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2C-B Impressions
Citation:   jhleto. "2C-B Impressions: An Experience with 2C-B (exp5851)". Mar 24, 2001.

T+ 0:00
20 mg oral 2C-B (pill / tablet)
  T+ 8:00 15 mg oral 2C-B (pill / tablet)
I will try first to describe the general feeling of it... It comes on very smoothly and feels 'round' in all aspects... There is a 'synthetic feeling', a 'laboratory taste' to it, that reminds me of acid, only lacking the edginess; all is round... The visuals are truly extraordinary. Everything is swimming and undulating. In the periphery of vision bright flashes of light appear and disappear like tiny hi-speed comets...It's feels a bit like being inside a soap bubble... looking out through rose-colored glasses. Inanimate objects just morph around, but plants have a special quality of aliveness to them... The most striking thing is that the light is broken to specific frequencies as if seen through prism. For instance, when I took a shower, all the drops of water on my body reflected different colours; my feet looked like they had been adorned with small precious stones...

Then there is some giddiness and light-headedness. Body felt very relaxed but at the same time I felt restless & could not sit or lie down longer than a few minutes. While chatting with a friend I exploded a couple of times in a helpless fit of a laughter -- that sort of hysterical laughter that begins with a funny remark but then starts to feed itself until you're suffocating. I did not explore CEVs much, but at some point I saw slowly moving amoeba- like things that merged to each other in an orderly fashion, very peaceful, reminded me of some mushroom visions.

So much for the ambience. Now does it rate as a major psychedelic ? My answer is definitely Yes, although you're not likely to get the full experience if you're attending a social gathering. I initially took 20 mg & went to meet a friend, later visited a pub -- there was no disruption of ego, no feeling of being spaced out, had marvelous time, but was too distracted to feel anything profound, but next morning just before sunrise I took 15 mg alone with highly interesting results... Like good E, 2CB opens up a window to the sensual/feeling-center of one's being, but it doesn't pour out in the form of universal empathy & joyfulness, it is more introverted; also not at all 'spiritual' in the classical high-brow sense, it's very raw & sexual.

I first felt like being some sort of man-beast, a hungry, lean predator - calls to my mind the themes of Hesse's _The Steppenwolf_ ... I affirmed the existence of animal urges within me... very unusual (at least for me), almost dangerous feeling, but I'm telling you, it was really good ;) Then it became a journey to that ball of energy burning inside me. I had insights (now only partially recalled) rather like the epic poetry of Blake; the torment and bliss of sexuality, the active male principle got lost into the labyrinthine Eternal Female, then got squeezed and elongated; became Ariadne's thread, then appeared as raging Voice in the Wilderness, only to be placated by apparition of Blessed Virgin; Mother-Goddess Maya, the wily bitch gained upper hand once again, then Yahweh brought down fire on Lovely Rita Meter Maid...

I experienced all kinds of strange emotions, I was moved nearly to tears and then again I felt something like despair as I realized that if one would see the full extent of the game being played, it would drive one mad, because it was absolutely meaningless... but of course that too would be only one particular act, one particular level... I felt an aching need to express this inner fire-ball somehow, that the whole value of my life depended on how much I was capable of bringing forth from it, by sculpting somehow this primal matter; to make it manifest & tangible... It was just this thought that moved me so deeply... I thought, or felt intensely that the only real objective in life was to make oneself so 'transparent' so that all could see this fire burning inside... yet we all cover it up with all kinds of b.s. & excuses, and we do it automatically and unwittingly ( an afterthought that occurs to me as I type this: perhaps one ought not to struggle so much to be 'fully open' but train oneself to cut through the fog to see the primaeval fire in one's fellow beings...) - Associated with this insight there was a vision (not a hallucination or even a 'visual' vision, mind you, but an 'in-sight') of the sensual core as a temple where the terrible secret of God was housed: endless fury, pain and infinite tenderness perfectly entwined... Outside its walls angels faced each other, putting finger on the other's lips, making a sign of silence...

Almost forgot to mention that music sounds wonderful on 2CB. It's not like on shrooms, when you can 'enter' the music, but you thoroughly resonate with the feeling-tone of the piece you're listening to. I would re- commend 'evocative' classical music, like Tchaikovsky or Saint-Saens... or Schumann, if you don't mind a bit of madness in the background. I suppose Verdi would be a good choice. Or you may dig up a record you used to enjoy a lot, but haven't listened it for years. It will be like hearing it for the first time, and the static only enhances the pleasure.

Exp Year: 1996ExpID: 5851
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 24, 2001Views: 68,080
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2C-B (52) : General (1), Glowing Experiences (4), Various (28)

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