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Dissapointing Until It Wasn't At All Dissapointing
by The Recreationalist
Citation:   The Recreationalist. "Dissapointing Until It Wasn't At All Dissapointing: An Experience with Codeine (exp57720)". Erowid.org. Jan 9, 2018. erowid.org/exp/57720

T+ 0:00
  smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  T+ 0:00 90 mg oral Codeine (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:32 30 mg oral Codeine (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:35 30 mg oral Codeine (pill / tablet)
  T+ 1:35 17 mg insufflated Codeine (ground / crushed)


I'm someone is who very interested in recreational drug use. I got my head-start a year or two back in the summer after 9th grade. I was very interested in the concept of being in a 'different state of mind' other than sobriety, and it just fascinated me read experiences on Erowid of marijuana users. So, as anyone would, I got my friend to introduce me to his dealer and I bought a couple grams. I tried smoking pot for the first time and I was quite unimpressed. My ex-girlfriend was always a chemical user, and one day she asked me to come to the mall with her so she could pick up a couple vials of ketamine as she wanted the company. On the way there, I kept asking her how a ketamine high was like. She tried to explain it but I didn't really understand. When we arrived and she picked up, she offered me a bump. Extremely reluctant to try it, I sucked it up and sniffed the bump. Since that time, I've used only a few other drugs. I have experience with marijuana, ketamine, ecstasy (MDMA), methamphetamine, and now, codeine. The next drug I plan to experiment with is DXM, and when I work up the courage, cocaine.

Anyways, after hearing about how codeine can be used recreationally, I thought about the Tylenol 3's I was prescribed post-surgery a few months ago. I had only taken about 3 out of the bottle after my surgery, as I didn't experience that much pain while recovering from the surgery. A couple days ago I started searching for the bottle. About an hour ago, I opened my medicine cabinet and there they were -- a near full bottle of Tylenol 3's. I read the label and found that these have 30mg codeine, 300mg acetaminophen, and 15mg caffeine per pill. This really excited me.

I decided to pocket the bottles and do a bit more research. After about an hour of research on codeine and acetaminophen, I decided to go out for a smoke. I went over to a very close friend's house whom I usually go for a smoke with and lit up. I pulled out the pills and showed him. Being someone who is strongly against my drug use, he told me I was an idiot. I asked him to get me something to drink so I could pop the pills and he brought out a Diet Coke. Being a very tall and heavy person (6'3 @ 255lbs), I thought I'd probably need a bit more than the doses other users reported tripping on. I popped 3 pills with the Diet Coke, finished my smoke, and went back home. Now here I am. Now allow me to begin:

8:25PM -> I dropped 3 pills at a friend's house. I started walking back to my house.
(Current Total: 90mg codeine + 900mg acetaminophen)

8:56PM -> I've been home for about half an hour, and I'm sitting here and I feel nothing thus far.
(Current Total: 90mg codeine + 900mg acetaminophen)

8:57PM -> I'm dropping another pill.
(Current Total: 120mg codeine + 1200mg acetaminophen)

9:00PM -> Due to my height and weight, I'm thinking about the fact that I may need a much higher dose, so I've popped 1 more pill just to be sure. I'm considering insufflating the next pill I take in about 20 minutes if I don't feel anything at that point. (Current Total: 150mg codeine + 1500mg acetaminophen)

9:12PM -> Seems like bullshit so far. I feel nothing. In about 15 minutes I'm going to take another pill by means of insufflation. I'm off to the washroom right now to crush up a pill.
(Current Total: 150mg codeine + 1500mg acetaminophen)

9:49PM -> About 7 minutes ago I snorted a pill. It wasn't grinded very finely and it was a bit painful. It hurts quite a bit more than ketamine. My nose is still burning a bit. I looked in the mirror and noticed my pupils were quite small. I don't necessarily feel 'high' but I do notice that I'm feeling quite relaxed, calm, and chillin'. It's a really nice feeling but it's not enough. I'm sure there's more to the high than this. I kind of feel like going out for a smoke, but I feel a bit too lazy too.
(Current Total: 180mg codeine + 1800mg acetaminophen)

10:14PM -> This is awesome. I've underestimated this drug. This feeling is hard to explain. I feel fantastic. Very warm, relaxed, calm, sedated, chillin', and happy. I feel very, very nice. I love this. Codeine has just become my new drug of choice.
I feel very, very nice. I love this. Codeine has just become my new drug of choice.
Since this is my first time trying it, and these are from prescription, I don't really know if codeine is going to be economically satisfying when I buy it on the street. Considering I take 6 pills to feel it, I'm unsure, however I heard codeine was dirt cheap.
(Current Total: 180mg codeine + 1800mg acetaminophen)

In review: It's a very nice feeling. It's overly enjoyable, actually. It's fantastic, and the best part is that I am clear-headed. I'm not 'fucked up'. This is also what I really enjoy about using ecstasy (MDMA). This is awesome.

Once again, thank you very much to a very reputable website I often use for the fantastic service you provide. I love being able to safely use the drugs I experiment with. You've opened me up to a new drug of choice.

Next week after I try DXM, I'll post a report. :)

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 57720
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 9, 2018Views: 5,866
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Codeine (14) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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