Forgot How To Sleep
Amanita muscaria
by Zenergy
Citation:   Zenergy. "Forgot How To Sleep: An Experience with Amanita muscaria (exp58672)". Jan 10, 2007.

10 g oral Amanitas - A. muscaria (plant material)


To start off I have had experience with various psychedelics in the past (cannabis, DXM, salvia extracts, LSD, LSA) to name a few, but I don't know if anything could have prepared me for this trip. I ordered 1 oz of Amanita Muscaria through an online vendor and when it arrived I was more than excited to try them out. I just got back to my dorm from a very boring Christmas break at my folks house and I was looking forward to finally tripping with Amanita.

I smoked cannabis about 2 hours before I ingested the dried shrooms and was still feeling a rather nice buzz. I ate some bread and a banana and also drank a bit of apple juice about 15 minutes before I weighed out 10 grams of Amanita on my trusty digital scale. I then proceeded to eat. I didn't use any special preparation I just ate them plain and washed them down with apple juice. The taste was not so bad, in fact I actually kind of enjoyed it, especially since I knew I would be tripping within a couple hours. My mind set was in a nice, looking forward to tripping, condition.

After about one hour after eating the shrooms, I did not notice any effects, I had no feelings of nausea either. It was not until about two hours and fifteen minutes that I started to feel quite trippy (but no nausea). It's hard to describe the immediate effects but my coordination was starting to diminish. By 3 hours into the trip I started started to become Extremely talkative and I couldn't stop trying to describe how I was feeling to my roommate. It became impossible for me to do the simplest of tasks (it took me 15 minutes to find a number in my cellphone to call a friend). My Internal dialouge was split into 2 different minds it seemed. I could alternate freely between the two minds but couldn't combine the thoughts together. I also at some points started to think the effects were tapering off but strong waves of confusion and delerium would come over me. I started to believe that I figured out the meaning of life and that there were different dimensions that were always hidden away from me before were now opening up and it was pretty hard for me to take it in all at once. I couldn't comprehend all this information and I was starting to have a bad trip. 10 grams was a hefty dose for me and this was the first time for me to ever trip on this substance.

I could not get my body to do what my mind was telling it to do. Period. I had somewhat clear thoughts and I was able to communicate somewhat decent to my roommate though. He told me I seemed about normal, but inside my thoughts were racing and I felt as if I must appear to be a madman. I kept having to leave the room to walk around the dorm hallways just to convince myself that I wasn't trapped in some sort of strange dimension that was opening up in my dorm room. But walking around did not offer much release of this confused mental state. I forgot how to sleep. I forgot that I was supposed to close my eyes to get to sleep. I thought I was having a 15 minute conversation with my roommate but realized I was just talking to myself in my head. This really freaked my out. I started to get panicky and I could not do anything. I tried to fall asleep but I kept forgetting that I wanted to fall asleep and I would get out of bed. Finally I was able to get the lights turned off in the room and I fell asleep after about 5 or 6 hours.

I am writing this report the next morning after my trip happened. I feel completely normal and I never felt any nausea what so ever. My body felt completely free of any discomfort through out my entire trip and I was happy about that (normally I get extremely nauseous on DXM and vomit after and hour after dosing). I tried to write a trip log of what was going through my mind while tripping on Amanita Muscaria but after 3 hours it was absolutely impossible to do anything that involved fine motor control.(or anything at all for that matter lol) My hands were twitching somewhat as if I had tremors and I would occasionally jerk a bit but it didn't ever get to the point where it was annoying. I still have 18 grams of the Fly Agaric but I don't know when they will be consumed. I think I will give it a try again sometime but maybe on a smaller dose of around 5-7grams and with a a friend. I think I would recommend this trip to someone who is already interested but to start off at about 5-7 grams and work up if you like the experience.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 58672
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 10, 2007Views: 30,145
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Amanitas - A. muscaria (70) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Bad Trips (6), Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2)

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