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Sometimes I Feel Like a Nut
Citation:   Mblaze. "Sometimes I Feel Like a Nut: An Experience with Nutmeg (exp56455)". Jun 3, 2009.

2 Tbsp oral Nutmeg (ground / crushed)
Date of trip: October 4-5, 2006

Date of report: started on October 5, 2006 - finished on October 6, 2006

Word to the wise.. don't waste your time making 'Space Paste'. It's disgusting.. and inefficient. Furthermore the only ingredient with any kind of psychoactive effect is nutmeg... so, (as far as I know mind you) whether or not it 'works' is totally reliant upon the amount of and the potency of the nutmeg and the nutmeg only. Saying it won't work unless ALL the ingredients are present is bullshit. Hhmmmm...

Some more words to the wise.. You probably shouldn't waste your time with liquids either (unless you plan on making a frozen smoothie or something like that).. It just doesn't dissolve very well AT ALL. Luckily, I found myself an alternate method.. one that (for me) proved to be an effective and efficient (not to mention non-revolting) solution. If you are reading through reports and stumble across this one.. consider yourself fortunate. I'm writing this in hopes that it will spare a reader a feeling of foolishness if they chose to experiment with nutmeg....

You want to 'do nutmeg' as easily as possible? Well you can always just bite the whole nut into pieces and swallow it with water, or better yet put the ground nutmeg in gelcaps, but I prefer the apple sauce method. I promise, it will NOT let you down.. especially if you try some of the other methods people have suggested first, UGGHHH!! hehe..

T 0:00+

Anyway, I actually did try this so called “Space Paste”.. I spread 1 tbsp of the nasty concoction on one slice of whole wheat bread. I threw it out after 3rd bite.. lol. Still feeling foolish, I then decided I'd mix 1 tbsp of ground nutmeg with some lemonade.. which also proved to be not very effective because the nutmeg did not dissolve, it just floated around in the liquid. I managed to get it all down by refilling my glass a little and shwishing it around though. But then, I got the bright idea.. I said, 'Hey, why don't I mix some nutmeg w/ some APPLE SAUCE?!'

T +1:30 (approximately)

So, I measured out my ground nutmeg and mixed it up in one of those little containers of apple sauce (you know, they come in those 6-packs). I did that 3x so that made it 15 ml or 1 tbsp. I had now consumed 2+ tbsp. nutmeg total now within 2 hours. The nutmeg's spiciness blended kinda nicely with the apple sauce flavor.. I probably could have put in 7-8 ml per apple sauce container and it would have still been easy to eat. I even had the 'unsweetened' plain old kind of apple sauce.. go figure.

Intermission, heh. This report was written at 2 different times. I got the idea to write up a report but I simply could not commit to writing the whole thing “under the influence.” It was just taking too long (or was time escaping?) and I was feeling to good to bother with it anymore. During the experience is everything above this paragraph. And the day after is everything below.

I took the nutmeg at night. 'T 0:00' is about 8:30 pm. The effects didn't show up significantly until about 11:30 pm or 12 am. It's funny how the effects of nutmeg manifested. Surprisingly, almost immediately I felt a little 'off'. It was barely noticeable.. maybe it was just a placebo effect.. or maybe the space paste had something to do with it... nah, I won't go that far! I should spare you the curiosity! You don't want to get there.. trust me.. :P Anyways, the effects seemed to increase ever so slowly with time, until I was finally fully able to realize that I was in fact experiencing some direct, significant effects as a result of taking 'enough' nutmeg. This was about 3 hours or so after ingestion..

Next time, I think It'd be wise to take it a little earlier in the day. You see I've been trying to fix my sleep pattern and this just made it worse. I think noon'ish to late afternoon would be a much better time to take it so you actually sleep at night. Once I did finally sleep it strangely felt like the sleep went by too quickly. I slept for 9+ hours (a little longer than usual normal for me) but it felt like 5-6 hours sleep. I went to sleep around 10 AM and woke up around 7 PM. I was still a little woozy when I woke up for the first few hours - more on that below.

As for the main effects of nutmeg.. I'd say.. it is indeed similar to Marijuana and.. well, I was prescribed Ambien for sleep problems once.. Ambien is a very effective drug.. for obtaining euphoric effects, not sleeping and so nutmeg definitely reminds me of Ambien a little too.

After 3-4 hours when I really started to feel the effects I decided to smoke a cigarette and go for a walk around my neighborhood. I found my thoughts to be very much like they are when I smoke some Mari. Seemingly very in touch with earth, spirituality, and essence, and also introspective but not overly introspective, or negative and paranoid as can sometimes be the case with MJ. My spirits were more calm than 'high', and I was feeling very good. My sense of humor also seemed to be enhanced. I found myself smiling for longer than normal and many things just seemed lighter and funnier than “normal.” Watching TV was great, I was very amused and I guess appeased would be a good word to use. I found many things humorous that wouldn’t normally have been so. Many things were making me smile seemingly automatically, which was great! I didn’t have to think about smiling, I would just do it automatically, then I’d realize I was actually smiling, heh. I often get in very serious moods and well, it was nice to not be so uptight for a while.

Ahhh.. and music! To my surprise I found music to be very much enhanced as it is with MJ. Perhaps even more so! My creativity was sparked. In fact, I spent the majority of my nutmeg experience entranced in music, mostly my own. I had decided to create a few rhythms and I even made a couple rough 'songs' on my computer. Then I couldn't stop listening to what I had created! It sounded great at the time, but today when I listen to what I made then, I think it needs TONS of work, lol..

As for the Ambien like effects, well, there seemed to be a sense of me not really being able to tell just how 'altered' I was at any given time. There was a certain spacey feeling.. trippy.. or rather, hypnotic feeling.. hence it was a little Ambien-like. Also, as mentioned in other reports, time seemed to be flowing differently. It's hard to explain.. but it's almost like my experience of time was compressed, more time had 'gone by' than I realized. I didn't necessarily feel slow though..

Overall nutmeg is really quite different and unique. I did it alone and I enjoyed it, but it was pretty taxing. After all, it lasted more than 12 hours. And for anything that lasts that long there is usually some kind of subsequent 'hangover' or recovery time, right? It was nothing terribly awful though for me and my 2 tbsp dose though. I just felt a tad dizzy and hazey for a while. Also, my stomach was a bit tight with gas the next day. About 5-6 hours after waking up I started to feel pretty much 'normal.'

IMO, nutmeg is definitely not something I'd do every day, or even every week. It leaves me feeling pretty spent the next day especially after I wake up from it, and it's nothing coffee can fix. I'd only do it on a day when I have nothing planned for the next day so I can just recover. Every once in a while, it can be fun I suppose. It's very worthy of an experiment .. or when I'm just looking for a CHEAP (and legitimate), LEGAL alternative. Just don't overdose.. I read (and you should too) it's not fun at all. I stick to 2-3 tablespoons. And don’t forget, try it with apple sauce and s’all good! ,)

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 56455
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 3, 2009Views: 27,224
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