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Attention to the Unreal
Citation:   Rivethead. "Attention to the Unreal: An Experience with LSD (exp56905)". Oct 26, 2006.

T+ 0:00
2 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 1:15   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 6:00   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
I have been trying to get acid for a long time. I had previously tried sugar cubes on two different occasions but they were bunk. Aside from the appeal of experiencing stimuli that do not exist, I was very interested to see how it compared to mushrooms and DXM, both of which I have done numerous times. I got into an argument with a friend who believed that Acid was far more intense than either of those, however the argument fell short because I had never done acid, and he had never done DXM. Needless to say, when my friend called me up saying that he had 2 hits of blotter acid for me, I rushed over to his place and dropped both on the spot.

By the time I got back to my room, I could already feel it building somewhere inside of me. The anxiety was the first symptom I noticed, and as time went on I got more and more giddy and excited. About a quarter of an hour later, I noticed the first visuals. The ceiling of my dorm is textured plaster but I did not remember it being THAT textured. The bumps and marks stood out more than usual, giving it a more 3d look to it. Soon after that, it began to visibly pulse and swirl, not fast, but slowly, like it was a pool of standing water. I was quite amused at this point because I had finally gotten acid that worked!

After giggling to myself at the strangeness of the moving ceiling and walls I noticed a striking similarity to mushrooms. The room would lighten and darken seemingly randomly, much like it does indoors on a partly cloudy day when the sun is blocked periodically. I reasoned that this was because my eyes were contracting and dilating, allowing more or less light to my retina. These effects held steady for the next hour or so while my friend used our printer for her homework. At one point I went into the bathroom, and watched my face change dramatically. I couldn't help but laugh like a madman, enjoying how the trip was going.

After another half hour or so, I was beginning to worry that I had reached the peak. After all, I am used to mushrooms which peak much sooner than LSD. Finally, I decided to walk my friend back to her dorm on the other side of campus. I would soon find that I was the one who needed to be walked, not her.

I stepped outside, smiling constantly and examining the fall night. My first experience with a tree was when I realized, quite suddenly, that the LSD had far from peaked.

I stared at the tree for a second, not particularly, but then I got a strange feeling. I think it was because the whole tree canopy was writhing and flowing like the walls inside. It felt as if the tree was some alien creature. I imagine I felt much the same way a person would feel the first time they saw a tree. For some reason I felt that this massive organism was trying to reach out and grab me which creped me out slightly. I was still smiling though, and took it all in stride, walking on towards the opposite side of campus.

By the time we made it to the Student Union, I was barely able to communicate. Fences, trees, brick walls, anything with an existing pattern would seize all of my attention to the point where I felt no need to talk, just stare and watch. I was able to tell my friend that if I were to stop and look at any one thing for too long, I would get lost in it, unable to communicate or look away without great effort. If I had been walking alone I surely would have explored this further, but we had a destination and that fact kept me on track, though just barely. Walking behind the Union, we passed a construction yard, another awe-inspiring sight. The shear amount of geometric shapes in the scaffolding, fencing and construction equipment threatened to steal my attention once again. I stopped and stared for a bit, watching the shimmering and waving patterns turn into a kaleidoscope of colors, all twisting in at the same direction and speed. The longer I stared, the more other-worldly the hallucinations became, and I was thoroughly happy. This was exactly what I had hoped for.

Past the construction yard I spotted something that looked like a tomato near a dumpster. I approached it, and was thoroughly surprised that it was a squishy foam apple. This discovery made me ecstatic, like I was meant to find this apple. I kept it for the entire trip, and still have it on my desk now. My connection to such a simple and useless item confused me, but again, I just went with it, carrying my apple around with me like it was the sensible thing to do.

We were within sight of my friendís dorm by now, and as I walked down a path (that I thought seemed similar to walking down evolution, though now that I think about it, there was nothing special about this path at all) she exclaimed that I had never heard her play piano. After excitedly agreeing to listen to her play, we took a short walk to the nearby performing arts center. As I walked in the front door, it looked as if the walls were designed with skull motifs above the doors. I stood and stared at them, fairly sure they didn't exist at all, but unable to ask my friend if they were real. When we walked into the lobby of the center, I nearly lost myself again in a fit of laughter. The place, by any standard, is impressive.

The 20 foot ceiling with balconies and crisscrossing supports grabbed my attention first. We then walked up a large staircase which also looked crazy, though I do not remember why. After walking down multi-colored hallways with posters and bulletin boards decorating the walls, I turned the corner into a bright orange passage. The color change hit me like a train, and this time I couldn't control my laughter. I cackled like a crazy man as we walked to the practice room. The whole place was nearly empty, and the only evidence of others was the drifting sound of piano being played from one of the other practice studios. I remember comparing it to the aroma of a freshly cooked meal, wafting from a family kitchen.

We got into a vacant room, which was no larger than 12 by 12, furnished by 1 piano and a few seats. I took a seat and She began to play. Now, after 13 years of practice, it goes unsaid that she is very good, but when she started playing, my world exploded. The body rolls were all-consuming, triggered by certain notes and sounds in the songs that somehow flew from her fingers. To me it seemed like she should be playing in front of a crowd, not in a small back room, she was that amazing! Individual keystrokes would cause different colors to flare, much like playing with different saturation levels on photo editing programs. There is no way I can even hope to explain this in a way that gives it the correct credit. It was amazing, truly and utterly. She played Grande Valse Brillante Op 18 E-flat major, Funeral March from Op. 35, and Fantasie Impromptu Op. 29 in A-flat major, all three by Chopin, Rondo Capriccioso by Felix Mendelssohn, and Prelude in C-sharp minor Op 3 No. 2, by Rachmaninoff. Songs triggered different emotions and feelings, thoughts and visuals.

