A Friend I Don't See Very Often
by Gin
Citation:   Gin. "A Friend I Don't See Very Often: An Experience with Chloroform (exp56673)". Erowid.org. Nov 11, 2006. erowid.org/exp/56673

  inhaled Chloroform (gas)
[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

I had two experiences with chloroform which I wish to report.

The first one was several months ago. I was drinking some beer with friends in the university bar, waiting for class time. I study physics and a couple of these friends, Hector and Asdrúbal (fictional names), told me someone had stole o bottle of pure chloroform from the laboratory. I was intrigued by this and started asking about it. Although I had interest and curiosity into experiencing new stuff, I was considerably scared to try it. I knew, nevertheless, that if I kept asking and showing interest the invitation would eventually come and would be hard to refuse it, or more likely, not be forced to inhale the stuff by insisting friends.

It of course happened. Asdrúbal ask another guy I didn't know, who was passing through, where it was, because he had a friend - me - who wanted. I said I was not sure. It didn't matter: he affirmed to me I wanted.

I went. We went to someone's car to inhale it. The guys started. I was scared. Finally, the bottle would be passed to me. I did it. Towel in hands, shake bottle, let go some liquid. Inhale. Sweet, nice. At first, I was shy, inhaled few, and the other guys were already very high when I was still at baseline. This remained until I felt the first effects. I was smiling. Asdrúbal looked at me and said I was fucked up. I hadn't realised. I was good. Very high 'zooom, zooom, zooom' noise was being heard. I want to laugh! Now I was inhaling a lot, wanted more of that potion. But it's quick. Wears off. It was getting dark, we went to other place, far from professors and more close to nature. Baseline. More. And more and more. That afternoon I had 5-10 peaks, meaning inhaling, come-up, peak, comedown, and inhale again to achieve the peak.

Eventually I decided to go to class, I was already late. I took this huge amount because at every comedown I thought I was going to quickly achieve baseline again, which I didn't want. That was happening while I walked to class. But it never happened. The chloroform fooled me, I thought I was going to baseline but I had taken so much I stayed altered for almost an hour after. In other words, it was impossible to attend class.

Next day a huge hangover surprised me. Vomiting. I decided to never take so much again, and even to do it very sparsely, because I always want more, as it wears off quickly. Addictive properties.

It took several months before I used it again, some weeks ago. Also in university. I didn't have class that day, but went to see my friends, drink some beer and play some pool. It was Friday and as usual there were a lot of parties in the campus. After an afternoon with a lot of beer, and cachaça (strong rum-like beverage) I went to this party with some other friends. We danced, talked, smoked weed and most of us were already very high. A friend went to me and told to smell his T-shirt. Surprise. Quickly, much quicker than the other time, I achieved the peak. And it was much better. The mixture with alcohol and THC made it fantastically good. Laughing. Dancing. Not seeing anything in front of oriental-like almost closed eyes. Weird fast heartbeat, the scary part. I thought This cannot be good for me. But the thought contrasted to the fact: it was damn good. if a heart failure would be good at that moment. As soberness approached, more. Just once more. Suddenly I inhaled not a sweet nice smell, but my friends. It was over.

Again, I don't realize that the effect actually lasts. The reason for this was this time probably the mixture. I decided to drive home, despite a friends suggestion of having some sleep in the car. That was the worst time I've ever drove, in the terms of capacity to do it.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 56673
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 11, 2006Views: 45,678
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