In the Vein
Citation:   Anonymous. "In the Vein: An Experience with 4-AcO-DMT (exp58308)". Dec 25, 2006.

30 mg IV 4-AcO-DMT
I decided to plunge into the deep end and IV 30mg of 4-AcO-DMT. I didnít know what to expect, but based on all the information available on this compound and similar compounds, I felt like 30mg IV would be a perfect dose to have a short break through experience with a short duration. A good friend of mine tried it a few days earlier and he said he had an amazing/frightening experience so I knew I was in for a ride.

30mg dissolved perfectly in 50 units of water. I won't go into the details here because I don't want to feel responsible for anyone getting any stupid ideas....

Seconds after the injection, a loud humming noise was heard all around me. My peripheral vision came more pronounced and all the colors of the room started to shift and pulsate. After an estimated 20 seconds the visual input was so distorted with the eyes open that it was hard to differentiate between different objects. All inanimate objects morphed into a huge vortex that took me over. Initially it was very colorful and there was contact with several entities. The first part of the trip was like breaking through another dimension. The entities were constantly sending me information and taking me to different places but they weren't quite as demanding as the DMT entities. When I smoke DMT and have entity contact, it is hard for me to even soak in %1 of what happens during the trip. This trip was the same way. These entities were more subtle and calm than DMT entities.

It was similar to shrooms but darker. There were lots of colors initially, but then everything darkened and just started forming into random elaborate facial structures, some of them threatening, some enlightening. For maybe a few minutes I lost touch with time and my body, but a shred of my ego remained. During the peak I traveled to mazes resembling alternate universes. I was wandering aimlessly around in my mind and out of my mind. I would shift from one reality to a next, each very different from one another. Slowly one world would lure me into the next, sometimes just to throw me somewhere else. I did get the feeling that I was being pushed around a little bit, but not like I was in harm, or uncomfortable. The trip is a lot like a DMT/DPT breakthrough experience but just as with these two, the effects are easily distinguishable from one another. DPT for me tends to be more of an out of body experience with a very strong body aspect no entity/alien contact. 4-aco-dmt IV at that dose would be my definition of an 'atomic bomb tryptamine experience,' right up with 5-meo-dmt/n,n-dmt,DPT.

When the peak ended I was still in awe of the whole experience and I got onto the computer to tell some friends about what happened. It was hard to type still and the visuals had subsided, but they were easier to take in. The walls were still heavily morphing and fractals smeared across my walls but they werenít very bright. Every once in a while I closed my eyes and entered another trance.

Since then a few of my friends have tried similar doses and all experienced roughly the same effects. Smoking DMT is aloooooot better. Much brighter and more magical.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 58308
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 25, 2006Views: 25,709
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