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My General View
Citation:   Tuluvas. "My General View: An Experience with 2C-E (exp56526)". Oct 25, 2006.

  repeated insufflated 2C-E (powder / crystals)
    smoked 2C-E (powder / crystals)
I recently obtained 250 MG of 2C-E and have been using it frequently since I got it. I do not have a MG scale and I have not been using a scale and have been eyeballing my doses which is actually a very very stupid thing to be doing (Especially considering the fact that I have been insufflating it) and I would never suggest that this is anything other than reckless dangerous and outright stupid. This fact aside I have taken this substance orally and nasally approximately ten times over the past two weeks and have decided to write a little about the chemical in general.

First of all I will talk about my background with drugs and my life in general. I am a seventeen year old male who has been using mind altering substances since I was fourteen years old. I have used the following drugs: marijuana, methamphetamine, mushrooms, 2c-t-2, 2c-i, 5-meo-dipt, 5-meo-dmt, DXM, 5-meo-amt, alcohol, nicotine, salvia divinorum of various different concentrations, and various different pharmaceutical pills and sryups. So in my opinion I have some pretty hefty experience under my belt in regards to drugs, psychedelics in particular.

Anyways I was just recently released from a rehabilitation center that the state decided I needed to go to (An opinion I tend to differ with) and onto intensive probation. Being on intensive probation in theory means that I will get randomly selected to pee into a cup and if the test results don't come back as clean I will go to jail for some fairly long period of time. But thankfully they do not test my pee for 2C-E and that in part explains why I have recently been using it so much (Marijuana is cheaper and I would much rather use that on such a frequent basis but oh well what’s a man to do?)

Anyways I have been going through some fairly rough times in my life, my parents have been divorced for some time now but my dad just got married to a lady I do not really get along with, and I just got out of rehab/jail about a little over a month ago after spending over a year confined behind locked doors. So far none of this seems to have really affected my 2C-E experiences in a dramatic way but perhaps it has more so than I can notice. Another note I would like to make is that although this substance is beyond a doubt active in me it does not seem to match up to the experience reports and effects I have read about in others. I mean it is similar but not really near enough to the others as I would expect even taking into account the fact that all drugs affect all people in different ways. I am almost positive it is 2C-E but the question can not be answered for sure without using tests I can not afford to run.

I have snorted probably a grand total of 80 mg of this drug in the last two weeks doing about 10 MG each time. On two occasions I would snort about 5 mg every hour for periods of four hours or so. Okay, when snorted this drug causes a strong burning sensation similar to the burn of insufflated 2c-t-2 but not quite as powerful. Also it does not have the disgusting drip I got from 2c-t-2. It does have a 'taste' which is very similar to the 'taste' you get from 2c-t-2 when you snort it but in a much much less pronounced manner. In my opinion the 'taste' of insufflated 2C-E and 2c-t-2 is very similar to the smell of fertilizer. Anyways the burn of 2C-E lasts for about ten minutes or less for me and then quickly goes away. The taste is very fleeting and goes away a few seconds after snorting it.

With 2c-t-2 I feel the effects virtually instantly after insufflation but with 2c-e it takes about a minute before I feel the first come up of the drug. It feels as if everything is different but I can not quite put my finger on what it is. After about five or ten minutes (about the same time my damn nose stops hurting) I will be very much under the influence of the drug. For me, snorting 2C-E, the effect I notice the most is a feeling of being at peace with myself and the world. Everything is beautiful and I feel calm and just great. I feel empathy (often more like sympathy) for the people who have wronged me in my life and the people I was mad at before I started tripping. I feel very forgiving of everyone who has wronged me and can see things from their point of view much more clearly.

Another effect I get is a feeling of clarity, like I have a clear objective I am aiming at and nothing is clouding me from my goals (goals as simple as going to the bathroom). I find myself finding an almost pull to do certain things as if I may not want to do this but it is none the less what I am going to do and nothing is going to stop me from doing it. I can draw a comparison to 2c-t-2 here because I get the same exact feeling only several times more strong whilst under its influence. It is really a very very very hard feeling to explain and you would of had to already had experienced it to really understand what it is. Clarity is a good attempt at explaining it. So is the phrase 'Guided Objectives which I can clearly see ahead of time and which I feel compelled to do'. I also feel the urge to organize things into groups and subgroups and this actually automatically happens while I am under the influence of 2C-E. For example I will be thinking of music and my mind will automatically categorize the various types of music that I listen to into different categories and then it will keep on shifting itself around in my head.

