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Technical Overdose
Piperazines - mCPP
Citation:   Rainz3d. "Technical Overdose: An Experience with Piperazines - mCPP (exp57882)". Dec 14, 2006.

300 mg oral mCPP (liquid)

I originally wanted to dose 100mg.

I have 2 bottles of water-dissolved chemicals, each having different potencies:
In my bottle of TFMPP, 15mls is one dose, but from my bottle of McPP, 5mls is one dose.

Getting the two potencies mixed up , I accidentally dosed 15mls of mcpp. This is not my usual 100mg dose but equivalent to 300mg. Realising soon that this was the case, I felt a little worried.


1 hour after ingestion: I felt a strong numbing of face common to this chemical. Nausea rises quickly from here due to dose and I end up over the sink, thinking I should make myself vomit as I overdosed. Do not let worry get in the way of a trip. I remembered this from my DMT days and remained calm.

1-2 hours: Two fingers in the back of throat, and a shower later, I'm feeling perfectly fine (stomach/mind-wise), albeit very happy. Ratings from the Shulgin Scale seem suiting for reporting levels of intensity, and I say a +2 describes me well here.

This ramp from the first to second hour reveals a strong come-up of my mood, like a dawning realization id just won a large sum of money.

2 hours and onward: Despite being a +3 on the scale now, It contains a nature not unlike DXM, in being subtly powerful. By that I mean that I can feel anxious if I work hard at it, but very euphoric and glowing if I just let my mind meld and relax with normal, peaceful, neutral feelings.

I begin to self-analyse my condition:

Psychedelic effects: The psychedelic effects are best described while under the substance's influence, as opposed to after, so thatís what my next report will focus on more.

This is because I concentrated more on the euphoria-like effects instead of them. Although I can say that colour enhancement is very strong and so is an overall psychedelic feel/vibe to the room/walls etc.

Look at a black and white checkerboard with about 1cm squares and you'll know what I mean. It will sparkle and psychedelic lines will appear.

Music: Wow. Music is a totally absorbing experience with the effect of throwing me through many levels of introspection and journey all at once.
I had recently downloaded a album called Killers Only, thinking it would be a 'best psytrance songs CD' as suggested by the name.

No such luck. I turn it on and am instantly blasted with deep, dark, evil darkpsy. And then the classic McPP laughter comes. I see my predicament, tripping on euphoriants and listening to the least happy/euphoric music possible.

And it feels so good to just laugh at this. The laughter is deep, joyous and care-free. I find it very typical on McPP to laugh heartily at my misfortunes.

So I turn on some very ecstasy-like songs such as 'Astral Projection - Burning Up' and 'Kiker - A Night In Berlin'. The introspection is amazing. I fall through the songs and rise up high with the melodies. A perfect balance.

Mind-enhancement: Tonight I find the typical McPP goodies in this area. I go through what I get often on McPP, the problem solving.

1. I can consider a problem, any problem, and can feel my mind work through a heap of possible solutions, most of them being stupid and instantly discarded.
-- An example of a possible, yet stupid solution:
-- Problem: need money---Solution: mug someone

2. Then the Remaining thoughts are considered, and the best picks from this bunch move onto the next stage.

3. This repeats until I have the perfect solution, or solutions.

I feel very in-control. I can actually solve anything. So I sit and think, and come up with all sorts of problems to work through and work through each one quickly and with great precision.

I even can solve complex math problems that I usually would have not the required time, Brainpower or concentration for. This chemical certainly has interesting/positive therapeutic and research implications. Very handy for writing papers and exams also.

I now spend a lot of time just listening to trance music and solving problems. The solutions are very real and perfect, and wondering of their validity, I write a couple down to check while sober**. This is easy as, concentration and focus, I find, is increased tenfold on McPP.

I then start meditating, which I am inexperienced at, just because it felt natural. The meditation had a 'revolutionary' feeling, as well as being very clean and refreshing.

From now until I come down, a +3 rating seems suiting, breaking periodically into brief moments of +4 while meditating and melding exquisitely with the music.

Coming out of the meditation, grinning madly, I glance, then stare at my water bottle. It looks so pretty, pure and sophisticated. I smiling and laugh at it's clean/crisp/perfect/beautiful seeming label with its promises to 'Refresh your mind', 'Hydrate with a boost' and be the 'Perfect way to start a day'.

As previously organised, my friend comes to take me to his place, which contains 3 girls and 4 other guys. The girls are very beautiful, sexy and clean-looking.

The guys seem funnier and more laid-back. I soon become engrossed in their day-to-day stories, which seem more organised, meaningful and interesting than usual. I feel elated and tactically enhanced. Even after going into the bathroom, I just stand for a very long time feeling the running water on my hands.

So, having a laugh about this, I decide to pull myself together and go out into the old-fashioned room, which seems inviting and grounding with colours of gold and brown in the wood.

I continue to have an enlightening time talking and laughing, deciding to go home after about an hour to trip out alone. I arrive home 4 and a half hours into the experience and spend the next 2 hours coming smoothly down to baseline in my friendly-feeling room.

6 and a half hours: I feel +1 on the Shulgin Scale, then floating down to a +0 and almost impercebtibly a -0 soon after.

Baseline: Feeling satisfied with night and that my problems seem solved. Slight resistance to sleep due to excitement, yet fails soon enough.

Morning-after: No hangover at all. McPP doesn't seem to create hangovers.

Psychedelic effects still continue throughout the day in very small amounts.



- Nausea is greatly reduced with about 300-400mgs of ginger. The liquid tastes like utter shit, like liquidised aluminum and seawater to be exact, but is much less intense if mixed in a drink, of course. Aftertaste quite weird/uncomfortable, although easily combated with food of drink.

- After dosing, dehydration is pretty noticeable as is throughout the come-up. This
however is not to a level of significant interference.

- I absorbed all of the chemical, (300mg), despite the self-invoked throwing up later

- Was ingested on almost totally empty stomach

- I get all these same reported effects on lower dosages, but are not as intense .

** I review my solutions written down, and they are still very wise.

Overall, McPP is very worthwhile. I believe I had an absolute blast that came at no cost, despite a well-worth-it $2 price for the trip and having to throw up a few crackers.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 57882
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 14, 2006Views: 34,734
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