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Euphoria and Wasted Potential
4-Acetoxy-MiPT (Fumarate)
Citation:   Deptstoremook. "Euphoria and Wasted Potential: An Experience with 4-Acetoxy-MiPT (Fumarate) (exp57627)". Jan 10, 2007.

T+ 0:00
6.25 mg oral 4-AcO-MiPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:30 6.25 mg oral 4-AcO-MiPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:10 6.25 mg oral 4-AcO-MiPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:00 6.25 mg oral 4-AcO-MiPT (powder / crystals)
I recently ordered some 4-ACO-MiPT fumarate after hearing that its action was very similar to psilocybin, and that it was relatively mild. It seemed like a good RC to start with (my only other RC experience was a poor AMT experience a couple years ago). I received the package tonight and eyeballed (spare me, I know it's not very reliable) the 100mg order into 8 piles (each 12.5mg). At 8:15 MDT (10 minutes ago) I ingested 1/2 of one of the piles, approximately 6.25mg (6.25 to be safe).

t+0:00 - Parachuted 6.25 4-ACO-MiPT on a fairly empty stomach (last ate 3 hours ago). I am in my dorm room and since it's thanksgiving break nobody is around. I feel excited and jittery, but this is par for the course when trying new drugs.

t+0:30 - Definitely some threshold effects, muscle rubberiness and tingling on turns, slight heartburn, slight nausea, general threshold-type effects. Ingesting 6.25mg more slightly ahead of schedule because I think I can see the nature of the substance now and 6.25 should be safe.

t+0:50 - effects becoming more prominent now and it is difficult to communicate the exact nature of them, but I feel very 'spaced out,' the rubberiness of muscles has increased and sounds are altered, for certain. Though open eye visuals are almost non-existent I'm displaying an almost child-like fascination in such simple phenomena as the fact that when I turn off a light switch the light in the room changes. Very positive so far, will keep posted.

t+1:10 took another 6.25 because reports indicate that 13-20 is common dose and I'm feeling confident with the effects thus far that I can handle whatever this drug can throw at me (and that I would like to have the opportunity to handle it). Effects have scaled up since last post, motor control is at a minus and I'm starting to see definite colors in my vision, things are vibrating and vocalizing/putting into words of my thoughts is becoming difficult (apologies for the stream of consciousness like post, will try to compose myself next time). Very good body high going right now, just pleasant euphoria (would probably apply similar terms to the mental high, a type of euphoric fuzziness).

t+1:50 - Effects very significant at this point, went for a walk down the hall and the sides were subtly warping into concavity and convexity. Everything with shadows seems to be suspect to this brand of visual disturbance, with evenly lit areas less prone. Orgasm is very possible and occured in what appears as a stop-frame sequence in retrospect (in my memory).

Also memories take the flavor of whatever I am currently looking at, for instance the banner ad at the top of this page is in watercolor so all my memories are remembered with a faintly watercolored hue. Again this is mental and not overtly visual (so far there is nothing of that).

Conversation at this point seems impossible but while walking through the hallway stop and spoke to my RA (a swell guy) wished him a happy thanksgiving and was 100% fine, must just be a mental aversion.

Eating chips is lackluster, very ignorable. I think I might like to see some bright lights and that I might go for a walk outside. I will post a report later.

t+2:00 another 6.25mg dose was taken at this point.

t+2:00-2:45: I walked down a way until I found some random rock that i decided to sit on and stared up at the sky. to my NE and NW were street lamps that when I looked up seemed to project their light into the sky building a warping and transforming red and blue and black light show, the pine trees assumed the shape of essential cones and projected contours of inverse cones directly over their termination points.

I borrowed a friend's mp3 player. briefly my taste in music is electronic so I was just bouncing around his bad (to me ) playlist when I saw 'wyclef'. I like Wyclef Jean so I decided to listen to whatever track this was. It was 'Hips Don't Lie' by Shakira (featuring Wyclef only), it's the stupidest song but there is a (I think?) trumpet part in it that was just the most beautiful melody I have ever heard, that sort of catapulted me (as though the conical projections didn't give you a clue) into this empatheogen-like thing where all I could do (can do) is smile.

My roommate came back and I tried to talk to him but couldn't really get my thoughts together and just ended up saying 'good' 5-20 times.

Mentally: since I had borrowed my friend's MP3 player I was extremely concerned (but not in a way that hurt my experience) with its wellbeing and the all-in-all way I composed myself, I felt mentally the equivalent (this is exceedingly hard to describe) of the narrator's voice's attitude in the chapter of Ulysses entitled 'Ithaca.' For those who have not read the book the chapter is phrased in catechism format and details the return of the main character to his home after a long day in Dublin, the descriptions of the scenery are among some of the greatest in English literature and I felt like that entire description was somehow (sort of) happening at that very moment.

t+3:00 -- closed eye visuals are amazing, geometrics with flashes of multi-colored lightning along the geometric lines in time with the music I'm listening to. Apparently the drug's effects work with music worth a damn, too--Herbie Hancock's Chameleon is a great piece of work sober, and it's soul-vibratingly good now.

best way to describe body high: opiate with tics and tremors (largely uncontrollable, minorly as a result of the music).

t+4:00 decrease in effects but still feeling much of the body high and some of the mental, no desire to experience closed-eye visuals. Nausea that was present through the entire trip still is, but nothing to write home about. Looking back on the last four hours is like staring out across a landscape of colors and shapes which remain to be charted (in other words, I'm still pretty high and I think I'm going to wait until tomorrow and do an objective writeup of effects). I will continue to post any relevant effects, though I think the drug has run its course.

t+8:20 (psychedelic-induced insomnia update)

I feel like I finally have the wherewithal to give at least a cursory retrospective summary, I can't sleep an definitely don't feel totally sober, but I definitely feel like I've come down substantially from my last update.

I want to make an observation before I go into detail on the entire trip. The last part of the trip was spent in bed, in the dark (between approximately 1:30 and 3:00 is the pertinent time period). During that time period most of the more subtle mental effects of the drug came out (and if you'll look at the timing of the trip this must have been after the first two doses had either finished up or were almost finished). I had what I would consider somewhat profound changes in thought processing, and it sort of hinted at what the potential of this drug is, the portion of the trip prior I remember as a haze of disconnected pictures sensations and actions, but the ending part gave me enough time and calmness to see that this drug has potential.

In short, I didn't do it right tonight. I jumped in headfirst with a large dose and it gave me a fast-paced tour of the drug, but in between doses and going out and about on whatever whim was in my mind, I didn't really gain anything from the experience.

I think that this drug has potential. I think that it can enhance creativity, break traditional thought patterns and be a euphoric experience, but tonight (last night) was only the lattermost. I also think this drug has combination potential--I think marijuana might cause a breakthrough if smoked on the peak of effects (I didn't have a true 'peak' because of my dosage scheme)

I want to take a second shot, this time, I'll dose properly (30mg in one shot) and smoke on the peak. I think it might be significant this way, instead of just a throwaway evening of euphoria.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 57627
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 10, 2007Views: 10,317
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