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At a Metal Concert, I Was Chosen
LSD & Cannabis
by Mr. L
Citation:   Mr. L. "At a Metal Concert, I Was Chosen: An Experience with LSD & Cannabis (exp57857)". Sep 8, 2009.

0.25 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  0.25 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)


After the long and anticipating 5 month wait, the TooL concert finally arrived! Skipping the crap, we arrived in Jurys Hotel near the point and went into the concert. As Mastodon started playing, I put 1 quarter of a stamp (what I believe to be 75micrograms of LSD) onto my tounge. I was surrounded by friends and an unbeatable atmosphere, with art, lights and great music. A great venue for a 1st LSD trip to say the least!

After Mastodon stopped playing, the quarter of the stamp in my mouth fell out, so I put the other quarter in. I was over an hour after I took the 1st piece, and I was already noticing the effects. I was in great humour, and I couldnít help but laugh and notice my increased apprecation for colours, smell, and the pretty rain that was falling on me (we were outside at the break).

Back inside, Tool came on stage, the place went insane, streaks of colours, like a rainbow, started flying from the ceiling, the atmosphere was electric, people were screaming, jumping, and I couldnít stop laughing, smiling, and loving every little thing that came my way. Maynard put the mic to his mouth and said hello, and I knew taking the acid was definately a good idea. At this point, I was alone in the crowd. I couldnít see any of my friends, and I was surrounded by randomers, but I didnít care. I was never as happy in my entire life, and I knew if I had friends around, I would probably get distracted, so I stayed put, but if I say them, I'd stay with them.

Schism was played 1st, the lights were out, and the Tool Art in the background stood out so much, I couldnít help but sing and throw my hands in the air. I looked behind me, and there was this GIANT pit, I thought it was the most dangerous thing I have ever seen in my life, but it looked like fun, so in I jumped.

I spent the entire concert with randomers, jumping around, screaming, 'singing', shouting 'make some fucking noise!' and smiling. No matter where I looked, there was a mass of thousands of hands dancing in the air. The music took over me. My body was tingling, and my mind was processing 100's of thoughts per second (at least it felt like that). I could feel the weirdness of the acid in flowing through my blood, in the tips of my fingers and circling through my body. I couldnít stop smiling!! The music slowed down, and the lights came down from the ceiling and started rotating (this wasnít the trip, it actually happened) I was incredibly relaxed, full of love / joy / apprecation for everything / amazement / peace. Being part of a huge crowd of Tool fans combined in 1 room, singing and chanting the lyrics of songs we knew backwards was an unbeatable feeling. During the concert, the feeling was a lot stronger than the visual aspects of the trip which I experienced later on. At one part, during Rosetta Stoned, the lyrics sang

'And after calming me down with some orange slices and some fetal spooning
E.T. revealed to me his singular purpose,
He said you are the chosen one.
The one who will deliver the message.
A message of hope for those who choose to hear it
And a warning for those who do not.
Me, the chosen one
They chose me '

I was the chosen one. Or at least I believed I was, it was amazing. I really believed I was put on this earth to be at this concert. To prove to people life is great, and that this feeling and sights was to be expereinced by everyone. Those lyrics stood out the most in the entire concert, and was definately 1 of the highlights of the night.

People all around me had lighters in the air. No matter how good the atmosphere was, or how much I loved the music, I never saw anything as beautiful as thousands of lighters filling the air. I stopped dead, amazed at the twinkling lights surrounding me, all around the arena there were hundreds of lighters filling the air, these petty words cannot describe how amazing it was. Others who have taken acid may be able to relate to this experience, but to those who have not, the best explenation I can give, is your imagination is incapable of dreaming how amazing this spectaculare sight was!

Another part of the AMAZING experience that really stands out to me, is during Stinkfist. I was told how some parts of the journey seem really long, like x10 longer, this was definately the case here. The start of the song has a weird distorted sound for not even 10 seconds, Tool dragged this sound out for what I believe to be a minute or 2, but what felt like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaages!