An example I can give which I have personally not experienced but which I think is a very close parallel to what I am trying to say would be this. Imagine you have a bunch of small and large toy cars and some of them are red and some of them are green. Upon thinking of this group of toy cars my mind would automatically categorize them at first as perhaps 'Large cars and Small cars' and would not take into account color. Then spontaneously this same group of cars would be reorganized in my mind in regards to color (Red cars and green cars with out regards to size). Then moments later the same group of cars would be reorganized in my mind in regards to both size and color. This constant organizing and reorganizing of groups brings out the impression of patterns which are constantly changing in my thoughts.

This is another weird and hard to describe feeling that I could most similarly relate to the strange thought patterns one may have on a strong dose of 2C-I. But despite the similarity it is a unique feeling.

I also see visual patterning in textured items that is actually more similar to 5-meo-amt than to any of the phenethylamines that I have done. Patterns and textures jiggle around and seem to have waves in them, sometimes the patterns or textures will bulge and appear to be breathing (very similar to but not as strong as the 'breathing' patterns and textures I see on 2c-t-2.) Also patterns and textures will seem to form geometric shapes in themselves that are continually rearranged. I could relate this to 2c-t-2 but I think the geometric shapes coming out of patterns more closely resembles 2c-I. Despite this fact it is once again a very original aspect of 2C-E and is more strongly noticed than it is in other phenethylamines I have done. The geometric shapes sometimes also emerge from surfaces without patterns or textures on them, and even in thin air which is amazing to say the least. I have noticed however that when they emerge on surfaces with out pattern or texture or in thin air they are very fleeting and last about a half a second before vanishing. When coming from thin air it often happens to be from my peripheral vision, where as when on a surface it will happen when I look directly at it.

Colors seem to be brighter but the color brightness is not as intense as it is on shrooms although it is definitely noticeable. I don't get a halo effect like I tend to do on 2c-t-2 and that was disappointing but not a major blow. I get some pretty damn good tracers but they are not quite up to par with the ones I get on 2c-t-2. In general 2c-e seems to be moderately less visual of a drug than 2c-t-2 is but it has its own unique effects and is by no means a watered down 2c-t-2.

I get revelations on this drug but not really in the awe inspiring rapid way I did on 2c-I (although not every time I took 2c-I did I experience this normally on a dose of 2c-I was a fairly mild trip but on occasion I would have some pretty intense trips characterized by having personal revelations and massive amounts of insight coming over me in waves.) The revelations and insight of 2C-E are much less forced than the revelations and personal insight I received on other drugs. I am more open to new ideas and I see things in a different light and this brings on subtle yet still very meaningful revelations and insights.

For example, I am normally of the mind set that the government is out to fuck over drug users and that they make their policies and anti-drug laws and propagate their lies and propaganda for their own not so hidden political agendas. But when on 2C-E I was smoking a cigarette thinking of how bad this was for my lungs and then the revelation hit me that maybe the government already lost out to big tobacco companies and they couldn't make cigarettes illegal even though they are hurting us because the big tobacco company's have so much money and power already established, and that maybe, just maybe the government was actually sad that they couldn't help us and where making sure other drugs stayed controlled in an attempt to protect us from being flooded with drugs like we are flooded with tobacco products (I mean I didn't buy my 250 mg of 2C-E from the local seven eleven =P) and that maybe the government really was trying to help us and thought that their lies and propaganda were really honestly doing a good thing.

I felt an enormous amount of sympathy for the government because they are so unaware of how much pain and suffering the criminalization of drugs has caused. Now let me just say that that may not seem like it makes much sense and it may not seem like a major revelation but in my normal mind set I would have never thought that the government criminalized drugs for any reason other than their own political agenda, and I sure as fuck would never have felt sympathy for them. This was a revelation in every sense of the word. (I never said that the revelations had to reveal things that where actually based in reality, heh). The revelations and the personal insight are sort of tied together as is the feeling of sympathy for others and insight into other people, but I would say that for me anyways I get a stronger feeling of sympathy for those I am mad at and insight into the other people involved in my life than I get personal insight into my own life, but I still get this. Just not in as large an amount as I do with similar phenethylamines (2c-I in particular, believe it or not!).

Another effect I feel which is very pronounced is the slowing down of time on a grand scale. I generally have a 'feeling' that time is playing tricks on me. When I look at the clock and it says 5:00 PM I will wait for what feels like an hour and look again to see that it is only 5:20 PM. Really neat effect but nothing mind shattering.

Music on this drug seems to be a big thing for most people and although I can say that it definitely enhances music for me it is not as powerful for me as it is for other people I have read about and this was fairly disappointing to me. I notice fine details of music I may have missed before and every individual instrument stands out from the whole more so than normal but it is not as fascinating an experience for me as listening to music under the influence of DXM is. It adds a sense of clarity to the music for me. I did however get the effect I read about in another report where the person said that while under the influence of this drug listening to musical pieces he had heard hundreds of times before seemed like it was the first time he had listened to the piece, despite the fact that he knew otherwise and fully comprehended that he had heard the piece many times before. I get that same impression when listening to music under the influence of this drug but it is vague and not uniform through out the experience (Meaning it happens with certain songs, sometimes.)

