Just A Nice Day On The Mountain
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T+ 0:00
40 mg oral 2C-D (capsule)
  T+ 0:40 1 cart. inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)
Early July 2004
40 milligrams of 2C-D (2,5-dimethoxy-4-methylphenethylamine)


Our summer vacation to California was sadly canceled for numerous reasons, so a camping trip in the nearby Indian Peaks mountain range in Colorado was chosen as our retreat for summer. I was with Winding Wines, my lover and woman who just moved in with me, this was our first real vacation anywhere together.

Although we brought a few different psychedelics with us, we ended up selecting 2C-D for a nice relaxing hike. We figured the slightly stimulating nature of 2C-D would be great for mountain hiking, and the bright visual effects I had come to associate with this material would really compliment the beautiful scenery. My capsule had forty milligrams of 2C-D and WV’s had fifty.

The Experience:

After swallowing the capsules, we made our way up the trial that lead to the top of Caribou Mountain. Within twenty minutes of taking the material, we both felt an alert. After that initial alert, not too much happened for some time. Then after perhaps forty minutes of hiking, we stopped for a break. Still not feeling much from the 2C-D, other than some mild nausea, we decided to inhale nitrous oxide to “perk” things up a bit.

That did it! The effects of the gas were very powerful (especially at that altitude) and I was actually taken out of my body for a few moments. When I came back, the trees stood with energy and the wind was a powerful breath of life. I could see the molecules of air bouncing off the mountain peaks and rolling across the hills. Energy circulated above, bringing more life to the trees and surrounding forest.

Soon the more powerful visual effects began to manifest. Faces began to form in the rocks around me, all figures and forms in the surrounding objects seemed new, fresh, alive. We were amazed to realize that everything in this area was so untouched. We realized that we were on an old Indian Trail, and that the view we saw was unchanged for maybe thousands of years. It was like looking into the past and future all at once. Pure timelessness. We were both left in a profound state of awe, respect, and wonder for our surroundings.

The colors were so vibrant, especially greens and blues, and these colors radiated out from the rocks and trees. Trails formed on moving objects. Most notable were the trails formed by flying insects buzzing past my head. Pure perfection in their form and flight. With the strong trails, the flies I saw looked as if they were each attached to a leash!

We walked a few more miles through the forest…up and up the mountain, twisting and turning around each bend. The sounds and sights made my mind race as though charged with electricity. We then reached the end of the trail and were both filled with a sense of accomplishment having reached our place of sanctuary…for the moment being anyway.

The trail spilled out into an opening by one of the Rainbow Lakes. We were just fifty-feet or so from tree line, and perhaps a couple-hundred more feet from the summit. Nevertheless, we elected to climb no higher as we were in a true living paradise.

Being at that spot was like being on the moon. This was untouched land, and what we saw was what anyone in this spot would have seen hundreds of years ago. In addition, this was what it will look like a hundred years from now. Again, pure awe and reverence. It was amazing.

By this time, the peak was still going, and the visual effects were intense at this point. The greens of the grass and trees were positively vibrating with life. Being on that mountain summit was so awe-inspiring, and I began to experience that special feeling of oneness with my surroundings, as though I were a part of the mountain. And I was!

My visual field now took on a life of its own, all objects were churning and moving in a wave-like fashion to where everything looked like it as if it were rolling. The rolling hills were actually rolling hills! I threw a rock into the lake, and the resulting ripples began to dissipate in synch with everything else in my view. Trails from moving objects were so very impressive, and they lingered for some time.

There were also very interesting mental and psychedelic effects. Instead of the thought-tangents LSD seems to produce (where one thought leads to an unrelated thought, which would then be tied to another unrelated thought, which would be tied to three more), everything under 2C-D was clear. Whatever I focused on, I stayed focused upon. My mind did not wander too far off the initial thought.

Observing, say, the label on the drink I brought made me think not just of just the tea in the bottle, but of the motivation and psychology behind the colors selected to advertise the tea. Seeing the sign that marked the trailhead caused laughter, as it was shaped to look like a rock. This reminded me of the Flintstones, which spawned thoughts of childhood. Vision, as well as conceptual perception, was now reduced to their most basic levels…archetypes I formed in my brain.

We stayed at the lake for some time before we noted storm clouds moving in. At that point, we decided to make the decent back down to our campsite. This was more difficult than expected! The rocks were positively alive, and made it almost intimidating to walk towards. There was some motor impairment, and my gait was quite a bit off.

By the time we reached the campsite, four hours had passed and we were largely down. I built a fire, and began to prepare dinner. We spent the rest of the evening just chilling by the fire, enjoying dinner, each-other’s company, and the body-buzz left from the 2C-D. It was a wonderful conclusion to a fantastic and blissful day.


I would not list 2C-D as the best of the best, but it is in the top-five, certainly holds its own, and has its uses. I feel the main advantage here is the short duration…it is nice to have allies that do not keep you occupied all day long. This one is quick on, and quick off leaving little residue. Winding Vines really enjoyed her first 2C-D experience and has since ranked the material among her favorites. Certainly perfect for what we used it for…just a nice day on the mountain.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 58594
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 5, 2007Views: 14,405
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