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It Exploded in His Face
Nitrous Oxide
by n
Citation:   n. "It Exploded in His Face: An Experience with Nitrous Oxide (exp57005)". Jan 4, 2007.

  repeated inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)


A while back I went to my friends house and brought five 24 packs of nitrous oxide canisters and a 1pt whipped cream dispenser I purchased online.

We inhaled about 2 boxes before one of our friends came over accompanied by 3 of his friends. We were high and happy and decided to let these guys in on the nitrous experience. The guys my friend brought over had never tried nitrous oxide before, but the rest of us had done it many, many times.

I divided up the remaining canisters and started the rotation. I informed them to achieve best results they should crack 2 or 3 at once and then take 3 big hits one after the other.

Watching the newbies reactions was hilarious. I was laughing histerically at them when I had the strangest epiphony. I visualized myself as a pink skinned ape-man sitting there hooting the noises that us primates all have in common. I was a chimp all along and I never realized it. How funny is that!

I was still suspended in maniacal laughter when I heard a giant explosion. My eyes were closed so I had no idea if the explosion I heard was real or a hallucination, but didn't put much more thought into it than that. The next thing I heard was my friend screaming 'Holy shit, are you OK?'.

Woah, what?

Wake up.

I opened my eyes.

I heard a scream followed by gurgling. What is going on? Everybody was standing up now, looking down at my friend. I wobbled over to him and looked at him. His nose was smashed in and bleeding furiously as he lay there rolling around, with his hand over his eye.

All of us were sitting there staring at him, not sure what to do. Meanwhile my other friend went and grabbed a bunch of towels and some ice for his nose and eye. We drove him to the hospital and told the nurse that he slipped in the bathroom and slammed his head against the sink. He stayed overnight and was treated for 5 days for a broken nose, concussion, and a cracked skull.

I wasn't sure what happened until I went back to gather all of the equipment. I could not find the part of the dispenser that you use to screw in the canister with. I found the cylinder part of the dispenser, and the half-opened canister that he was trying to crack. I examined the dispenser and saw that the rings where you screw in the canister were stripped and no longer could hold a canister in while it dispensed into the cylinder. It should be noted that that particular dispenser had cracked thousands of canisters by that time and already had some leakage issues if used too much over a short period. When he went to crack the canister it exploded backwards, sending the canister and the screw on part flying backwards towards his face, crushing back his nose and hitting right below his eyebrow before landing on the floor spinning and hissing.

The guy now has a slightly raised left eyebrow and a semi-crooked nose. I could not express to him how sorry I was for what happened. I accepted responsibility for it and helped him pay for his medical bills. I explained to him that though I knew there were leakage issues and I should have been much more careful. He said not to worry because he was also being irresponsible by doing the nitrous oxide to begin with. He's a good guy.

Later that day I ordered a 2pt steel dispenser to prevent this from happening again.

My advice to you: if you are doing nitrous with a large group of people have multiple dispensers, or use crackers. Anything else is just too risky. Death by a nitrous oxide charger isn't the way to go.

Thanks J man,


Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 57005
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 4, 2007Views: 51,640
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