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Hallucinogenic Mind Fuck!
Diphenhydramine (Benadryl)
by Random
Citation:   Random. "Hallucinogenic Mind Fuck!: An Experience with Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) (exp57102)". Sep 6, 2009.

400 mg oral Diphenhydramine (pill / tablet)
  200 mg oral Diphenhydramine (pill / tablet)


At 17 I have only smoked weed, alot, done salvia a number of times and takin a bunch of different pills. This trip was on a tuesday night. I had read about the kind of trips you can get off benadryl, so I decided monday night that I would trip the next day. It was tuesday and I felt good about tripping because school was chill and work was efficient, dispite how anxious I was. I left work and bought a box of benadryl with one active ingrediant, then headed home.

I got home and remembered that this guy was delivering an entertainment system and had to help with that. He was a friend of ours so he ended up talking with my mom for like 45 min. or so. After he left I ran out to my car to get the dryl, I faked like I was getting my sweatshirt and snuck the box in. Our front door is near couch where mom was sitting. I then told my mom I would play around on my turntables for awhile and then go to bed, so she wouldn’t call me down for anything later. I took the 25mg pills, 50 mills at a time. I spread this out throughout an hour or so stopping at 400mg. I began scratching on my tables knowing I wouldn’t be bugged.

About 45 min in or so I felt really weird, my head felt 'Hazy' like I was buzzing from weed. After that I knew they had kicked in a good portion because there were blips of rainbow light in my field of vision that would scatter off to the left or right. After another 30 min I felt really floaty, the music and scratches seemed so perfect, I was infinitely on rythmn. I looked at the pop up lights on my tables and the glow around them was a thick bright rainbowy sphere. I thought this was amazing and kept scratching.

Then I noticed slight movement in my peripheral vision. I moved my head in the direction of the movements and realized I was really fucked up, I felt like I weighed a 1,000 pounds, so I grabbed my computer and sat on my couch in the middle of my room. I felt that since some of the stronger effects were coming on I should sit down so I could be ready for the rest of the come up. When I sat down I felt very euphoric and played the music from my laptop. The music was instrumental so it had a strong mental effect on me. As I sat there the screen went black but kept playing the music, I didn’t have a screen saver so it just idled. This is where the effects became more and more intense. I have never hallucinated before and my heart was racing. I then looked into my computers reflection and saw something, when I looked closer my bed and sheets were dancing like in a disco. I thought this was amazing. Instrumental music still playing, I looked around and everything I looked at was dancing like it was at a rave or something. I stared at my carpet and the designs looked like they were floating an inch above the carpet.

At this time I couldn’t focus on anything for more than a minute or so because every few seconds something would catch my eye in my peripherals, making me jump to that direction to see what was happening. It was like things in my room were fighting to show me things, so they would out do each other by shifting my attention in a different direction every few seconds. I then decided to space the hallucinations out so I could focus on them. I distinctly remember looking in the corner of my room and seeing a clear creature that looked like a bag of lays chips dancing on my wall, it had tentacles and was moving in slow then fast movements. It would slither in different directions and seemed to be on beat with the instrumentals.

My walls were white and made me trip harder because it is easy to visualize things on blank walls. I then just let my mind empty through hallucinations for the rest of the night. I had also heard auditory hallucinations on the come up, like people talking from my school, and my name being called. Shit was fucked up now I saw spiders that dissapeared and saw a rat crawling around in a dark corner of my room. I went to check it out turning on my light to find nothing. After I turned it off it would come out again, sniff around and run under the twitching dancing black bag.

During all this I was mentally shit on, everything I thought would appear in some form. But I wasn’t controlling my thoughts, they were just flowing in a mental stream through hallucinations. I would accasionally feel like a tripping pro even though I have never hallucinated before, then feel mentally used and scared. This happened to the point of me getting up and writing down 'it is not real, you’re tripping' on an envelope that was on my dresser. I sat this next to me and proceeded to be raped mentally and visually. Later I found that I never wrote anything on any paper.