I truly understand now the power of music and its ability to portray deep emotions that no written word can even hope to describe. Iíve always had a strong connection to music, but nothing remotely close to what occurred in that room. I sat there, in complete amazement as the room around me became everything but what it actually was. My fingertips glowed neon green, non-existent entities left color trails through the air, the walls pulsed and swirled to the music, and notes seemed to hang in the air. My friend changed numerous times throughout her performance. At one point she became an 18th century court elite entertaining a dinner party. At another, she was a fat farmer playing piano, and still other times she was simply a silhouette of strange flowing shapes. The piano legs turned into a roman colonnade and the desk surface I was sitting in front of was a spiraling floral design. I noticed that acid created an amazing amount of external stimulus, but not too many internal thoughts to go with them. I don't remember thinking too much of anything during this period, too intent on the eye candy that was materializing from nowhere to pay attention to my own brain. LSD seemed to hold my attention completely .

She played for about an hour, able to change my emotion with a single chord. At one point we tried to analyze what each note did, with limited success. One series of notes she played reminded me of the cold, and I watched as the room froze in a bluish crystalline pattern, spreading across the walls and ceiling like ice. I kept trying to explain what I was seeing and feeling, but the words wouldnít flow correctly. I was constantly speaking in confusing and awkward sentences, which normally would irritate me, but I was just too happy to care. The performing arts center closed at 12, so we had to leave. I realized that it felt like so much happened in that little room, like I had run a marathon with my eyes alone. I was exhausted from listening! When I got outside, we parted ways and she went back to her dorm and I headed to mine. I noticed that the hardest hallucinations had stopped by then, even the level of intensity I felt when we first left my dorm was gone, as if the music had drained it all out of me. Now that the trip was back down to a mushroom high, I was confident that I could function again, but disappointed that it was all over.

The walk back was rather uneventful until I got to a cement design near my dorm. Supposedly, a fire burned down one of the buildings long ago, and now the area was cursed. If I step on the center of the design I won't graduate on time, or so the story goes. I decided that if there WAS any bad energy here, I would be able to sense it on acid. I stood, looking into the crisp night fairly confident nothing was going to happen. But then I started getting unexplainably uncomfortable...almost scared. I was so surprised that I was actually feeling something that the fear turned to curiosity. Then I saw it. A strange bipedal shape blacker than the night, blacker than anything I have ever seen, moved with super-human speed from the fringe of my vision towards where I was looking. I saw it move from the edge of a nearby building, behind a tree and disappear. I couldn't believe it! Did I just see some manifestation of a ghost? I saw it again, this time on the other side of me. At this point I decided that whether it was a malevolent force or not, it deserved respect, so I left it alone and continued to my dorm.

I took a walk to an abandoned frat house, wondering if I would get any more freaky hallucinations. Supposedly, the place burned up in a meth-lab explosion a few years ago, and a kid died. I sat down on an overgrown blacktop and looked at the building. The windows were boarded up and I watched them change from brown to white. Strange shapes and faces looked back at me from the windows, but only the windows, none of the rest of the building changed in any noticeable way. After watching the clouds race by for a few minutes, I felt as if a great change was occurring, the weather foretold something about the future, but I couldn't place exactly what it was trying to say.

After meeting my friends who sold me the acid, I was both glad and disappointed that I could talk coherently again.

I headed back to my dorm after talking to them for awhile. My head was starting to hurt (similar to the first time I did mushrooms) and when I got inside it had become quite painful. I decided that maybe smoking a bowl would help, so I packed some Northern Lights and smoked it while hanging out with my roommate. As I smoked, the hallucinations hit me again, nearly as intense as back in the performing arts center. He was playing football on PS2 while I smoked. I saw that there were Referees sitting in different locations around our common room. One sat to my left, one to my right, and one stood in front of me near the TV. My roommate changed the channel to cartoons, commenting that watching them would have been strange on acid. Fortunately the trip hadnít ended yet and I watched him turn into a cartoon himself! When I told him this, he stood up and began waving his arms around, which promptly turned into flippers. I laughed hysterically. He thought it was amusing that he had flippers as well.

It was about 2 am by this point and I decided that it was time to go to sleep, after all, I did have class the next day. I laid down in my bed, staring at the morphing ceiling and eventually passed out. I woke up again at 5 am with a splitting headache. It was so bad that I had to walk to get some Tylenol before I could get to sleep again. This, in my opinion was the only negative of the whole trip.

In my personal experience, Acid is very similar to mushrooms, but it lacks the overwhelming emotional aspect of mushrooms. The emotions were intense, yes, but amusement and joy predominated. I was never once truly afraid, depressed or angry. Other similarities include the anxiety during the come-up, and the milder hallucinations. Acid most certainly surpasses mushrooms in visual intensity however, but left me much more drained than fungus does. I also noticed that my brainís attention was strictly on the hallucinations. Not only were these strange sights interesting in a logical sense, but it actually felt good to look at them, much like eating a piece of candy.

As for my previous argument about LSD versus DXM, Dex still holds the title for most intense. Never once did I feel like I couldnít handle what acid had to show me. Never was I panicked or confused which is fairly common in the midst of a robo-trip. LSD and DXM are nearly opposite in how they affected me. All of the visuals on LSD were external. Everything that I saw, heard and felt, came from outside. I tried to close my eyes at one point, curious to see if I would still hallucinate, but I did not. DXM requires no external stimulus at all and closing my eyes often increases the depth and intensity of the trip. This, among other chemical synergies between LSD and DXM leads me to wonder what taking both would be like.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 56905
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 26, 2006Views: 22,739
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LSD (2) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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