem.

1st trial- 6mg

We decided to play it safe, since all sources seemed to point to an exceedingly long duration of action. 6mg down the hatch on an empty stomach. I was without any effects for at least an hour before even getting a typical 'there is a phenethylaimine in me' alert. The time passing seemed to almost stop. Every 15 mins seemed like an eternity (and this effect gets more intense as the dose increases). By the time the 2nd hour had past, I felt as though I had reached the peak of the experience, and I was ready for it to be over. A bowl of cannabis was imbided to try to get more visual effects and to pass some time. The cannabis had no noticeable effect on the overall experience. We decided the drug reminded us more of dxm or ketamine than the phenethylamine family. We had marked trails and some minor patterning on the white walls, but there was no real change in cognitive function.

Approx. T+6 hours, 30 mg instant dissolve mirtazipine was used to terminate the experience. Sleep was attained within an hour.

2nd trial- 10mg

After the last totally unfulfilling experience at the low dose of 6mg, I decided to up the ante to about 10 mg a week later. The experience was remarkably similar to the 6mg trial, but there was more of a body load at this dose, and the time dilation was far more pronounced. I did not feel a major change in headspace, but had some trouble articulating my thoughts verbally. As with the last trial, 2c-t-4 is like being on a good 2c-e trip, without any visuals or introspection to be found.

I decided to smoke 5mg of 5-meo-dmt to see if any good synergy was to be found. After inhaling the smoke, I was instantly very ill and had to vomit. The 2c-t-4 was totally overwhelmed by the 5-meo-dmt for about 30 mins after the hit. The time spent in 5-meo-dmt space was a treat compared with the pointless stoning of 2c-t-4. After the 5-meo wore off, there was again no real visuals or headspace change, just time dilation and nausea.

There is a pronounced unpleasant body load with this one folks. Again, at about T+8 hours, I attempted to end the experience with 200mg diphenhydramine, but what followed was total delirium. It was as if the entire world was rippling with waves, similar to what you see after a raindrop hits a pool. The ripples began at the center of my visual field, and spread out evenly from there. These waves were cool at first, but then I began to have strange audio hallucinations. I would hear low frequency mumbling, not coming from any particular direction. The audio effects kept me from being able to get to sleep until approx. T+ 15 hours since dosing.

3rd trial- 20mg

After 2 totally worthless trials with the compound, I decided to again up the dose to see if higher doses had anything to offer. I dosed 20 mg in a glass of distilled water. DO NOT DO THIS. The taste is one I will grudgingly remember for the rest of my life. BITTER.

Within 45 mins, I was beginning to feel effects and thought this was a good sign. Damn, was I wrong. It seemed that whatever the dose was, the character of the experience never changed. There was such time dilation, it was almost punishing. I felt I had been tripping the entire night by T+ 3hours. I was also, once again, feeling quite nauseas. I had to vomit 2x that night. It was not a typical drug puke, either. I was getting some bad muscle spasms in my abdomen during the vomiting. I smoked some cannabis, which had no effect on the overall experience, but eased the stomach discomfort. I was in what can be described as one of the most useless psychedelic spaces I could even imagine. There were no visual effects to speak of, just trails. The headspace was very depressing and dark. I wanted so badly for it to end, but knew I had a while to go. The remainder of the night was spent watching tv, though nothing was able to keep me entertained, except one episode of Cowboy Bebop. I finally fell asleep about 20 hours after the dose.


After these 3 experiences, I decided 2c-t-4 was utterly useless on its own, and I decided a series of combination experiments in controlled conditions was in order. Here is a summary of those experiences.

10mg 2c-t-4, 10mg 4-ho-dipt

I took the 2c-t-4 in a veggie cap on an empty stomach. I waited for the standard time dilation to present itself. After about 90 mins, I felt as if I had sufficient access to the space. 10 mg of 4-ho-dipt was ingested in another veggie cap. Within 20 mins, I was beginning to feel the entire character of the experience change for the better. I was beginning to feel the only euphoria I had gotten with 2c-t-4. I began to get some good morphing and twisting of objects around me, but only if I would force it through staring. Laughter came easily. There was some wall breathing. There was no tachardia or tinnitus to be noted. Mild nausea, but nothing severe. I was beginning to see some hope for this chem yet. This was short lived however, as the 4-ho-dipt began to wane after about 4 hours. By T+5 from ingestion of the 4-ho-dipt, I was back to miserable 2c-t-4 space. I spent another night wishing I could sleep.

