In Addition
Citation:   Zonker. "In Addition: An Experience with Nutmeg (exp588)". Sep 14, 2000.

4 tsp oral Nutmeg (powder / crystals)
The other night I decided out of sheer curiosity to try Nutmeg. I looked it up in a Physician's guide to Alternative and Homeopathic medicines, and saw that they say it can kill you. Must take a heck of a lot. My friend and I ate a meal on the principle that the nutmeg and the meal would be digested together. Just after we finished eaing, we both ate a heaping tablespoon and a heaping teaspoon. We intentionally ate smaller amounts than many people said they did to avoid any sort of particularly unpleasant hangover, and because I have found that many substances I ingest a large volume of have more unpleasant side affects..

In any case, we wrote papers and waited for it to kick in and/or for another friend to show up. By the time he showed up there wasn't much left to write, and we wern't sure what we felt, tired, or left-over-stoned or placebo or the enigma of nutmeg. About a half an hour later, after my other friend ate some nutmeg, too, I was sure it was the spice. The three of us smoked a bowl and a half (Relatively minute amount for us) and found ourselves suprisingly messed up. The friend who had eaten it the most recently, who is a relative beginner, said he saw lights and colours and slightly complex patterns. As for myself, I experienced a tired feeling accompanied by the sort of feeling you have two or three hours after a big smokeout(Bluzzy.) The contrast on my vision was rather more pronounced, and later on things were somewhat blurry. Right after we smoked, I felt that I was inside a sort of shell that was my body, like a thin shell with feeling. I also felt 'detached to the inside' kind of hard to explain - I was very much in my own head and perceptions of the shell of my body as opposed to what I heard or saw, in particular. The entire time my other two friends had the giggles.

We ate the nutmeg around 6:45, and by the end of it, (2-3 AM) I thought my coordination was a little messed, I was a little tottery or something. The friend I ate it with, who was strangely noncommunicitive about it at the time, said the next day that he, too felt slightly drunk at that time. The next day I had classes, but I felt fine. A little tired, perhaps, and my thoughts flowed well i awoke around 6:30AM and drank threee cups of Coffee with lots of sugar(yum!) and smoked on my way to school. There I found myself particularly lucid, instigating what I considered interesting discussion in my classes, but I fell asleep later that day around 3:30-5PM.
The next day the feeling was gone as far as I could tell. Neither of my friends thought they felt anything the morning after we did it, but I fell asleep later and woke up earlier, and had more coffee and weed, all factors that contributed to my buzz in the morning. I thing I might have had a Saranac Black and Tan that morning, too. It probably wouldn't have mattered anyhow. In any case, we all thought that it gave the weed a refreshing, new aspect that night, and we managed to get off with our stashes nearly unscathed! I recommend it in moderation.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 588
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 14, 2000Views: 9,402
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