All of my walls looked like they were living, and would flow with a clear jellow type effect. After staring at my green lava lamp for a while I looked at the wall in front of it and saw a bright green sloppy ball of cursive writing that had words, but were in a messy ball. I thought this was very interesting, because I hadn’t heard any reports on color shifting hallucinations on this drug. By this time being like 1:25am or so I felt as though I was running out of hallucinations, because everything had the same old dancing twitching effect and I wasn’t afraid anymore, so I took the remaining pills. I was at 400mg and dosed the rest equaling 600mg.

Throughout this experience note that I was drinking monsters to keep from falling asleep, and while taking the can to my lips I would shake frantically. When I sat on my bed next to my lamp to count out the rest of the pills, my clock started to mumble things to me. I dropped the pills 3 or 4 times before focusing hard enough to grasp them. It’s hard to remember the exact auditory hallucinations that night, but I remember it said something about taking more pills, I told it out loud to shut up and took the rest. But I did this without even making the slightest hesitation, I really thought it was talking to me on a human-like level.

I then sat back on my couch and stared at this small mark on my wall, it would jitter for a second then start to slowly move, it had no pattern it looked like it was flowing in water, very slowly. More hallucinations persisted until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. I went to lay down and remember seeing my xbox perform one last dance for me, twitching and shifting about. After I turned my lights off the light from outside seeped through my window, that started morphing and taking odd shapes that danced. The last main visuals I remember that are unique to this day was how my shadows looked like scrunched up fabric, they honestly looked like I could pull them off the wall. They looked completely 3D and materialized. Other things took shapes and morphed until my eyes completely shut around 2:30. Dosing an hour before this was STUPID AS FUCK, especially having to get up for school at 5:45.

Phone alarm goes off 5:45. Opening the phone to shut it off was extremely painful on the eyes, it felt like there was a fucking super nova inches from my eyes. I shut my eyes mashing buttons until it shut off. I still felt fucked up, it was hard to walk, and I felt like I was still in a dream state. I stumbled downstairs slurring random incoherent things to the shower. The shower didn’t help. By the time I got out I was still hearing things and tried to convince my mom to let me stay home. She said no asking me why. I tried, but all that came out was shit on a stick. She then started to yell because I wouldn’t tell her why I was saying this bullshit.

As she was trying to force an answer I put my head in my lap and stared at my pant leg. Now total FEAR FEAR FEAR ran through my body as I saw my pant leg dance like the shit the night before. My head shot up and she stopped yelling and looked at me funny. Despite the feeling of her eyes fixed on me I looked around to see if I was really hallucinating. I realized that I had still been seeing shit as plants and the dvd player in the living room started twitching. I knew I was fucked and begged to stay home making up anything that came to mind. No, was what I heard as I sucked it up and tripped on my way to my car.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

At this point all I could hope for was to not get in an accident. But as I was driving I played the music low and focused on the road and street signs, I found myself calming down. Now the world was so dreamy, the street lights looked like they were floating in mid air, and the stop lights were thick. Their radius was huge unlike the starry shroom effect (from what I’ve read) it was the total opposite, it seemed more peaceful as the hallucinations turned from shaky trees to just thinking trash cans were people. By the time I got to school (15 min. drive) I was calm except that walking to the building was hard because I couldn’t feel the ground beneath me. But I played it off well.

The rest of the day and three shitty days after I was experiencing mild 'lostness' and jumpy at my peripherals. I also remembered talking to this girl and telling her I was fucked up on dryl and she said she’d call me back later because I sounded fucked up and she couldn’t understand me. I talked to her again, and she said the call never happened, that is freaky. I will definitely take them again but wont dose so late and start on maybe a friday, but not this friday because I finally got connects with real hallucinogenics-SHROOMS! I am in for a trip, I hear there extremely intense.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 57102
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Sep 6, 2009Views: 60,059
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Diphenhydramine (109) : Alone (16), HPPD / Lasting Visuals (40), Hangover / Days After (46), First Times (2), General (1)

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