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Turning the Pages
Salvia divinorum (5x extract)
by Nospam
Citation:   Nospam. "Turning the Pages: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (5x extract) (exp58045)". Oct 19, 2007.

1 bowl smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 5x)


Feelings and “experience commentary”

Our fraternity does a secret Santa every year. My person was a stoner/ pill user. I went to a head shop looking for something as a gift for him. I returned with a small knife, a stash box, 5x Salvia extract, aroma soaps, and a pill hideaway keychain.

I had never experienced salvia before. I have taken mushrooms 4-6 times and never taken LSD but had taken DXM twice. The DXM experiences were pleasurable along with the first 2-3 mushroom attempts. Due to wrong mindset, setting, and atmosphere the remaining mushroom trips were not only undesirable but have changed my outlook on further mushroom consumption. Salvia is NOT a Weed-like/alternative. Salvia is more similar to mushrooms and/or acid. I was for the most part un-aware of this. I smoked salvia out of a very nice bubbler. The first lungful was enough! Once lit, I cherried the bowl and pumped the carb, filling and clearing the chamber in two quick yet cloudy attempts. As instructed, I held in the smoke for approximately 30 seconds. The feelings were immediate, before even putting the bubbler down.

The feelings were quick and unfamiliar. The salvia hit had changed the normal and familiar setting (the fraternity house TV/smoke room) into and unfamiliar “place.” This place was not earth nor bound by the laws of physics and reality. I felt pressed or sucked downward. I went to put the bubbler down but I felt I couldn't reach the table although I could see it right in front of me. Once my hand got closer to the table the table seemed not to fit proportionally or spatially in relation to my hand. I think I set the bubbler down or one of my spotters (friends watching and getting a free laugh) helped me. From there the sucking or downward force took a hold of me.

Here is the peak of the experience, after looking up from the pseudo-fetal position I felt squished or pressed even further. My vision spectrum was limited horizontally. The room, with its slanted sealing, seemed to be closing, declining in angle like shutting a book. The “shutting of the book” feeling continued for almost the rest of the experience. I felt as if all of my friend’s face, except for the girl who also smoked salvia, were distorted and unclear. I looked to her for some sort of comfort.

Now things get real foggy. I felt as if everyone except the girl was playing a trick on me, although I bought and decided to smoke the salvia. In the beginning of the trip I forgot I had even done anything to get intoxicated. I seemed as if to be stuck to a page (from the book feeling) and everyone had their own page. Then the words “you only need to hit it once” ran through my mind (because someone said them). I responded in what I thought to be “I know, that’s all I did.” Yet, the increasing strength of the salvia made me feel as if I was doing something to increase the effect. I have faint feelings of my hand sweeping back and fourth. My spotter later told me I was curling my hand in a hook shaped manner not sure as to why or in reference to what. To me it felt as if I was turning the pages of the book. Keep in mind these thoughts are occurring one after another if not simultaneously and quite possibly not in this exact order due to the effects of the drug usage. Although none of the mention effects are dramaticized, the time frame and duration are blurry.

In that same instant, I felt as if my page turning was making me more intoxicated. I couldn't seem to do whatever I was trying to do with the whole page turning/ out of alignment situation therefore I kept doing it and that repetitive action seemed to increase the effects of the salvia. Anyways I felt that each time I “turned the page” I was getting more and more intoxicated. I faintly remember thinking about them as licks or hits and I remember a feeling of repeated licks or hits. Some I have heard refer to something similar but stated “a tearing away or tearing feeling.” I feel my page turning/feeling of repetitive “licks”, almost like taking one “whip it” after another, is what some mentioned as the tearing sensation or feeling. At the same time I felt as if the pages were actually turning.

I have recollection of being sort of blind in one eye. I remember looking in one direction and I could only see one side of the image yet, the image was mirrored on a vertical line in the middle of my sight. I shifted to change the image. The images were of the actual setting I didn't see any universe/aliens/animals/other people. It was me and my friends, exactly where I was moments before but now things had changed. As I stated earlier, my vision was compacted, my visual perception was completely not there, I still felt that I was making myself more intoxicated. The “page turning” was fast as if it was like a flip book yet, the flip book was in vivid and streaming colors. The odd part was …. I was flipping the book. This is what I mean by feeling like I was taking repetitive “licks or hits.” In the same way as a book has a certain number of pages I felt that I was using an amount of a certain thing. The feeling of taking “licks” seem to stop as I realized that I had smoked salvia and that it was the smoking and not the repetitive “page turning/lick or hit action” that was making me feel more intoxicated.

I have also used NO (nitric oxide) for dental purposes. In my first experience with it the pump used to pump out the gas seemed to speed up eventually to a point where it seemed to burst or stop and there was a white calm/numbing sensation. This effect was present throughout the duration of the experience. My core body temperature seemed to rise although I have no proof of this. After the experience, it left me as confused and disoriented as the actual experience. I felt lost during the experience, hence I felt lost after. If anyone has tried mushrooms and experienced what my friends and I like to call “missions” or goals/ “wandering,” this feelings is what I felt like during and for about 10 minutes after. From what I gathered from talking to my friends and my own perception (although obviousally disoriented) I believe I was only “in the trip” or “land of salvia” as I have heard it referred to, for a few minutes (3-7).

In regards to the land of salvia, I had also taken a second bong hit about an hour later. This time alone and in my apartment. Immediately after making and packing the tinfoil and water bottle bong, I gave another rip towards salvia intoxication. This time I was more careful about the quantity I consumed since my first rip simulated that of a weed hit. Careful not to clear the entire bottle I felt the drag or downward gravity start. This time I was ready.

I grabbed the foil bowl and ripped it out of the bottle because I knew I would not need another hit!!! I put the smoking bowl into the bottle and ran to the sink to dump it out. I was careful not to inhale anymore smoke because I instantly regretted consuming more of the “lady of salvia” as some call it. I wanted to experience salvia again but at a smaller dose. The feelings and rushes were similar. To counteract the feelings I focused on the videogame (Tony Hawk 3 although TH Project 8 is out) I was playing earlier. The game was racing and the combos flowed (I barley know what buttons I hit anyways to do combos). I was kind of dizzy. The urges passed.

I would say my second encounter definitely gave me insight into what I had experienced an hour before. Smoking salvia changes my state of consciousness. The second time I smoked the salvia I did not feel “tricked” as I did the first time. Yet, I felt the same rush and weighted initial effects although I tried to remove my focus from the substance by playing the videogame the second time.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 58045
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 19, 2007Views: 8,442
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