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I Wish I Sticked to Snorting It
by Robert
Citation:   Robert. "I Wish I Sticked to Snorting It: An Experience with Cocaine (exp57077)". Erowid.org. Apr 26, 2018. erowid.org/exp/57077

  repeated smoked Cocaine


For starters, I'm a 22 year old male who's done basically every drug out there since highschool up until now. Meth, Heroin (IV), Weed, DXM, LSD, Shrooms, Cocaine, lots of prescription drugs, and probably more I cannot even remember. Overall I would say I was most hooked on Meth and think it's the best as far as uppers go by a longshot, but it definately has major drawbacks especially the tremendous and long comedown. Meth took me years to control and learn to resist taking more while coming down (which would only keep me up another halfday). But enough about meth, this is about my newfound experience with smoking cocaine.

I stopped using drugs for several months (absolutely everything) because I moved to Arizona and lost any hookups I had in the process. One night I ask a guy (who looked like a stoner) if he has any weed or knows someone who would sell some. He points towards a car and says 'No but the guy over there sells white stuff'. I go over and ask if I can get a 20 from the guys but they were Mexicans who spoke no English, but eventually understood me and hooked me up with a gram.

After I got home and emptying the bag onto a magazine cover, I was impressed with much they actually gave me (as I thought I would get ripped off). I was worried before, that it must've been cut to high heavens, but it tasted like very potent and good stuff. While I'm cutting it all up into a powder I remember about foil hits my friend used to make and smoke. I tried it once with him but couldn't recall the effects as I only got a small hit on what was remaining from his final foil. I remember the process he used to make them, so figure I'd give it a shot before I start snorting.

After getting a square piece of foil, dropping the coke and baking soda on it (less soda than coke), and adding a drop or two of water I began to swirl it around the rest of the foil until most of it was covered. Then I held a lighter far under it to evaporate the water, being extra careful to not bring the lighter too high and burn away the good stuff.

Once it was dried and ready to smoke, I grabbed a rolled up paper, took a deep breath and inhaled a section of the foil piece. I immediately felt an amazing lightness building through my body and strong euphoria rush through my head as I exhaled. I had to sit down for a second as it was really quite a pleasureable complete body/mind rush. However, a couple minutes later I was jumping to my feet for a second hit. This continued until I smoked everything off of the foil. After that, I definately wanted to try another foil (just one more I figured). But I simply couldn't stop and continued to make and smoke them with the entire 20 sack.

While making that first foil I planned to only do it once and sniff the rest of the gram. I knew that even if I did the foil process good enough, I was essentially smoking crack which I had heard only lasted a few minutes - so I was dead set on simply making one of these foils just to see if I could do it correctly.

As for the high part of it all. The first few minutes are great, but quickly turn to an unpleasent comedown effect and desire for more. Even sniffing lines didn't seem to take away from me wanting to keep making the foils and smoking it. After doing a few full foils already, my heart was beating so fast, and the positive effects seemed to wear off even quicker, leaving a craving for another puff. The cravings were coming faster than my heart could even slow down. At one point I had to lay in a cold shower I felt my heart was beating so fast and I felt so hot, yet was still craving another hit.

Bottom line. I should have sticked to sniffing cocaine if I'm going to do it at all. Smoking it was great for a few minutes but after that it goes downhill, even hits after that get progressively shorter and worse. Also the fiend and addiction factor that lingered after was far worse than any other drug I have tried (even worse than IV heroin which I've used), and that is just frightening and not worth the short lived high by any means.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 57077
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Apr 26, 2018Views: 2,500
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