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The Trip Of a Lifetime
Citation:   Frank. "The Trip Of a Lifetime: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp57799)". Sep 8, 2009.

4.5 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
It all started out one evening on the internet, when my one friend, let's call him Stan, was searching for festivals to buy hallucinagins. We came across a place roughly three hours from where we lived, and it was the following Saturday. We decided to take on the adventure.

As we arrived, it was not much of a festival, but actually a man's house with a lake, deep secluded in the woods. He did have some psychadelic bands playing on a little stage though, so me and Stan were hopeful. A little while after we got there, a man asked us if we wanted any psychadelics. Me and Stan lit up, and said 'sure'. The man then took us to his truck, where he showed us a bag full of tiny broken up mushrooms. We payed the man for 9.0 grams, and went on our way. We went to Stan's truck and split the mushrooms in half, and ingested the booms.

We decided we wanted to trip down by the lake the man had, which was about 500 feet away. We quickly got wood and chairs and scampered down to the lake, making sure to get the fire going before the booms hit us. As we started to attempt to make the fire, they started to hit us, way sooner than mushrooms have ever hitten us. Over the next twenty minutes we attempted to get the fire going, but soon we just gave up, because the mushrooms were taking over, and so we just sat there by the wood, in the dark, two young boys. It was quite a funny sight, because people walked down to the lake as well, and just saw two funny looking kids sitting in the dark by a bunch of wood and paper, with no fire. It was very, very cold outside, and me and Stan thought we dressed appropriately. But I was starting to become extremely cold, and I couldn't take it anymore. I kept telling Stan that we had to go back to his truck and turn on the heat, because I couldn't bear this. He agreed and we trekked back.

On the walk to the truck, I made a comment of what would the people at our school think if they knew we both drove 3 hours almost to Pennsylvania to some guyís house we donít know, to trip on hallucinogenic mushrooms. It was good laugh. In the truck, things were again getting more and more intense. At this point Stan reminded me of a kid I knew back home for some odd reason, and for the whole night he did. Just the way he acted and said things, was an exact replica of that kids demeanor.

The intenseness still increasing, with the visuals getting intense, I just wanted to be quiet and not talk. Stan kept talking and I was getting quite annoyed with him. I told him my situation, of how why we canít just sit in silence and enjoy, and he would say ok, but it didnít work out, he ended up talking still. And finally I said ďStan, seriously, just stop talking, or Iíll punch you in the faceĒ with my arm raised. He looked extremely scared, and I said ďbut I donít want to hurt your feelings, itís not like I donít like you, I just want silenceĒ. Then for the next what seemed like hours, I had a conversation with him, going over roughly this sentence. I would say ďStan I just donít want you to talkÖ..but at the same time, I donít want your feelings to be hurt.Ē

Things continued to get more intense, and finally, I realized how pointless and stupid the world is, and suicide would be the most reasonable thing to do, and Stan completely agreed. I then felt a true feeling of depression. I actually felt a feeling deep inside of me that was of a complete total depression, and it was the worst feeling anyone could ever feel. The intenseness kept increasing, and I truly had no control over anything, my body, my mind, the world. I thought for sure that my parents knew I was here on shrooms, and they were driving here, and were going to arrive in 5 minutes. I kept waiting to see my dad in the window. At this point, I looked at Stan and said ďprotect meĒ as if I wanted him to protect me against evil, against the world, against me hurting myself, against anything. It was as if he was the only person in the world who understood me, and I felt an extremely deep connection. I kept repeating ďprotect meĒ in different intervals of the night. I had no idea what to do at this point, the intensity still increasing. I opened Stanís truck door and jumped outside and onto the ground, and just layed there. There were sounds everywhere, the wind rattling the grass, and I was waiting for my dad to come. Then Stan told me to get back in the truck repeatedly, and it was if he cared about me so much. I got back in the truck, the intensity still increasing.

What happened for the next what seemed like endless amount of time, I can barely put into words. My entire ego was destroyed, my entire person of who I was, was gone. I had no memory of anything. All of my senses were blended together, I could do nothing but sit there and watch. Things were flashing in front of my eyes, I saw demon faces in the windows of Stanís truck, but they didnít scare me, because I couldnít be scared, I couldnít be anything. I just existed. Then it seemed as if I had to relive my entire life again to find out who I was. Every time I blinked my eyes, my whole world would shift into a different time of my life, from an infant, to the present. I would blink my eyes one time and I would be riding my snowmobile in a snow covered area up near my cabin. I would blink again, and it would be a different time of my life. It was as if I was reliving my whole life again, learning who I was. I was in a trance like this for what seemed like ages. I then knew who I was, but all of my senses were still one.

Then I was in Stanís truck again, and things were floating around and things were there that was literally a 100 percent real object, but in reality, it wasnít there. I remember staring at my knee for a long time, because a 4 inch stick was hovering above my knee, just hovering, hanging out. It was literally there, a real stick just floating. I could have grabbed it. Iím not quite sure was else all I saw, as the stick is the only thing I remember. Even what Iím telling you right now, is only about half of what actually happened, as I forgot most of the things.

At this moment, Stan came into the truck, apparently he was gone, and he said we had to leave, and he started driving away. [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!] At this point I regained all my separate senses. It was an extremely weird feeling, as if the world was a brand new thing I never saw before. It seemed like I took a bowel movement in my pants, and I checked, but the feeling was that of my butt, a normal feeling that u feel everyday. As Stan drove away, my mouth was completely open, just in awe at the world around me. It was as if Iíve never seen this world before, and I felt like this was heaven.

As Stan kept driving, he asked me where to go, and I said straight. He followed my directions, and I was totally stunned. He followed my directions, and I felt like a god. AT the time, I had NO IDEA where we were, or anything around me. I just said straight because it looked interesting, and he followed. It turns out, straight was the right way, and I actually knew that in the back of my mind, but I didnít know that at the time. For the next 30 minutes or so, my mouth was still wide open, still in awe at the world around me, and awe about the experience I just went through. I felt as if I just lived 50 years. Gradually the aweness wore off, and my mouth shut after about another 30 minutes. And then we drove home, the longest drive of my life.

In retrospect, those mushrooms I had were extremely more potent than any I had ever eaten before, even more intense than a 7.0 gram trip I had earlier that year. And relating shrooms to acid, acid is more of a good time, with less possibility of a bad trip, and not as much of a punch in the face. Mushrooms on the other hand is a better experience. I go through the bad times, the good times, and just think about life more, and just learn more. While I may not have as much fun on shrooms than on acid, my most memorable times on psychadelics have been on shrooms. I still think about this experience quite often, almost daily. It was the most memorable time of my life.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 57799
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 8, 2009Views: 13,477
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Mushrooms (39) : Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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