Raising my hands as part of an endless sea of people was amazing. Turning to randomers, shaking hands, singing along together, smiling constantly, helping people up off the floor, watching in awe/amazment at all the pretty colours/lights/lazers etc. Only a few of the priceless moments that made the concert so *canít find a word to describe the concert*.

The concert ended. I was exhausted, my body was ready to sleep for days on end, but my mind was never so awake. It was a weird combination to say the least! I exited through the side door and decided this would be a good time so start looking for friends. Dressed in a t-shirt in the rain, I climbed a metal staircase leading to the roof of the point. I thought this would be a good outpost to search for friends, but acid+stairs = no, so I climbed down and walked in the direction I thought was jurys.

I must have asked 30 people 'is this the right way to jury's?' on that stretch of road, even though I knew I kept asking people, I wanted to make sure I didnít imagine someone giving me directions, not that I believed it was possible, but finding jury's seemed too important to care about asking for directions. The walk from The Point - Jury's Hotel was an adventure of its own. Rain, REALLY REALLY happy people, more rain, guards, and me. I kept walking, but it looked like I was going nowhere and the floor was moving! The music was ringing in my ears, and I couldnít believe the concert was over!

Eventually, I got to Jury's, and made my way past the guards/security without trouble because of flashing my Key Card for the room. I entered the elevator, but there was a problem, I didnít know where to start! It was so bright, so funny, and there were so many buttons!! Another guy jumped in, and pressed #1. I pressed #5, and we chatted about the concert. After what felt like an hour, the doors FINALLY opened. At last that weird elevator-on-acid feeling was over. 'Hey man, arenít you going to #5?' I eventually got into my apartment, and basically exploded over everything. The contents of my pockets were thrown upon the floor, only to be left to be found in the morning. I didnít care. I had just experienced the best night of my life, but little did I know it was far from over :)

The difference between the life of the loud concert, to being in a quiet, well organised, tidy (minus my crap on the floor) hotel room was *canít find a word for this either*. I rang a friend again, I tried turning on the TV, but all I could get was the annoying buzz when you donít select a channel.

I needed music, Fast! I tried ringing another few friends who were staying in jurys, (very hard task) but I had no luck. I tried ringing other friends to get my mind off the emptyness of the empty room, (it seemed x100000 emptier, guess why? :p) Eventually someone came back. We turned on music and waited for the rest of them, talking, laughing, tripping....tripping, and tripping. The bed, which had a weird design down the middle of it, looked like a treadmill, rotating constantly.

The next part of the night, was a horribly difficult but compulsary task. A friend left his ring in our room (which was the rendezvous point earlier) and his gf had my jumper, they werenít allowed inside! I had to make my way down the elevator and trade the items in front of numerous guards+security! When I came back, more people had joined our room, and were rolling spliffs :) Another 2 joined us soon, and we continued to smoke/talk/laugh/trip/trip and trip :)

I remember looking at my jeans. The creases on them came alive. It looked like there was a dozen snakes in my jeans, moving around frantically, The laces in a shoe on the floor came alive and started moving about, melting into the carpet and sinking into the room, Stalligmites/Stalligtights *not sure which is which* hung from the ceiling as colours, green, pink, blue, purple, violet, red, orange, brown, white etc. They all sparkled and shimmerd as if they were light and someone was blowing at them, it was truely beautiful.
The picture on the wall looked like it had 10 layers to it, and each was clearly visible. The water from the shower (I took 2 showers) tinted red in the pearly white bathroom and changed to a light blue as it hit my chest. I felt like a slug in the shower. Dressing myself seemed impossible. Drying myself felt like hours. My tastebuds multiplied x10000, so smoking widow/homegrown/pollum was nice :)

I was very hungry. Some guy pulled out sandwhiches and gave me one! Looking out from the top middle floor of Jury's onto the Liffey/Dublin City was amazing. Not being able to express myself was frustrating, but 'DEEPER MEANING MAN' kinda solved that :p.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 57857
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 8, 2009Views: 6,440
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LSD (2) : Music Discussion (22), Glowing Experiences (4), Festival / Lg. Crowd (24)

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