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100 Hands Touching My Face
by norman
Citation:   norman. "100 Hands Touching My Face: An Experience with Ketamine (exp57954)". Jan 12, 2018.

  insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)


My past experiences with Ketamine I would describe as a high, in no way comparing to the intensity of this trip. At the time, I only planned on doing two or three bumps, this being my fourth time doing K. My friend, I'll call her Sara, an experienced K user, told me to try the straw tequnique, putting a straw in the bag, and then snorting hard through it. Once I did this, I could feel that I got a lot. I gave Sara some, and when she gave the bag back to me there was about 1 bump left. Sara told me that there was about a 1/4 vial left when she did some, the bag previously containing about a full vial. My dealer told me this was strong K, and when Sara took a bump earlier that day, she said it was quite strong.

After we dosed, we went down into a ravine with a bunch of people. I had to go home relatively soon after, so I couldn't stay for long. As we crossed the street, about two minutes after I took it, I started to feel it, the slight loss of balance I had gotten my other times. Once we sat down, I could really feel it strongly(5 minutes). I had barely any idea what was going on around me, I was oh so out of it. I checked the time, and I had to go. It was hitting me hard. As I walked up the slope of the ravine, I did not feel my legs moving, but I looked down, surely enough they were moving, because I had ordered myself to walk (10-15 minutes). I got on the subway, and it felt like Sara was behind me, or I heard her voice. But she wasn't.

I looked for people I knew, and unfortunately it was all older kids from my school that I don't know. I leaned against the wall and waited for the subway. I was terrified that the lack of control I felt over my body was going to make me jump into the tracks. Whenever I wanted to do something, I had to concentrate hard on it and practice it it my mind before doing it. Walk to the subway, go in through the doors, and sit down. Once I got on the train it was unbelievably intense. My hair was in my eyes, so I pushed it to the side. When my hand contacted my face, it didn't hurt, but it was a freaky sensantion. It felt like 1000 hands were touching my face. The whole train home, the main thing on my mind was how I was going to get out of this, which I had to get home to do. So I thought hard and envisioned getting up from my seat and leaving the subway. I was also reflecting about my life. I'm never doing drugs again, I thought to myself. I have since, changed my mind, but I was thinking about what my life had become during the trip. I managed to get onto the subway and onto the bus platform, where I sat down on the bench (this is about 40 minutes after I took the Ketamine.) Some younger kids were fighting and screaming at each other, which drove me insane, probably because of the annoyance. I was still light headed when I got on the bus and came home. A kick in the balls was that my mom was home, she said she wouldn't be home till late that night. I layed down in my bed, which was my goal since I got on the subway. That part of the trip was almost like a video game. When I finally lay down, I felt a huge feeling of relief from fatigue, and everything went black for about 5 seconds.

About 20 minutes after lying down, still feeling like shit, I decided to get up and watch some TV, to avoid my mother's suspicion. I felt a bit ill for a while after that. Everytime I tried to get up for about an hour after I started watching TV, I had to sit down after about 5 minutes. Gradually, my mind went back to normal. That night, feeling 100% fine was like a high of it's own. The next morning I had a hangover, a sick stomach, constant feelings of throwing up and diharrhea.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 57954
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 12, 2018Views: 750
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