I also get a vaguely drunk light-headedness feeling while under the influence of this drug. My body feels as if it weighs nothing. Best compared to alcohol or DXM in low doses. Really a fairly drunken like feeling, especially with the modified vision and tracers, but at the same time absolutely nothing like being drunk except for this one point.

A general change in consciousness with out a doubt more in regards to visual stimuli than internal thoughts however. Things in general look different, but I am still fairly clear headed for the duration of the trip. It seems to open up my emotions a little bit but nothing overwhelming like I hear ecstasy does (I have never used ecstasy so I can not speak from first hand experience on this point).

A very stimulating drug, feelings of energy border lining buzzing, aksi heart without a doubt speeds up at least a little bit and my body gets slightly hotter with out a doubt also. I actually feel fairly warm the entire trip (not warm as in like warm and fuzzy but warm as in like my body temperature has gone up a degree or two). Not sure if this is a real organic thing happening or if it is just perception in regards to the temperature, but in regards to the heart speeding up I took my pulse and it was indeed several beats per minute faster than it would have been if I was sober.

As for the body effects it tends to start out with a really nice body buzz and a sense of being clean that is hard to describe. Also at first I notice the palms of my hands get really sweaty. As the trip goes on I tend to feel slightly sore like I will get a stiff neck or back, general tightness in my muscles and stomach just general sore feeling that is actually more similar to a tryptamine body load than a phenthylamine one (Although I did get muscle tension very similar to this on doses of 2c-t-2 it was much more pleasant feeling!). Could be compared to a 5-meo-dipt come down style body load except quiet a bit lighter. Also it is really an original body load and honestly it can't be compared to other drugs in my opinion. It is really just a very uncomfortable tense feeling, but for me anyways, it does not hit until later on in the trip. It is best described as I have seen stated someplace before, (Not an exact quote) 'A general feeling of not being able to get comfortable, feeling the urge to reposition your body but not being able to get comfortable no matter how much one may try.'

Ever been in bed and rolled over time after time trying to get comfortable but couldn't? That is what the body load of 2C-E most closely resembles. Feels however as though going in a hot tub might be able to alleviate some of it

Gastrointestinal effects are definitely there but nothing to horrible. I get gas on it but nothing near as bad as What I get from 5-meo-amt. I get slightly nauseas from snorting it, especially during the beginning, but nothing near as bad as I get when I take it orally. When I take it orally I get very nauseas at first to the point where I actually threw up multiple times on it. A note to make is that when I took about 20 MG of it orally (I have no scale remember so this is a guess, again very foolish) I not only threw up but I got a very pronounced very unpleasant tingling sensation all through out my kidneys about thirty minutes before I vomited, and immediately after I vomited it got a little worse then went away about four minutes later. This was sort of scary and unlike anything I have felt off of any other drug. Also pupil dilation is a huge thing on this drug. My pupils get the size of quarter's no matter what method I use to take this drug. Okay but anyways I better wrap this up but I have a few things left to say.

On two occasions I tried to smoke this drug immediately after snorting it. I did this by mixing one part baking soda with one part 2C-E and smoking it from both a piece of broken light-bulb (like meth) and from a piece of tinfoil. I also smoked one hit with out mixing it with baking soda. The smoke is not really that harsh and has a fairly phenthylamine taste to it (for those who have ever tried smoking phenethylamines it tastes like the smoke from 2c-t-2 but again much less pronounced). I don't know if it was effective or not as I had already snorted some both times just prior to smoking it, but it does seem to make the trip come on a little bit faster and a little bit smoother but this could very well be a placebo effect. It is worth looking into however. I am fairly certain that if properly freebased this drug would be active smoked, I am just not sure if I freebased it good enough, or if smoking it did indeed make my trip more intense, although it did seem that it might have.

Also orally this drug has effects similar to nasally but in my opinion slightly weaker and much more nausea inducing. When taken orally the effects last for a good six hours plus after peaking (with a horribly slow come up for me anyways, when I take this drug orally it takes at least an hour for me to start feeling it sometimes even more for onset to even start to begin) When snorted it burns right away but I don't really notice anything for a few minutes then I am pretty close to peaked after ten minutes and I am fully peaked after about fifteen or twenty minutes give or take a few minutes. It has a slightly shorter duration than an oral dose does lasting for about four to six hours after the peak. The come down for me lasts about an hour give or take about half an hour when taken orally. When taken nasally the come down seems to be slightly shorter but is still about an hour. The after effects of both routes of administration seem to last for many many hours though I would estimate it takes another 6 or more hours for the after effects to completely leave after I start coming down from the peak.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 56526
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 25, 2006Views: 29,584
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