Holes and Goals
Ketamine & 2C-B
Citation:   BongFish. "Holes and Goals: An Experience with Ketamine & 2C-B (exp58277)". Erowid.org. Dec 27, 2006. erowid.org/exp/58277

400 mg insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
  10 mg insufflated 2C-B (powder / crystals)
I've ventured into a K-hole two or three times a month for the past year, always alone and always sober besides the K. Having had many experiences with smaller doses ok K on various psychedelics and found them always a great combo I wondered what it would be like to K hole while in the peak of a trip.

Things had been going well at UNI so I decided to reward myself with a gram of K, I got home and split the gram (actually 0. into two piles, one to indulge in now, and one for later in the evening! My friend came round with a bomb of 2C-B, we consumed some ket and went to a meditation class which was rather surreal (we were late because a local crazy man let himself into our house and refused to leave, we had to physically force him out of the door). On getting back we finished the 1/2g with some friends and my girlfriend came over. I felt bad because she wanted to stay over but I had other plans! She left at about midnight, this put me in a fairly bad mind set because I felt bad about kicking her out so I could take drugs and also I had lectures at 11 the next day. Ah well, I thought, if I snort everything now I should be able to sleep by 4am which should give me 6 hours sleep, no problem!

I figured if I snorted the 2C-B and K at the same time they would peak at the same time, I'd come out of the K hole still tripping but the K and 2C-B would completely wear off at about the same time. I split the 2C-B in half, putting one pile to the side for another day, and snorted one pile (about 10mg) up. The burn wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting from previous experience. The K was crushed up as finely as possible with two mirrors and separated into 2 massive lines. 200mg in one nostril, 200mg in the other. I put on Fourtet - Rounds and lay down. Coming up was rather unpleasant, muscle tension and chattering jaw from the quick onset of the B and the chaotic confusion of the K. Before I holed completely I looked around my room and everything danced and flopped around like it was made of jelly.

I could hear the drums coming out of my stereo, only one speaker danced to the hi-hat, one to be snare and my telly pulsated to the sound of the bass drum. They seemed very personified and I felt that they were giving me a performance, everything in the room then joined in! At this point I could 'hear' my brain ticking away, as the music grew in intensity the ticking got faster and louder, now it was a high pitched scream, painful to hear.

I screwed my eyes shut and suddenly the noise stopped and I lost all awareness of my surroundings. The world I found myself in was bizarre, colourful and confusing. I was unsure as to what effect the B would have on my trip, I'd read that K overpowers psychedelics however this was not what I found at all. K-holing 'sober' compared on 2C-B is comparable to watching a crappy black and white TV compared with going to the 3D IMAX cinema on acid. Normally on K I get very strong 'feelings' about what is going on but don't really see much, as I lay on my bed I could SEE the universe coming to pieces in frighteningly intense technicolor. This wasn't some kind of dream this was REAL!

I don't remember a huge amount of what happened, especially as I write this almost a week after the event, but a few things do stick in my mind. Not long after I was 'under' I found myself back in my room only with the furniture in all the wrong places and everything was sliding up and down the walls, although I now realize this must have been a complete hallucination it was 100% convincing and real. My wardrobe slid down the wall slowly and a middle aged man was sat on top, talking to another man who was sat on the floor. They stopped time and created this beautiful blue/green wave and made it dance around the room, although they said nothing I know they were showing me how photons can act as both a particle and a wave (I'm a physics student). Looking back this didn't really show me anything but it was damn cool!

I was once again sucked into the cogs of the universe, the mad ended and every living creature (still embodied) made up this cosmic soup. I saw 1000's of identical copies of people I know (all my K trips involve people I know, hearing my friends voices etc) all set apart performing repetitive actions and these actions somehow affected the people next to them. I saw a whole army of my girlfriend suspended in space, spinning around waving their arms, somehow this was making the universe 'work'. Each person was like a molecule.

The most bizarre point of the trip was when space seemed to have lost its continuity completely, I was both in my body and sticking through the wall into someone else’s room, full of people, and my body was their body. Space became sort of a rubiks cube, each little cube was a random point in space (everyone was full of people) and they were all jumbled up and each person in this mess of space was conscious of what was going on and we all shared body parts and unable to move. Everything shifted slowly and we were all sucked through the cubes in a messy jumble. All the people I was jumbled up with were people I knew and completely animated, I remember exchanging frightened looks with my friend Kiren while my arm was trapped in his. This all seemed so real, as detailed and vivid as everyday life, I though it would be like this forever. As I started to come down I recognized my room, ah back to normal I thought! Only I was watching my body from the side and front at the same time!

After a bit of inspection it seemed I only had one viewpoint but my head was sticking out of the wall on one side of the room and my body at 90 degrees to my head on the other. Things continued to shift until slowly things were back to normal! As my idea of self slid back into view I lay in awe at what just happened, and with the 2C-B still going strong I watched as my lamp shade turned into a sentinel robot and scanned my room with green lazers and other very amusing things.

The time was about 2am and I tried to go to sleep with no avail, I took 50mg Diphenhydramine to try and sleep. The clever hallucinations of 2C-B became comical and disgusting, stupid and ugly pigs popping and dancing on my quilt and the like. I tried to ignore them and after an hour or so drifted off to sleep.

Well, the next day I got up and managed to make all my lectures and felt pretty good. I couldn't fully grasp what had happened the night before until I was totally sober. I told a few of my friends what happened and that I had an out of body experience but mostly got funny looks! Overall I don't think I learned anything from this experience but it was DAMN good! So utterly bizarre and intense. I've read about OBE's quite a lot and always liked the idea that it was genuinely the soul leaving the body, say for instance if you had an OBE you would be able to 'float' over to the other side of the room and examine something that you'd not seen before and gain new information. After my experience I firmly believe that OBE's are entirely hallucinatory, for indeed if it was real I would not have my body split in half and spread round the room. I was very VERY impressed at my brains ability to conjure up a completely convincing version of reality, leading me to believe that much of what I see everyday is not so much seen with my eyes as seen by my brain, something that I have been told before but never really understood.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 58277
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 27, 2006Views: 24,739
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2C-B (52), Ketamine (31) : Alone (16), Combinations (3)

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