20mg 2c-t-4 and 12 inches of san pedro

I wanted to see if there was any way to get anything out of 2c-t-4. 12 inches of san pedro was de-spined, run through a blender. I took the cactus mush, and combined it with 20 oz of distilled water. The resulting cocktail was placed on the stove over low heat and allowed to simmer for 2 hours. I then filtered out the cactus mush with cheesecloth and discarded. I returned the juice to the stove for another 4 hours, and evaporated 90% of the water, leaving about 2oz of vile viscous cactus tea. The was taken as a shot. Might I just say “blech, disgusting, most foul liquid I have ever tasted”.

Within an hour, alerts were felt from the pedro, and 20mg of 2c-t-4 was eaten in a gelcap. The next hour was spent trying very hard not to vomit and ruin the experience. I began to suddenly get VERY high about 90 mins after eating the cap. I was beginning to get some of the most intense visual distortions I have ever gotten. I got nauseas from the amount of twisting and wall breathing going on around me. I, again, got the pleasure of a very bad vomit session. After the vomit, I began to feel much better, There was actually something to the trip this time. I was getting very crazy, borderline delusional trains of thought. I would explain further, but I don’t feel it is possible to do. The night was spent pondering random thoughts. The one thing that stands out the most was I, using my 3rd eye, was able to visualize whatever I tried to. Unfortunately, I began to get some alarming tremors in my legs. I layed down and left my corporeal body for quite some time. When I got back to reality, I found I was on the way back to baseline. I spent the night in awe of the oobe.

15mg 2c-t-4, 15mg 4-ho-dipt, repeated smoked 5-meo-dmt, cannabis and N2O

This experience took place at a Flogging Molly concert. I took the 2c-t-4 and iprocin in a bottle of water and drank it as I walked from the hotel to the venue, about ˝ mile away. By the time I arrived, the iprocin was making its presence known. The first band to play was The Briggs, I am not a big fan, but they were ok. After the Briggs played their set, I was getting, once again, VERY HIGH. The Street Dogs came on stage next, and I was very impressed. I felt as though I had taken at least 750 mics of lsd. I spent some time in the pit to blow off excessive energy. By the time Flogging Molly finaly came onstage, I was floored.

I got in the pit for Flogging Molly also, and talk about sensory overload. I had no idea what was really going on, but could not stop laughing. It was some of the most fun I have ever had. After the show, I stopped at a good times by the hotel and got a burger, as I was starving. Once in the hotel room, I smoked a joint and got out the bitch and 5-meo-dmt. I loaded about 10 mg of the freebase in the pipe. And put 3 whipits in a large balloon. I hit the 5-meo-dmt and blew the smoke into the balloon with the nitrous. I began to inhale from the balloon and was immediately the highest I have ever been. Classic +4 experience. Soon after returning to reality, there was a loud knock at the door. “FUCK, I am way to high to deal with this”, ran through my head. I immediately hid all the drugs in the room safe, turned out all the lights, and became silent. Soon after, the sun was coming up. I got in the car (I know, bad idea) and was on my way back home. I left whippits and god only knows what else still in the room. I got home an hour or so later and smoked cannabis until falling asleep.


Overall, I was not at all impressed with 2c-t-4. It is worth trying once, just due to the oddity of the experience, but not at all worthwhile. The character of the trip is very disassociative, which I have mentioned elsewhere, I believe. The only merit this one has is its synergy with iprocin and 5-meo-dmt. I gave away my remaining supply after these experiments, satisfied I had gotten all I could from 2c-t-4. The body load is also very numbing and unpleasant. Overall 3 out of 10.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 58886
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 26, 2007Views: 14,058
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