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Incredible Bliss and Awe Inspiring Terror
Citation:   Jack_tha_Tripper. "Incredible Bliss and Awe Inspiring Terror: An Experience with 5-MeO-DMT (exp56816)". Dec 10, 2006.

1 hit smoked 5-MeO-DMT (powder / crystals)
A vile of 99.95% pure 5-meo-DMT was obtained. I was with my girlfirend and was anxious to try this amazing substance that I've read so much about.


I was cautious about the dosage because of all the research I'de done (knowing overdose was very easy do to the small amounts needed). I had no scales so an estimation was needed. As instructed by literatue 12 individual grains were seperated and placed in a pipe on top of a small amount of parsley to produce a threshold effect (I figured it was better to start with the minimum and work up). The entire bowl was smoked up in one big hit, it was held in until it no longer could be. The taste was very chemical, like plastic almost. The smoke was unpleasent and pretty harsh. By the time the smoke was blown out the effects had begun. The trip was breif and not as intense as expected. I felt a swirling senation in my head and a great need to lay down. I road out the trip laying on the floor with some slight open eye visuals and some small closed eye visuals. I was unsatisfied with this trip which probably contributed to the extreame experience that follows.


The next time I was outside at my house sitting on some steps. Parsly was placed in the pipe like before but this time I made a stupid mistake, I got careless... I decided to just place a large lump that was stuck together from the vial into the pipe. Now its hard tell how much was in there but the lump probably had a diameter of 0.5-0.75 cm maybe, plus an undetermined amount of powder(maybe 20-50 grains) that came out on the knife as it was scooped from the vial. [***This is not recomended, don't eyeball it, its not worth the potential hazards that can occure. And if you do eyeball it then work your way up from 12 grains of threshold GRADUALLY].

I lit the contents and held in a huge hit, before I could even blow out the smoke I felt a rush of energy and looked stragiht ahead at a tree that was infront of me. Now I know most people don't report large visuals with 5meo but what followed was the most incredible visuals I have ever experienced. My whole visual field turned a purle/green combonation and became wavey. Now these waves were not the typical 'breathing' effect that objects have as experienced on shrooms and acid, rather the waves consisted of about 20 waves equally spaced from the top of my visual field to the bottom that were curved, much like a cosine or sine function plotted. Furthermore the multicolor waves were moving across and downward. I was in awe at this sight and decided to take another lung full since the lump was still in there and my last hit had mostly just burned the random powder.

I took the lighter and torched the lump it turned into a liquid and I watched it all melt down into my pipe. Almost instantanously I felt as though my body was growing rapidly, I felt like a balloon being blown up. I looked at my hands and saw these brown lines were moving from my hands up my arms (it looked like my viens had become apparent, were turning brown as they were rapidly ascending towrd my body). I blew out my hit prematurely due to this incredible fear and panic that had consumed my body. Now from this point on my memory of the experince is alittle hazey. I remember staring at my hands that were shaking uncontrolably back and forth. Then I collapsed on the ground and tryed to crawl from the porch to the grass... then the next thing I remember is laying on the ground looking across my yard and seeing everything thing shake back and forth (I'm not sure if I was shaking or my brain was hallucinating this). Regardless, what follows is undoubtably the most profound, amazing, unmatched, experience of my life.

Now I have no idea if my eyes were open or closed I don't even know if I was consious at this point or not. I had no idea that I had smoked anything I didn't know I was in my yard I didn't even know I was a human! I didn't know anything. All I saw was my hands moving apart and entire solar systems apearing, as I did this. I sat there looking at my creation... THE UNIVERSE! I have no idea how long I existed there with my creation, this incredible undescribable power still rushing through my soul and body, yet increadibly I felt at peace. The next thing I remember I am being grabbed by my girlfiend as she tries to drag my body inside up the stairs. Poor girl had to have been scared shitless, she was inside and had come out to check on me and saw me collapsed on the ground staring at my hands and shaking. I remember coming to as I was beeing dragged, I try and spit and the spit goes up and lands right in my eye, she starts to laugh and I do to. I now am able to comprehend what has just conspired and start laughing harder. It was a giddy laugh like the uncontrolable snickers felt on the cusp of an acid peak. After effects last several more minutes diminising over the next half hour to hour at most.


I continued to use this substance almost in a binge over the next few weeks, snorting and smoking it. I found that snorting it is alittle more managable with effects that come on slower and last longer. I continued to use it until I started having an increasing number of frightening experiences and by the end of this binge I was tripping continuously to a degree without using any substance. I was seriously scared that I had done permanent brain damage and after one night of extreame trips (from snorting 5meo) on a camping trip I finally snapped, my trip no longer lasted a brief period but continued all night, I felt retarded! So I gave the remaining gram (a substantial amount, probably half of what was there) to my friend who had split it with me. Ironiclly, my freind used it in excess also and had been unable to use the rest of it. He ended up flushing his remainder down the toilet after fearing similiar permanent brain damage.


I experienced an array of after effects over the next 1-2 years. Within the following year I had a large number of flashbacks. Now when I say flashback I am refering to a nearly identical 5meo trip. It got so bad that secretly I was scared to be alone sometimes due to these flashbacks. I would sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and would be tripping balls, hallucinating, anxious, experiencing stange bodily sensations (mostly on my skin exterior), and with a sense that I was not alone, like some other being was with me in my room watching me. These flashbacks subsided with time. I have since then had daily visual disturbances including tracers, purple (and various other colors) lines and dots, a back lit image (the image would stay there briefly after looking at another object). One of the best things to happen to me because of this was a complete loss of ego. This has allowed me to have a very unique perspective on life. It seemed to me that after I had these intense trips my 'reset button' was pushed and I had to re-evaluate everything I knew. It feels as though I had to rebuild all my opinions and beliefs. I find myself with much more empathy, it feels as though my heart has grown and I think I am a better person because of this substance (and tripping in general).


Don't underestimate this substance! This can blow even most intense acid experiences out of the water! Before encountering 5meo I was under the impression that every drug was a manifestation created in the brain, and since I control my brain I could control any trip, or drug in general. This was proven to be false when I was unable to begin to get ahold of these experiences, I know now its impossible to have complete control.
If you make the personal choice to use 5-meo-dmt or any strong psychedelic in general be careful. Know and trust the people you get your stuff from, know and weigh acurate doses, have a trusted sitter present when trying new things or high doses, and most importantly research what you are using and become informed of what you are potentially doing to yourself. I am so happy that there is a vast online database available to the public to give people the knowledge they need to be safe and informing the wise willing with unbias information.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 56816
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 10, 2006Views: 17,476
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